In Honor of the Illustrious JCB

So, the illustrious and amazingly talented Jamie Campbell Bower is having a birthday today! He’s 26…so it’s not completely pervy for me to be totally enamored, right?!?! *side eye* Oh well…that beautiful man deserves all the happiness in the world. So Happy Birthday Jamie! (Not that I actually think he’ll ever see this, but still.)


Okay, so…I’ve done quite a bit today. For one thing, there’s a new spotlight today. So go check it out here.

Not only that but I prepped a few spotlights to post throughout the week, PLUS i already scheduled the porny posts-so no forgetting! YAY!!!

Not only that, but I finished Chapter 10 of The Institute, posted it, AND posted all the chapters I have of Hidden…of which there were 8. Oops.

So all that’s up to date. I’ll link down below. Now, I don’t remember if Mr. Kelpie read Hidden and he’s still being a stubborn butt about my “too long sentences”, so any mistakes are mine. Sorry. If you see something blatantly ridiculous feel free to let me know. :)

As always, if you have any suggestions for stories I should read, authors I should interview or artists I should check out-please let me know! I’m finding so many new amazing new content from you guys!

That being said, I’ll stop rambling. I’m pretty sure there was something else I meant to post, but yeah…I don’t remember. Keep an eye out for new spotlights and new chapters (if the kidlets ever let me finish anything else).

Click the story banners to go to the homepages and the chapter links for the actual story. Enjoy lovelies!


The Institute // Chapter 10

x . x . x . x . x





Chapter 6: Alleys
Chapter 7: Somewhere Safe
Chapter 8: Parabatai
Chapter 9: Birthday Plans
Chapter 10: Do We Trust Him?
Chapter 11: Stolen Away
Chapter 12: Last House on the Left
Chapter 13: You Broke Them

Have a great night lovelies! I’ll see you….later…yeah. :)))

Say what, Kelpie?!?!?

*hangs head in shame*

There is no possible way I can express my self loathing and shame right now…I-have started another story. And the shameful part is…I’m not even sorry. This stupid shit has been bouncing in my head for weeks and it’s finally rattled my brain to the point where if I don’t work on it, I’ll go insane. Like really-more insane than I am already. Which would be *bad*.

So I give you The Institute. :) It’s another Mortal Instruments fic (Sorry!!!! I know y’all are waiting on E/S and Captain Swan!!!) so my attention will be divided between this and Hidden. (Valentine is just NOT cooperating on Hidden…sigh.)

Anyhoo, I’ll shut it. Click the banner below to take you to the story home page. :)



…..there was more I was gonna tell you but I forgot. Seriously, my brain….ugh.


Oh! Keep an eye out for a new spotlight-hopefully tomorrow. :) Have a nice day/night/evening lovelies!


So yeah. It’s been a hard week. I STILL have whatever plague I had last week. Yeah. Plus I royally fucked my shoulder…and not in the good way, although shoulder fucking is rather kinky if I think about it.But hey-to each their own. It has made life fairly difficult though, which is why I haven’t been working on as many spotlights. I’m gonna work on them today though.

But I do have TWO chapters of Hidden for you! I have up through ch.11 written, but again-I’m posting to first and ahead (which is admittedly backwards from what I normally do.).

So click the banner below to go to the story homepage or click the links to go to the individual chapters.

Hidden // Chapter 4: The Price You Pay
Hidden // Chapter 5: Refusal & Rebellion



On another note, keep an eye out about midday for a nice sexy post. :)))))


So I’m still hacking and feel like I have some sort of plague…seriously, I actually gave myself a nose bleed I coughed so hard. But at the moment, I am watching Markiplier with Mr. Kelpie, which is our new nightly routine. And I uploaded a new chapter of Hidden to (Chapter 9!!) so I figured y’all should get an update too. :)

So I posted Chapter 3 of Hidden earlier today.

Click the link to get to the chapter or the banner to go to the story home page.

Hidden // Chapter 3: I Think I Found My Soulmate



I also started a new fic today that I’m 100% positive will be the next story spotlight so keep an eye open for that….hum what else? Uhhhhhhhh…..yeah I dunno. But whatever. I’ll catch ya later lovelies! :)

Hum, what do I have for you???

So, not that most of my readers care, but I have Chapter 2 of Hidden up for you. :)

I’m actually updating this mostly on, mainly because y’all aren’t really into TMI, which is perfectly fine. Be on the lookout for more story and author spotlights in the coming days…hopefully. Mainly because I seem to have caught the plague or something equally nasty…and I feel like death.

So click the banner to go to Hidden’s main page or click…

Hidden // Chapter 2: Riddles

…to go right to the chapter.



And I know this post is all over the place-sorry. But one more thing…has nothing to do with fanfic or fandoms at all, but it’s still worth mentioning. If any of y’all like watching YouTube, go check out Markiplier. He’s a video game dude who makes videos of gameplay (among other things), which doesn’t SOUND interesting….but it is. He’s absolutely hilarious and we’ve spent quite a bit of time watching his videos lately. Even the kids like him. So, go check him out if you’re bored. :) Thanks lovelies!


No, not too much information, though if you’re truly interested I’d be more than happy to enlighten you. :)))

No this TMI is actually The Mortal Instruments. See I read the books back when there were only 3. Then I had kids and lost interest and just kinda meh. But then the movie came out (City of Bones, if y’all didn’t know), and we got it. It sat on the hard drive for like ever and we just watched it recently (read-Mr. Kelpie made me sit down and watch it). And…it wasn’t the greatest film ever shot, but it was pretty good. So it got me interested again. Enough that I actually read Book #1 again before puttering out in the first chapter of Book #2. I remember why I lost interest, needless to say. (Cassandra Clare must absolutely HATE her characters!)

Apparently it gets better later on but I’m not slogging through to find out. However I was enamored once again with the characters. And-uh-Jamie Campbell Bower (who plays Jace in the movie) is hooooooottttt….and I feel like such a skeeze for saying that since he’s a fair bit younger than me, but whatever.

So I’ve been reading more TMI fanfics and now I’ve started one of my own. It’s called Hidden and it’s an AU story with slightly aged up characters (she’s 15 or 16 in the books and it just icked me out honestly). Just click the banner below to take you to the story homepage.



And now for some blog management…things. There was a word I was gonna use there but it just flew right the fuck out of my head. Anyhoo-you’ll notice a new tab up there at the top. It’s called The Altar of Awesome. It’s where all my spotlights are going. I’m still going to be posting them as actual posts, but I’m consolidating them on those pages. They’re divided by fandom so you won’t have to slog through tons of stuff you have no interest in. :)

Okay and now onto the hard stuff. As I posted in SkarsPorn Sunday yesterday, my biggest kidlet is going through some medical stuff. It’s all routine (he has a chromosomal abnormality that we’ve known about since he was born), but it’s still annoying as all fuck. Plus there’s 2 other therapies that we have to get started. So my time is limited and precious. Not only that but the OUAT and TB/SVM fandoms haven’t exactly been the most welcoming of places lately. I’ve been getting horrible reviews/PMs on anon that are just mean. Like I can take criticism, but these are all out attacks. And I’m kinda tired of it. So I’m gonna back out of writing for those fandoms for a bit. I’m so very sorry cause I know y’all have been so patient about waiting for updates and everything, but I honestly don’t have the mental capacity to put with the…malevolence, I guess. It’s just not fun. This story seems to be the only one I can honestly get inspired by so I’m focusing on it for now. I know not many of you are part of the TMI fandom so I’m sorry. I’ll still do the porn-y posts when I remember though. :)

So, love you guys and hope you have a great week!