Little Red Envelope

Yup. Here is the first of the drabbles for Obvious Denial. Can you tell what it’s about??


Anyhoo, currently there are three more docs sitting in my drive that are going to turn into drabbles at some point. You can thank MissRissa for encouraging this.

You can also thank her for the idea for this drabble. I spit it out in about 20 minutes one night while we were chatting. I’ve read through it, but it’s not beta’d so forgive any glaring mistakes.

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Obvious Denial // The Howler

So, happy Tuesday (almost Wednesday, sorry!) and hope you enjoy!

Not a Fail

So I actually managed to deliver! I have the promised, and apparently much anticipated, Chapter 2 of Obvious Denial.

It’s amazing, I know.

Plus, this chapter has smut.

Now, fair warning. I haven’t written smut in…forever. Like yeah I really don’t remember the last time I tried and good fucking god was it uncomfortable!

So hopefully it doesn’t suck. And I would’ve had this out to y’all yesterday, but Fred and Hermione threw me a curve ball and I had to add it. They blindsided me, though it was perfectly fine once I got it written.

Y’all also should thank MissRissa81 because she got my wheels churning and there are now a few drabbles that are going to be coming your way. So, technically this story is complete, but know there could be a few more snippets here and there. (Like, maybe I dunno, Tuesdayish??)

So, I’ll quit yapping and just send this your way. Banner goes to story homepage, link takes you to the new chapter.

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Obvious Denial // Chapter 2

Enjoy lovelies!


Yeah, that’s me. Total fail.

I promise I’ll try to do better. And besides, my phone is running out of space from all the hotness I’ve hoarded.

I’m not even gonna try to excuse it. I’ll just have to get a bigger phone. Or start up the hotness posts. :D

So that’ll be on my agenda to do. It may be patchy, but I’ll work on it. But, for now, I’ve got a new two shot for you. It’s a Fremione pairing (or Fred Weasley/Hermione Granger, for those of you who don’t know) because, let’s face it. Jo could’ve taken ANY OTHER WEASLEY and it would’ve been better than Fred. Well, except George of course, but you get my point.

I have the first chapter up and as soon as I finish the second (and end) it’ll go up. I’m still chugging away at Dark Arts, but this was a nice little break from the…darkness. So yeah.

And without further ado, I give you…

Obvious Denial!

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Obvious Denial // Chapter 1

We go dark

Hola lovelies!

For all my Captain Swan and Trubies….sorry. This ain’t for you. I do however have a new chapter of my first attempt at an HP Dramione fic. :)

Now-there’s a reason the title is Dark Arts. This chapters reeeeeeeeally gets dark. So trigger warnings abound. As MissRissa says, it’s heartbreaking. But also completely necessary.

Tears Possible button

Problem button

Lafayette alcohol button

crying button

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Big blocks of italics are flashbacks. I refuse to do pop culture research for the 90’s to get references correct, so either ignore the discrepancy or pretend it’s a modern fic.

Uh, there was more I was gonna tell you…

The pictures of her tattoos, aren’t correct placement wise usually, but hopefully I’ve describe it enough so you can picture it in your head.

Um…I think that’s everything. …..Maybe. Ah hell I dunno. If I have more to say I’ll do it later. For now, here ya go.

As always, banner takes you to story home page and the link will take your directly to the chapter.

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The Dark Arts // Chapter 2

I humbly come

…to beg your forgiveness.

Seriously, you need to forgive me.

I’ve slacked so very much on your hotness posts and I’m sorry. Although, in my defense, this has been a BUSY couple of weeks.

**Feel free to skip this to get to the actual ‘fanfic’ part of the post**
As many of you know, my oldest son has a condition (Prader-Willi Syndrome), so we’ve had 3-4 appointments for him in the last 3 weeks. My middle son has had his yearly physical and dentist visits. My daughter, thankfully hasn’t had any appointments, but now that I think about it, I’m sure I need to make her one. Can’t remember what for, but yeah.

Then there’s my appointments. Again, as many of you know since I’m not at all ashamed/afraid to talk abotu my issues, I’ve been struggling hard this past year with anxiety and depression. That’s why the huge dip in my writing. But I finally went to my doctor and started medication. That was back in October and I’m finally starting to feel better. So yay! Plus today I spent 6 hours and almost $3000 getting 6 crowns on my teeth. So yay for pretty teeth, but god damn dentists give me anxiety! (Bulimia and morning sickness have completely obliterated my enamel, don’t think I have like horrid oral hygiene!)

So that’s why I’ve been slacking.

**Fanfic part! You can read now!!**

I have also found a new ship to love, which is relevant, I promise. In all my years of reading and loving Harry Potter, I never delved into fanfic. Probably because I loved the books and had no desire to. Whatever. But someone back in January asked me about ‘Dramione’ and if I had any recs. Uh, no, since I hadn’t really ever heard of that ship.

Needless to say, that one little question has sent me (and MissRissa!!) down the rabbit hole into all things Dramione. Which is Draco and Hermione, for those who don’t know.

I’ll be happy to take any recs y’all have, by the way.

Which brings me to my next (and last, hopefully) point. I’ve started writing for Dramione. I can’t get them out of my head, so they may be front and center for a little while. Sorry to all my other fandoms!

This is the first attempt I’ve made at writing for them and I hope it’s not completely horrid. Feel free to tell me if it is.

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Click the banner to go to the story homepage, of course. These chapters will be unbeta’d for now, since MistressJessica is super busy with her own life. Again, feel free to berate me about grammar or mistakes if you want. So, check it out, hopefully you like it and I’ll stop rambling now.

Enjoy lovelies!!