So…Interrupted has been officially expanded!


And it’s all because of tumblr. I was clicking around one day and saw an anonymous ask on emmaducklingswan‘s page. And I totally got inspired.

(BTW, you should totally go check her out. I love everything she posts!)

And then with helpful input from Mr. Kelpie, MistressJessica1028, and InvertedMeridian it’s now done!

So, go check out the newly expanded Interrupted.

Interrupted // Chapter 2: Sick Day


Funny story…

I actually published a new one shot! And yes it is funny. At least that’s what certain people on Facebook who keep feeding my brain squirrels say (yes, you Ms. Meridiean!). So I give you…

Interrupted // a Once Upon a Time one shot

Make sure you read the footnote since the real comedy stems from that.

Not beta’d so all mistake are mine.