Funny story…

I actually published a new one shot! And yes it is funny. At least that’s what certain people on Facebook who keep feeding my brain squirrels say (yes, you Ms. Meridiean!). So I give you…

Interrupted // a Once Upon a Time one shot

Make sure you read the footnote since the real comedy stems from that.

Not beta’d so all mistake are mine.

Humpday Hotness

And here’s your midweek dose of sexiness, courtesy of one Colin O’Donoghue.





And to make up for my lack of new pics, I have a special surprise for you…

*wait for it*

A new story! And it’s a Captain Swan story! OUAT, technically it’s going to be a series of one shots, but ya know, whatever.

So go check it out!

The Blushing Swashbuckler // Chatpter 1:The Bakery Incident

Happy reading and happy Wednesday!