Yesterday…But not the Real One

Yeah the real yesterday…suuuuuuuuuuuuuucked!

I got sick, my children tried to kill me with watermelon juice (looong story which ended with a busted knee, ankle and foot), Mr. Kelpie got in a car accident that he neglected to tell me about AND I had to watch True Suck…twice. Among other things.

Like seriously?!?!?! – hence the lack of updates for Just One Yesterday. But I have an update today for you.

So, this chapter has a few warnings..

Citrus Warning…just a smattering…

Frying Pan Warning…this because of…

Cliffhanger Warning…this is apparently the worst cliffy so far….


So I sincerely apologize (I had my girls bawling apparently) but it has to be done. :) Happy reading lovelies!

Just One Yesterday // Chapter 5