Happy February!!!

Hey lovelies!

So the Get Inked contest has 3 entries which you can now go read and vote on. Grand Prize gets a cutsom banner and the runners up get a set of buttons. There are 2 TB/SVM stories and 1 TMI…but seriously you need to read them all…even if it’s not your fandom. They are THAT good. :)

Get Inked contest banner

So go to the Get Inked contest page to read and vote!

Banners will go up in the next few days…I have one and a half made. But yesterday was my middle man’s birthday party-he turns 4 tomorrow!!! Sheesh. Anyhoo-I have no story updates for you today, but there are a few chapters in progress.

On another note, there is a HUGE thread over on Facebook about the lack of new stories/updates in our SVM/TB community. We’ve been brainstorming ideas to drum up some traffic and newbies and to inspire old authors. If you have any ideas, please let me know…I’m here (there’s contact boxes like everywhere…definitely up in the sidebar), twitter (@kelpie_169), tumblr (Kelpie’s Korner), AO3 (kelpie169), TWCS (kelpie169), FictionPad (kelpie169)…I’m all over the place. So please, let me know if you’d like more contests, fic exchanges, challenges, daily/weekly prompts…whatever. And, as always, any recs you have for stories or authors to spotlight, let me know as well. I have almost no free time and the stories I do find are usually either recs or from a random facebook post.

And another, more bitchy (sorry!) note, I’ve noticed an uptick in “spotlights” being done around…and it’s getting to the point where I’m staking my claim. I started spotlights 3 frickin years ago. You wanna do fanfic reviews, yay! Go for it, more power to you! We need more of them-but call them something else. Please. There’s all this hoopla about plagarism (including *ideas!!!*) running rampant everywhere so I’m calling foul. Spotlights are my idea and I’m feeling overly protective of them-especially since I put so much time and effort into doing them. Again, sorry for the bitchy-I almost never do this-but I’m tired of it. :)


Again, go read the contest entries and vote! I don’t have a limit on how many times you can vote, so have at it and have fun. Thanks again lovelies!!!

What’s this?!

So yeah…I actually did something *pauses and looks to the side shiftily* productive. Gasp, I know. I managed to coerce my brain into letting me type something remotely resembling a coherent end to the chapters I already had mostly done. It’s ridiculous how ornery my brain is being. I know where every single one of my stories is going-intricate plot details and everything-but yeah it’s not actually coming out of my head.

x . x . x . x . x

So, for my TMI readers, there is a new chapter of The Institute for you! And this chapter is much shorter than I intended, but it ends on a…nice note…

*hint, hint*

I’m evil, yeah. So click the banner to go to the story home page (maybe you need a refresher…I know I did…) and click the link to go directly to the newest chapter. :)

The Institute banner

The Institute // Chapter 12

x . x . x . x . x

And my TB/SVM readers have a new nugget of…mediocre-ness as well.

This chapter has actually been done for awhile and I guess I forgot to post it…??? No idea. But I *think* MistressJessica looked it over-but maybe not. Either way, any mistakes you find are mine because there’s no telling what I did to this poor chapter after she checked it over. ┬áBut chapter 4 is in progress, slow progress but progress all the same. So hopefully my fickle little muse will allow me to actually work on this. For now, banner=story page, link=new chapter. As always. :)

Behind the Camera banner

Chapter 3: Coming for Dinner

x . x . x . x . x

I don’t think there’s anything else new…well I have a new story (another one?!!?) that I’m working on and will post when I get the first chapter done. But until then, have fun with all the spotlights and yumminess. :) And start bitching at my muse, maybe she’ll listen to you *shrugs* Thanks for reading lovelies!!!


Okay, so I’ve kinda started using twitter…maybe. A little. Trying to at least. I still don’t get the @ and the # and all the…stuff. But I’m trying. So if you want to follow me you can find me at kelpie_169. :)

Now, I have a new chapter of The Institute. This chapter was completely out of left field…Clary and Jonathan had me all like…

E/p shitting me button


Lafayette hell no button

….forgive the lack of TMI buttons yet-haven’t had a chance. I’ll get around to it. :)

But yeah. They blindsided me and I’m just rolling with it. Working on chapter 7 so hopefully it’ll be out soon.

So click the banner for the story home page and the link for the chapter. :)



The Institute // Chapter 6

Enjoy lovelies!