Blind Oblivion Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is posted!

Thanks for everyone who read, reviewed, liked, commented…anything! I’m just so glad that it’s getting such a good reception.

And-also-thanks to my awesome beta, Nix! She actually makes me sound intelligent! She figures out what I’m saying so that everyone else can…since I tend to live in my own head a bit and don’t understand that it wouldn’t make sense to someone else.

(I just reread that and….see?)

So go check out Chapter 3!

Blind Oblivion: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is up for Blind Oblivion! I was going to post it tomorrow…since I did a spotlight today, but I pressed the wrong button. Ooops….oh well.

Go check it out here and tell me what y’all think. Enjoy!

New Story: Blind Oblivion

I have almost finished a new story, and sent it to my awesome new beta (Thanks Nix!). So I’m beginning to post! Yay!

It’s called Blind Oblivion and some of you may remember a teaser I posted…last year I believe. This is that story…but much better and more fleshed out. So…hopefully you’ll enjoy. I’m aiming for pretty regular updates, but I’m impatient, so I may just post as soon as I get them back from Nix. :o)

I’m sure you’re all so upset about that.

Check out Blind Oblivion here!