Story Spotlight: As Lovers Go

Title: As Lovers Go
Author: spikeyhairgood
Fandom: The Mortal Instruments
Rating: T
AU/Canon/AH: AH/AU
Complete? no


Summary: (Formerly titled I Did Something Bad) Clary Fray didn’t think she was ever going to see Jace Wayland again. She was absolutely wrong. While her past begins to blend into her present, filled with new friendships and a new life, Clary finds herself resisting to live their history all over again. AU, All Human. Clace, Sizzy, Malec, Maia/Jordan/Bat.

My oh-so-humble thoughts
This story is so frickin…adorable in a weird and tragic way. It’s got problems….dude, do the characters have problems! And honestly they’re fairly normal mundane problems (hah hah, see what I did there?!?!) for young people, but the way she writes them it’s like you’re IN it. Like they’re your problems. Spikey (yes, I’ve nicknamed her) has this way of pulling you in and making you feel like you’re part of the gang and that their struggles are yours-their happiness is yours-their lives, even as their all individuals (and fictional) are yours as well.

It’s quite the talent she has and it has translated marvelously in this story. Not to mention she puts in recs in almost every an, which is absolutely awesome. :) So go read and leave her love!!!

A new Chapter

Yeah, I have a new chapter of The Institute.

Now, this isn’t as well read as the ones before because Mr. Kelpie and I had a disagreement. He likes short sentences. (<—like that one.) And he hates my use of compound sentences. So he got all pissy and stopped reading. *rolls eyes*

So whenever he gets his head out of his ass and actually reads it, I’ll fix anything that needs it. I did read through quite a few times, but my eyes started crossing so…. yeah.

As always, click the banner to go to the story page and the link to go to the chapter. :)



The Institute // Chapter 8