In Honor of the Illustrious JCB

So, the illustrious and amazingly talented Jamie Campbell Bower is having a birthday today! He’s 26…so it’s not completely pervy for me to be totally enamored, right?!?! *side eye* Oh well…that beautiful man deserves all the happiness in the world. So Happy Birthday Jamie! (Not that I actually think he’ll ever see this, but still.)


Okay, so…I’ve done quite a bit today. For one thing, there’s a new spotlight today. So go check it out here.

Not only that but I prepped a few spotlights to post throughout the week, PLUS i already scheduled the porny posts-so no forgetting! YAY!!!

Not only that, but I finished Chapter 10 of The Institute, posted it, AND posted all the chapters I have of Hidden…of which there were 8. Oops.

So all that’s up to date. I’ll link down below. Now, I don’t remember if Mr. Kelpie read Hidden and he’s still being a stubborn butt about my “too long sentences”, so any mistakes are mine. Sorry. If you see something blatantly ridiculous feel free to let me know. :)

As always, if you have any suggestions for stories I should read, authors I should interview or artists I should check out-please let me know! I’m finding so many new amazing new content from you guys!

That being said, I’ll stop rambling. I’m pretty sure there was something else I meant to post, but yeah…I don’t remember. Keep an eye out for new spotlights and new chapters (if the kidlets ever let me finish anything else).

Click the story banners to go to the homepages and the chapter links for the actual story. Enjoy lovelies!


The Institute // Chapter 10

x . x . x . x . x





Chapter 6: Alleys
Chapter 7: Somewhere Safe
Chapter 8: Parabatai
Chapter 9: Birthday Plans
Chapter 10: Do We Trust Him?
Chapter 11: Stolen Away
Chapter 12: Last House on the Left
Chapter 13: You Broke Them

Have a great night lovelies! I’ll see you….later…yeah. :)))


So yeah. It’s been a hard week. I STILL have whatever plague I had last week. Yeah. Plus I royally fucked my shoulder…and not in the good way, although shoulder fucking is rather kinky if I think about it.But hey-to each their own. It has made life fairly difficult though, which is why I haven’t been working on as many spotlights. I’m gonna work on them today though.

But I do have TWO chapters of Hidden for you! I have up through ch.11 written, but again-I’m posting to first and ahead (which is admittedly backwards from what I normally do.).

So click the banner below to go to the story homepage or click the links to go to the individual chapters.

Hidden // Chapter 4: The Price You Pay
Hidden // Chapter 5: Refusal & Rebellion



On another note, keep an eye out about midday for a nice sexy post. :)))))