Tuesday Toss Up

Hallo lovelies! So, hopefully this toss up will have a bit more variety in the comments. *sheesh* Both of the previous toss ups were unanimous. First Lincoln, then pirates…though it’s not like I’m complaining cause those were actually my choices.

So here you are-I’ve used both of these fandoms/source material in some of my fics in different ways, though I’ve never actually been a part of either fanfiction community. So, here it is, and I’ll tell you my thoughts below.


My Choice
Okay, so-there are a multitude of positives for both in my books.

First we’ll start with LOTR. I actually just got done watching all three Hobbit movies and then all three extended versions of LOTR. I love the fantasy, the intrigue, the danger-everything. I love having a new world that’s unknown to explore. We tend to go through cycles where we’ll marathon them all and then not watch them for a few months, so it’s all fun again. That said, I’ve never read most of the books. I read the Hobbit, but this post isn’t about that. I *tried* to read LOTR-I did. I actually tried multiple times. But I couldn’t really get into it. Something about it translates more to the screen than the page for me, which is a rarity. I honestly don’t think I can think of another book to movie situation where that’s the case. *shrug*

And then we have Harry. Harry freaking Potter. The first Harry Potter book was published when I was 11. I read and progressed through his world as he himself did. Here’s a funny story that has spoilers for book 6-so please skip¬†everything in the *** if you want.

********* I preordered book 6 and it arrived the day before it was set to. So of course, I devoured it overnight, didn’t sleep, just sat in my bed and read. So my dad got up for work and I decided I wasn’t going to school. I was a junior I believe, so he just kinda let me. He knew this was a huge deal. About 10 that morning I got to the part where Dumbledore dies and I absolutely lost it. I called my dad in hysterics, babbling about what had happened. Well, he couldn’t understand what I was saying except that someone died. So he hung up and rushed home…only to find me sobbing over my book. He laughed so hard when I finally calmed down enough to explain it to him. And he still hasn’t let me live it down to this day-like 11 years later.************

So yeah. I have 2 sets of books too. I have pristine first edition hard cover books that I never touch except to dust. And then I have my reading set-which has mostly been replaced at least once since I broke the spines on them. I loved the movies and frequently marathon those since they’re something my kids enjoy as well. In fact, when my oldest son was born he spent 3 weeks in the NICU and I’d sit there for hours with him in my arms reading the first Harry Potter book to him.

If you can’t tell, it’s really no contest to me. While I love Middle Earth and all the drama of it’s characters, my vote hands down goes to HP. I grew up with him and Ron and Hermione. I grew up hoping to get my Hogwarts letter, to have an owl (I kid you not, I asked for one for my 12th birthday), just for…magic. I still read those books and they’ve become my…god I don’t even know. They’re almost a life line. When I was having trouble in high school-which if you’ve read my blog before you’ll know what I mean-HP was there. Those books-and the movies-are what I pick up when I need a pick me up. They’re what I go to for comfort. They’re what I’m showing my children as an example of friendship and loyalty and how not everything is what it seems. So yeah, HP gets my vote in this week’s Toss Up.

Leave me some love and let me know what you think. *Funny stories are always a bonus, cause boy do I have tons for you.*

Oh yeah, and if you had any doubts after all this blabber…I even have an HP lightning bolt tattoo. So yeah. :)