Story Spotlight: The Devil Wears…Discount?

Last up in ChanelAddict’s story lineup is The Devil Wears…Discount?. This is the only story that’s still in progress that I’m spotlighting, but it’s just THAT good.

This is the classic role reversal where the woman is in the power position…or is she? This whole journey of self discovery is a really great insight into what happens when you have a woman in a position of power and how that can (and I feel usually does) affect her. Throw in the hot assistant and just–dayum!

Yeah this is another “edge of my seat” story. Sound familiar yet? I told you she was an awesome writer! Anyhoo-this complicated story is perfectly woven together to give the reader a glimpse into the psyches of two very different-yet very similar-people. The dichotomy of this is a little astounding when you really sit down to think about it. Let’s get into some details!


Sookie is a VP of her family run fashion company with a icy repuation and little to no personal life.Eric is the lanky math nerd hired as her mismatched assistant.He’s thrown into a life of tight deadlines, tense meetings, & insane pressure to be perfect. Will it change him or will he change it?

Rating & Category
M rating
Romance // Family

Where You Can Find The Devil Wears…Discount?
Again, it’s listed on ChanelAddict’s wordpress site, although it’s linked back to I still think it’s worth it to check out the wordpress though. It’s pretty damn spiffy.

The Devil Wears…Discount?
The Devil Wears…Discount?

So break out your oversized sunglasses and retro bathing suit and bathe in the gloriousness that is The Devil Wears…Discount! Just make sure to use your sunblock! :o)

Story Spotlight: Southern Belles

Next up in the ChanelAddict lineup: Southern Belles!

Now, I was born in the South. But I am in NO WAY a southern belle. I question everything and go my own direction and pretty much rebel against anything someone wants me to do-just because. And-somehow-I can totally identify with everything Sookie goes through in this story. The intense emotional back and forth–she just captures it SO well. I’m racking my brain to find something else to say that won’t give away some crucial plot point, but I can’t think of anything. Honestly, this was one story that had me constantly checking my email until it was finished. And then when it was finished it lingered in my mind. Like, forever. Seriously. So let’s hear some more, shall we?


Former beauty Queen & all around Southern Belle, Sookie is left wondering if she can have the perfect life she was raised to want, or can she branch out on her own when she falls in love with her boyfriend’s best friend.

Rating & Category
M rating
Romance // Hurt // Comfort
Eric & Sookie (obviously!)

Special Extras
There is a soundtrack page for this story on ChanelAddict’s wordpress site, which is just completely awesome! She’s got the videos posted for the songs as well, which really gives you a feel for the emotions, what’s going on and everything.

Where You Can Find Southern Belles
Like I always say, you can find this story on wordpress and But I’d highly recommend you at least look at the wordpress page first. The actual story isn’t there-it will direct you to However, that’s where you will find the soundtrack page. Ya know, if you don’t follow the direct link I’ll be posting, but whatever.

Southern Belles
Southern Belles Soundtrack
Southern Belles

So, get yer drawl on y’all and head over to read Southern Belles! (Yeah–I have issues…) :o)


Story Spotlight: Life, Accidental

First in ChanelAddict’s story lineup is an awesome story, which is thankfully complete. Which means that you should rush over to any site it’s posted on and devour it. Seriously.

In this beautiful story where you can see disaster at every turn, you can make out the real life struggle inherent to all humans. What starts out as a complicated and messy situation, with heartbreak and struggle running rampant, turns into a harmonious and wonderful story. It’s almost like looking into my own life—with absolutely none of the same situations, but still. It’s a weird ability ChanelAddict has that no matter how different from my life or how far fetched the idea-I can identify with it. And generally when I start squealing in glee or crying with the heartbreak of the characters, all my husband can do is sigh and give me a hug. There are authors who can do this to me–most of whom I’ll spotlight eventually–but the majority of the stories I read just don’t move me like that. I can like them til the cows come home, but at the end of the day I can put aside those emotions. This story in particular, it was very hard to forget between updates. So here’s some more specifics for you!


What would happen if two single people, who don’t like each other all that much, inherited a baby? We’re about to find out.

Rating & Category
M rating
Romance // Family
Warning for : Possible swearing, possible cuteness, mountains of sexual tension, one baby girl and two idiots

Where You Can Find Life, Accidental
You can find this story on (although that site is extremely unreliable lately) and ChanelAddict’s wordpress site. I, personally, would go the wordpress route, simply because is being such a pain in the behind.

Life, Accidental
**for the wordpress, on the front page for the story there is a link to Ignore this and choose the chapters from the drop down menu at the top**
Life, Accidental

Alright, go do some reading. Be prepared to laugh, be prepared to cry, and be prepared for an awesome journey!

Author Spotlight: ChanelAddict

My lovely readers! I must apologize for my super long absence. But I have another author spotlight for you–at long last I know! The newest in our series of awesome authors is ChanelAddict. Her stories are some of my favorite in that “they make me squirm and I love it!” kind of way. She takes ideas that may be a little out there or off the wall and makes them into realistic tales that you can 100% relate to. Without further ado–since this has been such a long time coming–here is the interview!

So, tell me a little about yourself.
I’m a 26 year old Irish Leprechaun standing at just 5f 0. :) I have an addiction to beauty products and a slight obsession with all things fashion. I graduated with my Honors degree in Media & Production, and have three pets that drive me crazy on a daily basis!

What do you do when you’re not writing?
I shop, ha! No, I write almost every day, I fit in time for it if I can, and if not I’m usually working at something, or I’m with friends catching up on everything I’ve missed, we shop, we do lunch, go for drinks and dancing. You know, the usual semblance of a social life that I usually avoid to write lol!  I also run a fashion and beauty tumblr that keeps me on my toes, too.

Do you pull experiences from your real life into your writing?
Sometimes, though, very rarely. There will be tiny instances or conversations that come from real life that I’ll slip in there from time to time, but since the majority of my stories are set either in a different time period, or involve some form of… you know, murder or abuse of some kind, I just pull those from my seemingly twisted imagination as I’ve never experienced those things, thankfully!

How do you come up with your titles?
Sometimes it just comes from the plot idea that I have, I try to think of the general tone of the story I want to tell and at times it’ll just pop out at me, at other times I really have to think up something to suit the situation. There’s no sure fire way of deciding really, just whatever I fancy at the time of going to publish!

Ultimate girl question: chocolate or vanilla?
Can I mix both together? ;_) If not then chocolate, of course!

Besides SVM, do you have another series of books that you love or that you’d ever write fanfics for?
There are so many books I love from growing up, but SVM is the first I’ve written for, and a not-so-secret-secret is that I’ve never even read the SVM books. (My bad?)

What is the best compliment you’ve received on your writing?
The ones that stand out the most for me are the ones that make that personal connection with the reader, even if it’s in a tiny way. That they can see this playing out like a movie, that they were sucked into the world and are dying to know what happens next, that the characters ring true and real. That sort of thing is amazing to hear, and it makes the long hours and finger cramps worth it, since as FF writer’s we do write for free, the reviews in a way, are the pay off!

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
I aspire to be a writer, every day. So, really I think if you have a story in you that’s just dying to get out and you’re afraid to go the ‘real fiction’ route, try fanfiction first. You’ll find it’s no less real that what’s being published in the stores, because if your heart is in it, it all means the same to you.

What sort of Starbuck’s concoction would your characters order?
Ha. I actually found the order from The Devil Wears Discount that made me laugh, it was this – “Tall iced coffee in a Grande cup with extra ice, 3 pumps hazelnut, 2 pumps classic, an inch of non-fat milk, with a dome lid and a Venti straw…. A um, triple Venti Sugar free, Non fat, No foam, extra caramel, with whip, caramel macchiato, and a Venti, fat free, sugar free, lactose free, double cafe mocha w/o whip, one shot of sugar free vanilla.” I think for the other stories, it would be less complicated. War at heart? They just be happy with coffee in general, maybe with some rationed milk and sugar? Rise by sin, we know Eric had a slight coffee addiction because the poor bastard was deprived of just every other pleasure in life at that point lol! Um, Requiem Sookie’s would be intense like her, but with something sweet in the middle of the mess. And let’s see, who else…  my California Bound twosome would have to have some soy non fat nonsense, being actors and all ;)

Tell us something random about yourself.
I weighted less than a bag of sugar when I was born.

What kind of environment do you write in?
It needs to be tidy, I’ve realized this over time.  It’s usually my bedroom where I can get some peace and quiet, but it needs to be tidy or I find I can’t concentrate enough to lose myself in the different environments.

Tell the truth. Do you ever write naked?
I live in Ireland, it’s too cold to do that! Ha!

Where can you be found online?
Like Eric Northman, I am EVERYWHERE. No, just kidding. I’m on WordPress (myfictionalmusings), Tumblr (ChanelAddict), Twitter, and FF.NET (for now at least)

Anything else you’d like to tell?
Hm. Not sure really.  Just that I’ve been doing this fanfic writing thing for a little while now.  I’ve created a lot of fun worlds, met a lot of lovely people, made some great friends, and really enjoyed myself, and that can’t be half bad, can it?  Any other questions, comments, concerns are welcome! :D


So, I feel I must address a few of her answers because I’m actually sitting up in bed and bouncing (and that’s a HUGE no no for me since I’m on bedrest–oops!)

Confession #1: Her story The Devil Wears Discount? is THE reason the Starbucks question is in there! I always thought that people never really ordered those weird Starbucks creations, but it just made so much sense when she wrote it and it made me laugh my ass off!

Confession #2: I find it so incredible that she’s never actually read the SVM books. In my opinion, she write the characters SO well that you’d NEVER know unless you were told. (Hint hint–that’s your cue to go and check them out yourselves!)

Okay, so those are my little confessions. Like I said, she’s an amazing writer and I literally can’t wait for story updates to pop up in my email from her. Here are the links where you can find her…like she said-she really is absolutely EVERYWHERE!

My Fictional Musings
ChanelAddict’s Tumblr
nd forgive my gross negligence, but I don’t do the whole twitter thing, so you’ll have to find that one yourself!

Go check her out, give her massive amounts of praise and go order some ridiculous Starbucks drink! YAY!