Story Spotlight: A Spoonful of Jell-o

Title: A Spoonful of Jell-o
Author: hooksjollyroger
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Rating: K+
AU/Canon/AH: canon
Complete? yes

Summary: Emma introduces Hook to the strange and bewildering substance of Jell-O. Based on the deleted Jell-O scene from episode 212 “In the Name of the Brother” as seen on the season 2 Blu-Ray/DVD special features.

My oh-so-humble thoughts
Okay so the deleted jello scene-if you haven’t seen it, YouTube that shit. Now. I’ll wait.

Okay you’re back! So Hook’s reaction to jello is nearly identical to my Munchkin’s. He’s 4 and we eat a pretty organic, natural type diet. He’d never seen Jello until earlier this year. It was hilarious, much like Killian’s reaction in this fic.

I’m a sucker for Captain Swan adorableness anyways, but this was a particularly well done one shot. :) So great on over and give it a read. She’s got a crap load of other fics as well-ones that I think I’m gonna go read like…now. Happy reading lovelies!!

Story Spotlight: Crossed Swords

Title: Crossed Swords
Author: Daedalic
Fandom: Mortal Instruments
Rating: K+
AU/Canon/AH: AU
Complete? no

Summary: “I am glad to announce the betrothal between my daughter and Prince Jonathon Herondale,” King Valentine announced. Clary almost screamed. Jace. Jace the most obnoxious man she had ever met. Jace the pompous idiot. Jace the man she beat up. Jace the arrogant. Jace…her husband.

My oh-so-humble thoughts
I cannot even begin to tell you how very glad I am that I found this fic and gave it a chance (I don’t usually read K rateds.). I am very nearly at the end of my rope with the lack of good TMI fics and this one has restored my faith. :)

It’s cute. But with an edge. This Clary is ballsy and this Jace is cocky enough to be an annoying little shit, but still maintain an innocent boyish quality that has me ‘awwwww’ing’ all over the place. Seriously, it takes talent to do that.

It’s only like 10 chapters in, but there’s a good substantial plot and nice twists and turns all throughout. I can’t wait for more, though apparently the author has exams. Dammit. So it may be a few weeks til she gets around to it. But leaving her love certainly wouldn’t hurt I’d imagine, so go read and leave her comments. :) Enjoy lovelies!

Story Spotlight: Jace From Domino’s

Title: Jace From Domino’s
Author: rippingbutterflywings
Fandom: The Mortal Instruments
Rating: K+
AU/Canon/AH: AH
Complete? yes


Summary: The story of what happens after an awkward phone conversation with a pizza guy. / One-shot. AU. AH. OOC.

My oh-so-humble thoughts
Okay so I don’t usually read, much less spotlight anything under a T rating. Simply because I like sexy times and the sexier the better. But I was curious after I read a few of her stories and clicked this one…on accident. *shift side eyes*

And I’m so incredibly glad that I did. This is purely a fluffy, adorable quick read…nothing really much of anything. It’s more like a slice of life type of story, but oh my god…I nearly died of cuteness.

This is so something that I could see happening…and something that I would’ve done (though I can’t quite decide if I’d do what Clary did or what Jace did…probably both honestly). So yeah, it’s quick and easy so you should really go read it now. I mean if you have time to read my babbling drivel then you definitely have time for this. :)