Oh Captain, my Captain

I have not one-but TWO new chapters of the Institute for you. I also have a few more chapters of Hidden, but I’ll be posting those…in the next few days. I’m entirely too tired (seriously my eyes are like crossing…it’s bad) to attempt any more computer stuff right now. So, without any more sarcastic banter, here ya go. Click the banner to go to the story page and the links to go to the chapters.



Chapter 2
Chapter 3

You’ll notice I’m not naming these chapters…too much effort. My muse hasn’t quite decided where this is going so I’m on as much of a ride as you guys. *shrug* Anyhoo, there’s another story spotlight here that is actually an OUAT drabble. So you should go check it out cause it’s all fluffy and will give you lovely Captain Swan feels. :)

Cheerio dahlings!

Story Spotlight: Sleepless Nights

Title: Sleepless Nights
Author: lokiintheskywithdiamonds
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Rating: General
AU/Canon/AH: canon
Complete? yes *This is actually Chapter 42 of the collection of drabbles entitled ‘with urgency but not with haste

Summary: After the earlier evenings revelations, Emma can’t sleep so she seeks out the one person who might help ease her restlessness

My oh-so-humble thoughts
So this is actually a really short one, but it has *feels*. Like-rip your heart out feels. And I can’t really go too much into the actual plot without being spoilery (for the story and the show, for those who haven’t seen it) but I will say that I ‘awwwwwww’d’ extremely loudly and very nearly burst into tears. Yeah.

She managed to capture the essence of Captain Swan in one little drabble-at least I think so. This is almost like the next step in their character evolutions-or at least what I’d like to see. :)

So yeah, go read it and read the rest of it (which I’m actually off to do momentarily) and leave her some kudos and love!

Another One Shot…

Hola my lovelies! It’s a semi gorgeous day here…if you’re inside. Otherwise you’ll feel like your skin will blister off in the disgusting humid heat of the underside of Satan’s balls.

No seriously. That’s what it feels like.

Anyhoo I have a new one shot for you! It’s my other entry into Kittyinaz’s Angels Through the Fire contest. This one is a Captain Swan fic though.

Unlike The Right Choice, which I maaaaaaaaaaay expand eventually (read if I ever have time it’s a sure thing), this is for sure just a one shot. So hopefully you enjoy…I’ll post some Colin hotness later since I forgot yesterday. *bad bad bad*

In my defense one of the kidlets locked us out of the house Tuesday and I’ve been calibrating ever since-that heat is no joke. So I kinda forgot yesterday was Wednesday and got really confused when Mr. Kelpie didn’t head to work today. Ugh. Whatever.

So here it is.



By the way…I have a few things in progress that I am TRYING to finish for you. The kidlets kinda take precedence most days and I rarely have time at the moment…which is a weird sentence but yeah. So I’ll get those to you lovelies ASAP!!! Byes!

And because I’m impatient…

…y’all get another chapter, albeit an extremely short one. No intro-I’m tired.

The Blushing Swashbuckler // Chapter 6: Right There

Happy reading!!!

Swan’s are Blushing now?!?

You heard right! There’s another installment of the Blushing Swan, not to be confused with the Blushing Swashbuckler. :P

This particular gem (and oh boy, is it a gem!) is actually a guest chapter by none other than my beta extraordinaire…



That’s right, she’s the shit. And this chapter is the bomb. (Wait, have I gone back to the 90’s?!?)

Anyhoo, check this out dudes and dudettes:

The Blushing Swan // Chapter 3: Slow Day at Work

So one more time, here’s ANOTHER reminder about the contest…



Check out the contest page for more info. Deadline is Thursday…so make sure you get them in! :)

And don’t forget the amazing Kittyinaz has her contest running as well. Same deadline so…yeah ya know…GO!


Happy reading lovelies! And don’t forget to stop over and let MistressJess know how freaking awesome she is. :)

EDIT: Apparently I forgot to mention that this chapter has a sister chapter that will be posted in The Blushing Swashbuckler….just imagine… *wink wink*

Oh Y’all Gonna Make Me Blush…

Or Killian will at any rate. :)

Yes, that’s right. I have a brand spanking new, hot off the presses chapter of The Blushing Swashbuckler.

The Blushing Swashbuckler banner


So, this chapter was inspired by my real life…I’m gonna leave it at that and just let you find out for yourself. *smirk*

The Blushing Swashbuckler // Chapter 5: Experimenting

The warnings for this chapter include:



You’ll understand when you read. :)

And I also have it on good authority that MistressJessica1028 will be guest writing a duo chapter for the Blushing stories….so we’ll have to encourage *read harass her until she’s done* her.

Oh and here’s another reminder…or maybe the first, I can’t remember.

The Twins contest closes in…3 days? The 31st. Head over to the contest page to find more info. There’s actually a prize for first place. *YAY!!!*

Our very own Kittyinaz has a contest going on herself as well-same cut off date-of which I have 2 entries…although I can’t tell you anything more than that. But go check hers out as well. If there’s something I’m forgetting I’ll be sure to include it with the update of Unlikely, which should be coming to you *hopefully* soon.

And that’s all lovelies. Happy reading!


So…Interrupted has been officially expanded!


And it’s all because of tumblr. I was clicking around one day and saw an anonymous ask on emmaducklingswan‘s page. And I totally got inspired.

(BTW, you should totally go check her out. I love everything she posts!)

And then with helpful input from Mr. Kelpie, MistressJessica1028, and InvertedMeridian it’s now done!

So, go check out the newly expanded Interrupted.

Interrupted // Chapter 2: Sick Day


Nom Nom Nom

Okay, so I’m apparently still on a roll, even though I’m later than usual today. I have a new chapter of Swashbuckler!

This one popped into my head after seeing a picture (which you’ll see at the end of the chapter) on Facebook. I’d seen it before, but it came up again and I was just like *gasp* *lightbulb*! And this morning when I was writing it I was mostly done and it was like-900 words or so….and now it’s very VERY not…

So, without further ado…

The Blushing Swashbuckler // Chapter 4: All the Better to Eat You With

And, by the way, if you have any ideas/request for these two stories please don’t hesitate to let me know. You can comment or email me at kelpieskorner@gmail.com. I love having new ideas to work with and some of my best ones have come from people other than me. :)

So enjoy and happy reading!

Morning Delight

Okay, so there are people *coughInvertedMeridiancough* who can’t live without their coffee…..

I am NOT one of those people. I despise coffee. I love the smell, but I cannot for the life of me tolerate the taste. It’s poison. Gross. Horrid. A million other awful adjectives.

That said I have the uncanny ability to pick out good coffee according to Mr. Kelpie.

And now that you have the completely pointless little bit of trivia, I have another chapter for you!

The Blushing Swashbuckler // Chapter 3: The Best Part of Waking Up

It’s unbeta’d so all mistakes are mine, as always. :)

Enjoy and happy reading!

Swan Story

Okay, so I’m on a roll with The Blushing Swan…I’m finished with chapter 2 ALREADY! It’s amazing.

The Blushing Swan // Chapter 2: The Morning After the Morning After

Now, please keep in mind-this is unbeta’d (except for Mike’s somewhat blind-to-my-faults eyes) so all mistake are mine. If you find any, you can let me know. :)

Also, not all chapters are going to be linear like this, but this is what popped into my head so…ya know. Gotta do what the muse wants.

Enjoy and happy reading!