What’s this?!

So, I may have written a new story…

No. Really.

I know, I know. It’s hard to believe. But it’s true.

Dude, I swear it’s not a joke!!!

:) Okay, I’m done being a smart ass. In all seriousness, I did write a new one shot for the SVM/TB Fanfic Exchange, Kleannhouse to be specific. And now it’s posted here!



Funny story, we actually wrote for each other. I’ve linked to her site and to the exchange site. Go and read them all cause they’re awesome. Well, I’m sure they’re all awesome, but I’m still working my way through them. But damn am I excited and I can’t wait for the next one. So yeah, go click on all the things and whatnot. Enjoy lovelies!


Tuesday Toss Up

Alright lovelies! So here is the newest feature on the blog! Tuesday Toss Up! Yes, I changed my mind about the whole Tuesday/Thursday switch. Eh, I’m female-it happens. :P

Every other Tuesday I’ll post a new toss up and give you my choice. Comment on what you’d choose and why-make it as detailed or as brief as you’d like. And, as always, if you have ideas feel free to let me know.

Now, to get started with one I know most everyone will enjoy… *smirk*

Tues Toss Lincoln Benji

My Choice
Ugh, I had to start with a hard one. On one hand, Alex plays Lincoln with such an endearing almost cluelessness. He’s so protective and adorable with Onata as Maisie, on and off screen. But then there’s Benji. Who is ruthless and intense and just oh so delicious. He’s got the intense stares and creepy radical vibe down.

This tugs my heart in two completely separate directions and plays on two of my biggest loves-goofy, funny guys who are great with kids and passionate rebels trying to make a difference in the world. So…which one do I choose…??

I love Alex in anything-he’s a brilliant actor regardless of the role-but if I had to choose one (and I do, cause those are the rules I created, damn it!) I’d choose Lincoln. If it was the movie overall it’d be a different matter, but I just can’t get past his easy affection with his little pint sized co-star. Hell, they inspired a fic! So yeah. Leave your comments and choices below lovelies! *muah*

Death thy name is me

Yeah I feel like death today. And not the good Godric type of Death…


I’m the definitively UNSEXY kinda death. A la…

Yeeeeeahhh…..anyhoo-I don’t have anything fanfic related for you, but I did get a bunch of poetry up on the other writings page. I know you’re like “Kelpie. Seriously? Poetry?!?! WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK?!?!”

That’s what I said when my creative writing teacher said we’d be doing poetry. So yeah this is from my English class in college. I figured I’d post it and maybe give someone inspiration or if I ever get the urge to write poetry again…*rolls eyes*. But I’ll be posting a few more short stories in the next few days. And hopefully writing some more fic stuff…just depends on how I feel and how much time the kidlets let me have. So you can go here to check out the other writings page or here to go directly to the poetry page. Personally I think my fave is the Secret Life of Grilled Cheese (SHUT UP I WAS IN CULINARY SCHOOL!!!!).


Oh! By the way, be sure to check the Plot Bunny Palace! I’m gonna be uploading a few new ones so definitely keep an eye out for those. :)

Little late night sumthin’

Hey lovelies. So we got some new furniture this weekend. :) and we put it together ourselves and everything.  So I cleaned off our bookshelves and found some of my old writings. I just posted a few in the other writings section.

Silent Resignation
Draft 2
Too Late

I’ll make banners for them eventually, but it’s not on my priority list at the moment. *shrug* But here are a few warnings for these, if you plan on reading them.

Lafayette alcohol button Lafayette hell no button sobbing button bad form button Tears Possible button OUAT button

They’re all unnamed characters and they were all written waaaaay back in high school so the grammar and stuff may be iffy. I dunno. So go read if ya like, but keep in mind there are some trigger warnings for domestic violence, cutting and suicide. I was majorly depressed in high school and you’ll see it in these. Love you lovelies and I’ll have more for you hopefully this week…the good stuff. Promise. :)

The Results Are In

The results for the Get Inked Contest are IN!!!

Taking the grand prize is…
Story of My Life banner

Thank you to everyone who voted and the authors who contributed. Winners can contact me about their prizes (banners/buttons). :)

Go check out the contest page-I’ve linked the story authors with their respective sites. :) The really frickin awesome Arelia Miles wrote Those He Loved…and made me bawl like a baby. And MistressJessica wrote not only Story of My Life, but she also wrote I’ll Show You Mine. Seriously awesome.

I may or may not have another contest for you guys starting March 1. Feel free to let me know why or why not you may want one. And….now I’m out. It’s naptime in my house and I’m debating whether I’m going to pass out or try to write. *shrug*

Plot Bunny Palace

Hey lovelies! Okay so it’s your daily reminder-only one more!!!-to go vote in the Get Inked contest!!!

Get Inked contest banner

There are 3 different stories, 2 in the TB/SVM fandom and 1 in the TMI fandom. Even if it’s not your preferred fandom I encourage you to go and read anyways. They are all exceptional. :)

Next-I kinda maybe started a little something…The Plot Bunny Palace! I know I have trouble getting inspired sometimes. So when that happens I go scroll through tumblr or google or what have you to find some inspiration. And I tend to take screen shots and/or copy the ideas for later use. So I’m just putting them out there for you. :) Feel free to use any of the ideas/pics on the page-maybe even leave me a note if you do write something cause, let’s face it…I love new stuff! So click the banner below to go right there. Or it’s also up in the menu.

Plot Bunny Palace banner


I’ll be adding more as I have time…I only had about 10 minutes tonight. So…yeah. That’s it.

Go vote and go get inspired and have a great night lovelies!!!

Hola Lovelies

Hey my lovelies! It’s been a much better day here in my house, only a slight fat lip this morning from a well placed head butt. But that gave me time to fiddle a bit on the computer and actually write today.

So, here’s another reminder to get your votes in for the Get Inked Contest.

Get Inked contest banner

Voting is open until Friday at midnight and you can vote as many times as you like. There are 3 fics in the running, all of which are awesome. Seriously. :)

And…surprise, surprise…I have a new one shot for you! It’s not the smutty one I’ve been hemming and hawing about but I *think* you’ll still be satisfied. In a flufferific kinda way that is. :)

Lime & Coconuts banner


This was actually inspired by a Buzzfeed article (specifically #8). But I actually had a few brainstorms so there may possibly be more of these flufftastic little tidbits. Yeah this was *supposed* to be like 1 page, maybe 500 words….didn’t happen. This blossomed into a nice 1700+ word one shot. Ah well, what can ya do? :) I’m sure y’all are so upset. So click the banner and it’ll take you right there.


Happy February 3!!!

I have no clever title…sorry. Today has been….a day. There are no words to describe my day…except maybe this anecdote will help you get the picture.

So I got to pick up the boys from school. The Little Miss (who kept me up like all night fucking long) refused to nap all morning despite the dose of melatonin I gave her in complete desperation. BUT…she fell asleep as I was driving to get the boys. And…the school is literally right next door to our complex. So a minute and a half in the car and she’s out. Like *out*. So the middle child, who coincidentally is the one who turned 4 yesterday, refused to walk when the oldest came out. So I was literally dragging him with the stroller until I got fed up and threw him over my shoulder-of course garnering tons of dirty looks. Ah well fuck it.

So I got kicked and punched and yelled at and headbutted the whole way to the car. Then I finally got all three in the car and home (when of course the girl woke up from all the screaming the butt was doing) and he continued to be a butt. As I was getting him in the house he threw himself down and just wouldn’t go any further. So as I was getting him inside there were more kicks and punches and headbutts and screaming.

Somewhere in all that he managed to break off a small part of one of my teeth-coincidentally not the first tooth of mine he’s broken either. But yeah…I’m so fucking tired and out of patience today.

Yeah I’m with Lala. I have no chapters for you, even though my brain is almost bursting with shit wanting to get written. But I have no had a single chance until right this second to actually get on a computer/tablet/phone to write. And I’m too tired and it would probably be gibberish anyway.

Anyways, go and read the entries for the Get Inked contest. They all rock and all deserve attention and you need to vote. There’s no restrictions on voting so have fun.

*You’re welcome for all you Somerhalder fans*

And now I bid y’all goodnight. I’m done. I’m out. Refer to Lafayette above. Peace.


Happy February!!!

Hey lovelies!

So the Get Inked contest has 3 entries which you can now go read and vote on. Grand Prize gets a cutsom banner and the runners up get a set of buttons. There are 2 TB/SVM stories and 1 TMI…but seriously you need to read them all…even if it’s not your fandom. They are THAT good. :)

Get Inked contest banner

So go to the Get Inked contest page to read and vote!

Banners will go up in the next few days…I have one and a half made. But yesterday was my middle man’s birthday party-he turns 4 tomorrow!!! Sheesh. Anyhoo-I have no story updates for you today, but there are a few chapters in progress.

On another note, there is a HUGE thread over on Facebook about the lack of new stories/updates in our SVM/TB community. We’ve been brainstorming ideas to drum up some traffic and newbies and to inspire old authors. If you have any ideas, please let me know…I’m here (there’s contact boxes like everywhere…definitely up in the sidebar), twitter (@kelpie_169), tumblr (Kelpie’s Korner), AO3 (kelpie169), TWCS (kelpie169), FictionPad (kelpie169)…I’m all over the place. So please, let me know if you’d like more contests, fic exchanges, challenges, daily/weekly prompts…whatever. And, as always, any recs you have for stories or authors to spotlight, let me know as well. I have almost no free time and the stories I do find are usually either recs or from a random facebook post.

And another, more bitchy (sorry!) note, I’ve noticed an uptick in “spotlights” being done around…and it’s getting to the point where I’m staking my claim. I started spotlights 3 frickin years ago. You wanna do fanfic reviews, yay! Go for it, more power to you! We need more of them-but call them something else. Please. There’s all this hoopla about plagarism (including *ideas!!!*) running rampant everywhere so I’m calling foul. Spotlights are my idea and I’m feeling overly protective of them-especially since I put so much time and effort into doing them. Again, sorry for the bitchy-I almost never do this-but I’m tired of it. :)


Again, go read the contest entries and vote! I don’t have a limit on how many times you can vote, so have at it and have fun. Thanks again lovelies!!!

Reminder and New Chapter

So, first off-reminder!!! The Get Inked contest is almost over! I have 3 entries so far and would looooooove more! Tattooing or tattoos have to be a prominent fixture of the story, but other than that the sky’s the limit.

Get Inked contest banner


Check out the Get Inked page for specifics and the general Contest page for other info. Entries are due by Jan 31 at midnight EST unless other arrangements are made. Come on lovelies-isn’t a tattooed Eric or Killian or Jace like the epitome of sexy?!?

*drool* I thought about it a little too much. Hum, yeah okay…*gathers thoughts*

And in other news…I have another new chapter of Behind the Camera for you! Shocking I know. But I’m actually kind of on a roll with this, which you can thank MissRissa81 for. And you can also thank MistressJessica1028 for cleaning this chapter up…apparently I’ve been out of the “writing headspace” long enough that the google doc looked like a massacre with all the edits she had to make. *head desk*

So yeah, thank both of them for their help and encrouagement and talent. Cause otherwise y’all would be getting nothing!!! As always, banner takes you to the story home page and link takes you to the chapter. As someone pointed out, this fic is pretty fluffy. There WILL be angst, but not *IN* the E/S relationship. I’m not quite secure enough in the E/S fandom to write angst again yet. Getting there though. But yeah, go read. I’ll stop yapping. Love you wonderful peeps and enjoy!

Behind the Camera banner


Behind the Camera // Chapter 5: Red, Black, or Blue