Yeah, that’s me. Total fail.

I promise I’ll try to do better. And besides, my phone is running out of space from all the hotness I’ve hoarded.

I’m not even gonna try to excuse it. I’ll just have to get a bigger phone. Or start up the hotness posts. :D

So that’ll be on my agenda to do. It may be patchy, but I’ll work on it. But, for now, I’ve got a new two shot for you. It’s a Fremione pairing (or Fred Weasley/Hermione Granger, for those of you who don’t know) because, let’s face it. Jo could’ve taken ANY OTHER WEASLEY and it would’ve been better than Fred. Well, except George of course, but you get my point.

I have the first chapter up and as soon as I finish the second (and end) it’ll go up. I’m still chugging away at Dark Arts, but this was a nice little break from the…darkness. So yeah.

And without further ado, I give you…

Obvious Denial!

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Obvious Denial banner

Obvious Denial // Chapter 1

We go dark

Hola lovelies!

For all my Captain Swan and Trubies….sorry. This ain’t for you. I do however have a new chapter of my first attempt at an HP Dramione fic. :)

Now-there’s a reason the title is Dark Arts. This chapters reeeeeeeeally gets dark. So trigger warnings abound. As MissRissa says, it’s heartbreaking. But also completely necessary.

Tears Possible button

Problem button

Lafayette alcohol button

crying button

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Big blocks of italics are flashbacks. I refuse to do pop culture research for the 90’s to get references correct, so either ignore the discrepancy or pretend it’s a modern fic.

Uh, there was more I was gonna tell you…

The pictures of her tattoos, aren’t correct placement wise usually, but hopefully I’ve describe it enough so you can picture it in your head.

Um…I think that’s everything. …..Maybe. Ah hell I dunno. If I have more to say I’ll do it later. For now, here ya go.

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dark arts banner

The Dark Arts // Chapter 2

I humbly come

…to beg your forgiveness.

Seriously, you need to forgive me.

I’ve slacked so very much on your hotness posts and I’m sorry. Although, in my defense, this has been a BUSY couple of weeks.

**Feel free to skip this to get to the actual ‘fanfic’ part of the post**
As many of you know, my oldest son has a condition (Prader-Willi Syndrome), so we’ve had 3-4 appointments for him in the last 3 weeks. My middle son has had his yearly physical and dentist visits. My daughter, thankfully hasn’t had any appointments, but now that I think about it, I’m sure I need to make her one. Can’t remember what for, but yeah.

Then there’s my appointments. Again, as many of you know since I’m not at all ashamed/afraid to talk abotu my issues, I’ve been struggling hard this past year with anxiety and depression. That’s why the huge dip in my writing. But I finally went to my doctor and started medication. That was back in October and I’m finally starting to feel better. So yay! Plus today I spent 6 hours and almost $3000 getting 6 crowns on my teeth. So yay for pretty teeth, but god damn dentists give me anxiety! (Bulimia and morning sickness have completely obliterated my enamel, don’t think I have like horrid oral hygiene!)

So that’s why I’ve been slacking.

**Fanfic part! You can read now!!**

I have also found a new ship to love, which is relevant, I promise. In all my years of reading and loving Harry Potter, I never delved into fanfic. Probably because I loved the books and had no desire to. Whatever. But someone back in January asked me about ‘Dramione’ and if I had any recs. Uh, no, since I hadn’t really ever heard of that ship.

Needless to say, that one little question has sent me (and MissRissa!!) down the rabbit hole into all things Dramione. Which is Draco and Hermione, for those who don’t know.

I’ll be happy to take any recs y’all have, by the way.

Which brings me to my next (and last, hopefully) point. I’ve started writing for Dramione. I can’t get them out of my head, so they may be front and center for a little while. Sorry to all my other fandoms!

This is the first attempt I’ve made at writing for them and I hope it’s not completely horrid. Feel free to tell me if it is.

dark arts banner

Click the banner to go to the story homepage, of course. These chapters will be unbeta’d for now, since MistressJessica is super busy with her own life. Again, feel free to berate me about grammar or mistakes if you want. So, check it out, hopefully you like it and I’ll stop rambling now.

Enjoy lovelies!!

What the hell

Yeah, what the hell. Here’s another chapter for you guys.

And before I say anything else, I need to rectify a mistake in my last post. It was so late and I’ve been so tired that it completely slipped my mind.

A huge thank you to the two most awesome people in the world! MistressJessica and MissRissa! Without MistressJessica, you’d have a much harder time reading my drivel. And without MissRissa, well…this story might never have been continued. She contributes just as much to this story as I do, probably more. I just have the pleasure of taking what she tells me and putting it into some semblance of readable ish.

And now, onto the new shit. This chapter is one of MissRissa’s favorites and you’ll see why.

First of all, the thing that’s being freaked out over is something that happened in my house. Indeed, the picture accompanying it is an actual picture of mine. So, think of that and yuk it up while you read.

Oh and Zoe’s…interpretation…is direct from my middle kidlet’s mouth. I kid you not.

Again, Claudette is a fictionalized version of me. Snark and sarcasm and all.

Uh, let’s see…what else was I going to say? (Like y’all can really answer *rolls eyes*)

The thing about the fireworks is me as well. The story will eventually come out in an outtake. Just in case you’re left wondering.

I just love Thomas. He might be one of my favorite characters to write. He’s just….goofy and endearing.

And I think maybe that’s all I wanted to say. There’s a few outtakes coming your way soon, so hopefully this will hold you over until then.

Oh one more thing (sorry!). I’m really getting into a new ship – Dramione (Draco/Hermione from Harry Potter) – and I’ve been steadily devouring all the fics I can find. If y’all have any recs, let me know. But anyways, I’m attempting to write a Dramione fic. *wrinkles nose* I’ll post it when it’s done if y’all are interested. :)

And now I’ll stop rambling.

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Behind the Camera banner

Behind the Camera // Chapter 13

Happy reading! Enjoy lovelies!


Wow, so I’m back. And it *is* a new chapter!

That’s right! I have new BTC for you!

But first, some housekeeping. My newest ship that I’m absolutely in love with is Dramione. Seriously, been ravenously reading and I’m starting a new fic. I don’t think it’s that good but whatever.

So if y’all got any Dramione recs….  :)

Okay, here’s the serious serious stuff. I’m warning you guys-Nora’s POV (there are 2) are ridiculous. In the I-really-need-to-shower-after-I-write-this kinda way. And in her second turn, she says some truly despicable things. I do NOT, reapeat: DO NOT, agree with her assessments. I tried, really tried, to use different vocabulary, but anything I came up with that was less offensive just wasn’t ‘Nora’. So, please forgive her (and yes, they all actually talk in my head and no I don’t have multiple personalities) for making me write the utter digusting shit she did.

Okay, now that THAT’S out of the way, here’s the next chapter!

As always, click the banner to go to the story home page and the link to take you to the chapter.

Behind the Camera banner

Behind the Camera // Chapter 12

Happy reading, lovelies! Hope you enjoy!

Day 25: Merry Christmas!!! // #25DaysOfChristmas

Merry Christmas my lovelies!

Or whatever holiday you happen to celebrate…or not. So happy holidays as well. :)

I have a new one shot series for you guys, just to commemorate this wondrous day of…heat. Ugh yeah it’s ridiculous here in Florida.

(Seriously, Mr. Kelpie had to crank the A/C down to 68 just to feel a smidge like winter…)

Click the banner to go to the story home page and see what this little series is all about. :)

You just don't get it banner

Fair warning, I finished this late yesterday afternoon so MistressJessica hasn’t looked it over. You’ll see exactly what she’s got to deal with when she gets chapters from me. But it’ll get fixed up eventually. Until then, forgive my inevitable mistakes. :)

And a huge thanks, as always, to MissRissa who was an awesome collaborator. :) She’s wonderful.

I will leave you with a vampire carol…and some Christmasy SkarsPorn as well. :P Enjoy your day lovelies!

I’m dreaming of a red Christmas,
With all the blood and guts and gore.
Where the treetops glisten and children listen
To hear screaming in the snow

….Yeah that’s all I got, but it does seem like something Pam would come up with. :) So onto the SkarsPorn!!






Day 22: Introducing… // #25DaysOfChristmas

Hola! We’re continuing our25 Days of Christmas banner

with a new chapter of BTC.

This is the start of a 2 or 3 parter…these characters are ridiculous and won’t shut up so I need to break shit up constantly.

And you might notice the way I’ve broken up POV’s is changing because…we’re meeting a few new people and they all have the same damn letters in their names!

But this chapter specifically we’re hearing from a certain cousin of Sookie’s…

Behind the Camera Claudette

Yeah she is me. In fiction form. But how she talks is exactly how I talk. You know how authors come through in their characters? Yeah, there’s bits of me in all of mine, for sure. But Claudette…yeah she’s just me.

So, as always, click the banner to go to the story homepage and the link to go to the chapter.

Behind the Camera banner

Behind the Camera // Chapter 11

I’m sure there was more I wanted to say in this post, but my brain is already fried. It’s halfway through the first day of winter break for my kidlets and I’m already over it. ;/ Seriously?!?!

So I dunno when I’ll have new BTC for you, but I’m working…as much as the spawn will allow, of course. So go read and enjoy and I’ll get more to you soon. :) Thanks lovelies!!

EDIT: Okay I know what I meant to tell you guys! The game in here, and you’ll see when you read, is an actual thing from my childhood! I have pics of me, my uncle, and my grandpa doing the same thing that is in this chapter. If I can find the pics I’ll post them for you. :)

Day 21: Ghosts of Christmas Past // #25DaysOfChristmas

Hey y’all. I’m back with more

25 Days of Christmas banner


I’m going as fast as I can with BTC and working on some other goodies, but I’m not sure when they’ll be done. So in the interim, I figured I’d post some links for fics I’ve written for past Christmases.

Click the banners to go to the stories and hopefully they’ll get you into some kinda awesome Christmas mood.

Merry Almost Christmas bannernaughty banner

So apparently I only have two. Huh. Ah well, here’s some lovely SkarsPorn for you to make up for it. :)






Day 19: Happy Birthday, Rissa! // #25DaysOfChristmas

Today I have a special little sumthin-sumthin for my wonderful, awesome, amazing and any other similar adjective idea chick, MissRissa81!

Cause….it’s her birthday!!!!!

Rissa birthday banner

This is still part of our countdown. Ya know, the 25 Days of Christmas banner

This is an outtake of BTC that she has absolutely been nuts about. If you’ve been reading BTC and you’re caught up, you might’ve caught the fact that Roman is married to Nora. But *this* is how he met his True Love. And yeah you’ll see her again, no worries. But this is too cute for words.

It’s set in their junior year of high school. They’re 17 and the year is 1999…that sounds weirdly formal, but yeah. MissRissa and I had the best time doing the research and making up the outfits for this chapter. Seriously I’m still giggling over it. And I don’t giggle. *scowl*

So click the banner to go to the story page and the link to go to the chapters, yada yada yada.

Behind the Camera banner

Behind the Camera // Outtake: Wrong Number

Oh and the outtakes will all be fairly self contained. So the navigation buttons will take you through the outtakes. To get back to the main story chapters you’ll have to hit the home page again. :)

Just making sure y’all know. Thanks and enjoy lovelies. Oh and click any of MissRissa‘s names in this post to go wish her a Happy Birthday. Cause she’s just as much responsible for this fic as I am. :D

Day 17: In Which Sookie is a Badass // #25DaysOfChristmas

25 Days of Christmas banner

Yeah, I’ve got another wonderful new chapter for you. At least MissRissa assures me it’s wonderful.

Okay so here’s a little background on this chapter and you’ll all probably roll your eyes at me. I’m weirdly kinda OCD about accuracy in fics…like as much as you can be, obviously. There’s some things that you just do your damn best and whatever. So…I actually did a staggering amount of research about making an indie film. And I created a budget. Like a real budget. Seriously. I’m a little insane. You can ask MissRissa, I spent the better part of 2 days doing this.

So yeah. Sookie is a pretty big badass in this chapter and I’m hoping that you’ll love it as much as me. Jesus’ flashback is particularly awesome in my opinion.

So click the banner to go to the story home page and the link to go directly to the chapter. :)

Behind the Camera banner

Behind the Camera // Chapter 10

Enjoy lovelies!