Swan’s are Blushing now?!?

You heard right! There’s another installment of the Blushing Swan, not to be confused with the Blushing Swashbuckler. :P

This particular gem (and oh boy, is it a gem!) is actually a guest chapter by none other than my beta extraordinaire…



That’s right, she’s the shit. And this chapter is the bomb. (Wait, have I gone back to the 90’s?!?)

Anyhoo, check this out dudes and dudettes:

The Blushing Swan // Chapter 3: Slow Day at Work

So one more time, here’s ANOTHER reminder about the contest…



Check out the contest page for more info. Deadline is Thursday…so make sure you get them in! :)

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Happy reading lovelies! And don’t forget to stop over and let MistressJess know how freaking awesome she is. :)

EDIT: Apparently I forgot to mention that this chapter has a sister chapter that will be posted in The Blushing Swashbuckler….just imagine… *wink wink*