Story Spotlight: Clace at the Beach

Title: Clace at the Beach
Author: i-will-write-for-you
Fandom: Mortal Instruments
Rating: Kish
AU/Canon/AH: Canon
Complete? yes

Summary: prompt was clace at the beach

My oh-so-humble thoughts
Okay so this isn’t really a one shot, so much as a tumblr drabble. But it’s hearted on my page just the same and it has been for awhile. It’s so simple. It’s really just a snippet of our fave TMI characters at the beach.

It’s adorable and teasing in its simplicity. It sounds like something that could happen to any one of us on a summer day at the beach. People are teasing each other, swimming, tricks-everything.

This is actually over on tumblr and she’s so talented. You should really go follow her cause she posts all kinds of stuff. :)

Hola Lovelies

Hey my lovelies! It’s been a much better day here in my house, only a slight fat lip this morning from a well placed head butt. But that gave me time to fiddle a bit on the computer and actually write today.

So, here’s another reminder to get your votes in for the Get Inked Contest.

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Voting is open until Friday at midnight and you can vote as many times as you like. There are 3 fics in the running, all of which are awesome. Seriously. :)

And…surprise, surprise…I have a new one shot for you! It’s not the smutty one I’ve been hemming and hawing about but I *think* you’ll still be satisfied. In a flufferific kinda way that is. :)

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This was actually inspired by a Buzzfeed article (specifically #8). But I actually had a few brainstorms so there may possibly be more of these flufftastic little tidbits. Yeah this was *supposed* to be like 1 page, maybe 500 words….didn’t happen. This blossomed into a nice 1700+ word one shot. Ah well, what can ya do? :) I’m sure y’all are so upset. So click the banner and it’ll take you right there.


Story Spotlight: Worn Rails and Guitar Strings

Title: Worn Rails and Guitar Strings
Author: QuiteTheTrueLove
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Rating: K
AU/Canon/AH: AH/AU
Complete? yes


Summary: Modern Captain Swan AU: Killian is a street musician playing at the subway station everyday. One day he notices the beautiful blonde girl taking the same train every morning, and he starts to sing for her. Only a oneshot!

My oh-so-humble thoughts
This is a quick read and it will leave you feeling hopeful and happy and like you wanna go hug a puppy. Yeah-the cuteness is off the frickin charts!!!

I just love the very real feeling of interest you get from boh characters…but without coy smirks or batting lashes or anything cliche. I mean-don’t get me wrong-I love a good cliche a much as the next fangirl. But the way she’s manages to capture their interaction and interest WITHOUT them speaks volumes to her talent.

So yeah it a quick fluffy read that will have you sitting on a cloud. :) So go check her out and leave some love!!