Chapter 4

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“I don’t know how to live through this hell, Woken up, I’m still locked in this shell” -Metallica


There was chaos around me. I could hear the wails of betrayal and the muttered curses that flew through the air, slicing like the sharpest dagger through the acrid smell of burning flesh. I felt warmth surrounding me, so out of place as coldness seeped into my body, clawing it’s way outward toward my limbs.

Then I recognized a voice. Eric’s…his low, gravelly voice, so thick with disuse…was still so beautiful. But he sounded…sad. I wondered absently why I couldn’t lift my arms to comfort him. I always held him when he needed it, and from the sound of it, he definitely needed it now.

I felt small droplets of liquid falling onto my body, heating those tiny spots from the pervasive cold that was settling into me. And when I was popped into the ether, still clutched tightly by that warm body, I just sank into the darkness.

x . x . x . x . x

Pain. My entire world was pain. It bloomed from the back of my shoulder blade into the rest of my body, pervasive and poisonous in it’s intensity.

But I was crushed under the weight of my inability to do anything. I couldn’t yell. I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t twitch in defiance as I tried to conquer the weakness washing through me.

I could hear vague sounds surrounding me. Armor clanged against the Carrera Marble floor Niall had taken special pains to collect from the human world. The hollow, tinny sounds were distinctive and I longed to wince at the clamor like I normally did. But my body wouldn’t obey.

The voices started filtering into my brain then. I heard Grandfather and Father shouting over the din and I suddenly felt strong arms cradling me. Whoever it was was continually murmuring softly into my hair, unintelligible words designed more for comfort than comprehension. Jason’s voice rang out as I heard a door slam.

I recognized the slightly spicy air as we descended the stairs into my private chambers. The hustle and bustle, however, was not a normality here. I was set down, presumably on my bed since I could feel the plush cover underneath my body.

With the exception of a slight pressure on my right hand, I was left alone. Those soft whispers still pervaded my subconscious, but I still couldn’t understand any of it.

I did feel it when the bed dipped to my left and I was unceremoniously rolled to my side. Gruff mutterings reached my ears right before a rush of agony burst over me and I passed into blissful unconsciousness once more.

x . x . x . x . x

I drifted back to myself, bracing myself for pain. However, there was none. Thank the Gods! However, I was still incapacitated and incapable of even the slightest movement. Trapped in my frozen body, I concentrated on my surroundings. It took all my years as a warrior princess, but I finally felt the hand still gripping mine. I smelled the incense I routinely burned that saturated every surface around me. I heard the soft whimpers of whomever sat to my right.


My mind called out without actively thinking about it. But there was no response.So I listened, straining to hear any snippets of news, knowing that my life may very well depend on what I possibly heard.

Please, please…just wake up. Why did you rescue me if you’re just going to leave me? I need you Angel!

Eric! The rescue mission, his choice, the fight with the vampire…it all came rushing back in an instant. But-what happened? I was poised to strike him down-he was defenseless and about to die by my sword-but I was stopped. That’s when the pain exploded through my body, taking me by surprise. Someone scooped up the crippled vampire and…popped! A fairy! A traitor!

But who? My mind skimmed rapidly through our subjects, cataloging those who were less than happy with our rule. But none of them knew of our mission. There was a small contingent of our personal guards who had any knowledge of it, and I was positive that none of them would betray us. In fact, it was an impossibility. They’d taken a pledge, bound with blood, to protect our family and all it’s endeavours.

The only other possibility was a member of our household. But-I just couldn’t accept that.

Putting the thought out of my mind for the time being, I concentrated on figuring out why I couldn’t move. Why I seemed to be trapped in my own body.

Finally! But-that doesn’t make sense…

Dr. Ludwig? Well, that would explain a bit. At least I knew I was being treated for whatever was wrong. It didn’t make me feel any better, but at least it was progress.

Please, Angel. I need you…Sookie…

I felt the soft brush of Eric’s hair on my hand as he squeezed it gently, begging me in his thoughts to come back to him. I struggled and fought with myself, trying to do as he asked, lamenting my failure to comfort him.  Eventually I had to concede defeat, if only for the time being. As I drifted back into the darkness of oblivion, I prayed to whatever Gods would listen that Eric wouldn’t give up on me.

x . x . x . x . x

Two weeks after the mission-two weeks since I’d been trapped inside myself and I swear I was about to lose my mind. They knew what was wrong. I’d been stabbed with a small iron rod, small enough that the wound wasn’t immediately noticed. They saw the blood immediately, but it took a few hours to find the source. It was a lucky turn of events that I wasn’t fatally allergic to iron like the rest of my full blooded kin. I’d never been more thankful for the smidge of human in my blood. But even after healing my wound, they couldn’t get me to wake up.

My door banged open suddenly as Ludwig raced into my room as fast as her stubby legs could carry her. I heard the tell tale ‘fwap fwap fwap’ of her odd little slippers on the marble floor.

“Poison! She’s been poisoned!”

I could hear the dull roar of the men in the room, fighting to be heard over one another as Ludwig tried to speak.

“Silence!” Niall’s voice rang out above the din, effectively quieting my family. “Now, Dr. Ludwig, please proceed.”

I heard her cross the room and felt her hop up lightly onto the bed next to me. Her finger trailed over my slightly exposed collarbone.

“This bluish haze here? It’s the effects of the poison. I haven’t been able to identify it as of yet. It’s what’s keeping her immobilized. But I believe she can hear and feel. You may want to bring in the demon to try to communicate with her,” her gruff voice held a tinge of sadness as she hopped down once more. “Until I can identify the source of the poison, I won’t be able to help her. I’ll do the best I can, your majesties.”

I heard my father thank her and Niall escorted her out.

“Is there nothing else we can do? What if she can’t figure out the poison?” Eric’s voice, so deep and smooth despite the years of nonuse, cut through my subconscious.

“We can only wait and hope. Sookie is exceptionally strong. She’ll beat this. And we will figure out who betrayed us,” my father’s voice took on a dangerous edge and I felt Eric’s hand squeeze mine slightly.

“It’s good to have you back, brother. You’ve been missed,” Jason’s voice, shaky with suppressed tears, retreated slightly before I heard the door closing softly.

“He’s right you know. She’s been planning this rescue for the last twenty years. We just needed to find you,” my father told Eric.

“But what good is being back if I never get to be with her? She’s my reason for living. The reason I survived that hell. And now-it just doesn’t seem worth it.”

My heart ached and nearly broke at the desolation in his voice. Didn’t he realize that he was worth everything to me? With that last thought, I lost the battle with consciousness and sunk into darkness once more.

x . x . x . x . x

Three moons. It had been three moons that Eric had been with us. Three moons since I nearly defeated the vampire who’d tried to ruin our lives. And three moons that I’d been stuck in this infernal bed, unable to move even the slightest bit.

Jason and my father sat in my room more often than not, just speaking to each other or Eric. They began educating him on the ways of our people, refreshing his memory of things long forgotten. He wept when he found out that the vampire had killed his family. My heart ached for him, but I could do nothing to comfort him.

But when they’d leave-those were the times I cherished. Because even if I couldn’t comfort him, Eric knew how to comfort me. I learned the first day, after I’d succumbed to oblivion and pain, every time I woke Eric was with me. Sometimes he would just be running his fingers gently through my hair. Sometimes he’d talk to me about what he’d learned while I’d been asleep, crawling into my bed and curling himself around me. And sometimes he’d hum. He’d hum the same songs I used to sing to him in our dreams. Those were the times I cherished. Because even if I couldn’t comfort him, he still comforted me. And that in turn, gave us both hope.

x . x . x . x . x

After that fateful day when we’d learned that I’d been poisoned, Niall summoned my godfather to the palace. Desmond Cataliades, a demon and one of my father’s closest friends, arrived in a haze of red, just as he always did.


His voice, that rich baritone that I’d become so accustomed to translated almost identically to his thoughts, giving me the feeling of a warm blanket being drawn around me.

Uncle? Can you hear me?

His sharp intake of breath assured me that finally something had gone our way.

“She’s there.”

His declaration was met with gasps and sighs of relief.

Sookie, are you alright? What happened?

I beamed internally, thankful that I finally had a way to communicate.

I am fine. I just can’t move. The pain is gone. I tried calling to Jason and father, but they couldn’t hear me.

“She’s fine. She’s just paralyzed, as the humans say. She’s been trying to call to you two,” I assume he motioned to my father and brother.

“I didn’t hear anything,” Jason sounded morose, as if he was the broken one instead of me.

Tell him I’ll punch him in the cock if he keeps up the Sad Sue routine, please.

Desmond laughed heartily before relaying my message to Jason.

“I’d like to see you try, little sister.”

Uncle, could you please tell Eric that he is more than worth it? I’d rescue him a hundred times over because when-and it is WHEN-we find a cure for whatever this is, we’ll have the life we always dreamed of.

I felt his hand on my brow as he laid a gentle kiss on my forehead. “Of course, my dove.”

Eric’s hand left mine as Desmond took him aside and I was immediately cold and bereft.

A moment later I heard a sniff and my hand was picked up gently once more. He laid a kiss gently on my cheek as he leaned over me, his lips brushing my ear as he whispered, “Just come back to me Sookie. I love you.”

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23 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. Thank you for Mr. Cataliades! I was afraid Eric would give up if Sookie was gone forever. Maybe he can visit her in dreams until she’s cured. I’m still creeped out by the Dark Vampire being spirited away by the traitor Fairy. You’ve written a very absorbing story so far, and I keep coming back for more.


  2. Awww, I love Mr. C! So glad you brought him in. I hope he and Dr. Ludwig can figure out how to break the poison/curse thing going on – and soon. Great chapter! But…but isn’t she thirsty? Hungry? Gotta pee??? Poor Sookie and her dry mouth, empty tummy, and full bladder… ;)


    1. I thought about that! But it just wasn’t working when I worked in anything regarding it. So I just kinda shuffled away and tried to ignore it…I’ll probably address it in the next chapter though. :)


      1. Honestly? I think you’re doing awesome!! I really do! I love this story, and can’t wait to read where all you’re going to go with it!!!! :D


      2. Can I totally say that every time I get a comment from you it makes me *squee* a bit? Thanks darlin! Coming from you it makes me feel like I’m not hopelessly floundering. :)


      3. Okay I just laughed so hard I snorted. Maybe great minds should agree to disagree cause I usually feel like my writing is crap. :)


      4. That’s a true writer for ya, though. We spew it all out on (virtual) paper, then poke the mess with a stick, and at some point we get so incredibly tired and frustrated working with it that we push “Publish” purely in self-defense, lol. I’ve made the mistake of going back over my earlier spewings and, for the most part, cringed. There have been a precious few things that I’ve been astounded that *I* wrote, but for the most part? Yeah, cringe…

        Have some faith in the power of your words, the power of your imagination, and the magic that happens when the two of them meet!!

        You’re fantastic!!!


  3. Loving this story!! I had to wait until now to comment, my iPad and I are not talking with the whole signing into WordPress thing. Great job!

    Poor Eric, he only wanted his Sookie, and she him, and they should be in the Happily Ever After thing, but instead Sookie was poisoned. And she not able to talk to anyone??? Poor Sookie.


  4. awww, poor Eric , but at least he knows now that Sookie knows he is there, and to tell her he loves her was sweet , now just to figure out what the poison is, probably something humanish so that it attacks her human side…. KY


  5. Dr Ludwig comes to save the day. Impressed with this story. Now will have to sit & wait for the next update. Please, please move your muse into top gear. I sit & wait,


    1. Hah hah thanks darlin! Glad you’re enjoying it! My muse is actually fairly active on this one at the moment so provided the children let me be for a little while I may be able to crank something out relatively quickly. *fingers.crossed* here’s hoping!


  6. Luckily Sookie is alive, but she’s stuck in her body and hopefully Eric will live for her while she’s stuck like this. He’s living someplace `new´and I’m sure Sookie would love to hearing stories of his adventures when he’s not with her.


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