Story Spotlight: Wait

Title: Wait
Author: kardamon
Fandom: True Blood/SVM
Rating: M
AU/Canon/AH: canon from season 6
Complete? yes

Summary: “I said that I didn’t know I was going to stake Bill and it’s true. I surprised even myself tonight. But, Eric… you need to know… the fact that I didn’t see it coming doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t do this again” – alternative ending of the s6e1. One shot.

My oh-so-humble thoughts
So much wow. Seriously. Anything this chick writes is like gold, but this…sigh. I haven’t read a “fix” fic for season 6 in a while and honestly I remember why. They tend to be unrealistic. But this one is a completely viable fic. I can see this happening-ya know, if the writer’s didn’t suck so much.

Seriously, why aren’t more of our fanfic ladies writing for shows?!?! Anyhoo, this is a perfectly accurate story in terms of characterization. But she’s maneuvered them into suiting her needs, without taking away from them.

Yeah. It’s a one shot so a quick read. And one that you should seriously go read like now.

Story Spotlight: A revenge gone wrong

Title: A revenge gone wrong
Author: MistyLU
Fandom: The Mortal Instruments
Rating: T
AU/Canon/AH: AH
Complete? Yes

Summary: Isabelle Lightwood publicly humiliated me. I’ll make her pay by hurting the thing she most cares for: Clary Fray. Oneshot, OOC, AH. Rated T for language.

My oh-so-humble thoughts
Okay. I’ll admit. I was skeptical of this one. I fully went into this one shot EXPECTING to throwing me phone at something. Buuuuut- you know what they say when you assume right?

This was so perfect. It’s absolutely…darling is the word that pops into my head. She correct when she says in the summary that the characters are OOC, but it’s not as bad as I thought it’s be.

I can’t really say much more without giving it away, although I’m fairly sure I gave a way a huge bit just above, but whatever. Y’all know I usually only read HEAs. :)

It’s a quick read and adorably fluffy, so if you want some *awwwwwww* feelings you should really go read. Considering this was her first TMI fic, it was really well done.

Story Spotlight: Hollywood

Title: Hollywood
Author: VictoryInTrouble
Fandom: True Blood/SVM
Rating: M
AU/Canon/AH: AH
Complete? yes

Summary: I think my inspiration for this was another trip to the salon, and no, I only got my hair done! (you’ll understand my reason for clarifying once you read, lol).

My oh-so-humble thoughts
OH.MY.GOD. This might be the pinnacle of my week-seriously, this story…. *hold for a moment while I compose myself*

Okay, now-yeah, this one shot is so many shades of awesome!!! I have so many things I could say, but I don’t want to ruin the brilliant amazingness that she’s managed to put together.

Let me just say, as a frequent patron of….this kind of thing…this story rocked so much. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard at a fic in so long…and then had to stifle moans in the gym sauna cause of how hot it was…and no, not the sauna. Yeah it switches gears quickly, but amazingly smoothly.

Ugh, I can’t even put into words how much you should really go read this. Seriously. Now. Go.


Hola Lovelies

Hey my lovelies! It’s been a much better day here in my house, only a slight fat lip this morning from a well placed head butt. But that gave me time to fiddle a bit on the computer and actually write today.

So, here’s another reminder to get your votes in for the Get Inked Contest.

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Voting is open until Friday at midnight and you can vote as many times as you like. There are 3 fics in the running, all of which are awesome. Seriously. :)

And…surprise, surprise…I have a new one shot for you! It’s not the smutty one I’ve been hemming and hawing about but I *think* you’ll still be satisfied. In a flufferific kinda way that is. :)

Lime & Coconuts banner


This was actually inspired by a Buzzfeed article (specifically #8). But I actually had a few brainstorms so there may possibly be more of these flufftastic little tidbits. Yeah this was *supposed* to be like 1 page, maybe 500 words….didn’t happen. This blossomed into a nice 1700+ word one shot. Ah well, what can ya do? :) I’m sure y’all are so upset. So click the banner and it’ll take you right there.


Story Spotlight: Five Minutes to Midnight

Title: Five Minutes to Midnight
Author: Thalia Marie Grace
Fandom: The Mortal Instruments
Rating: T
AU/Canon/AH: AH
Complete? yes


Summary: Five minutes to midnight, and Clary has given up hope. Because apparently, the entire world seems to be against her when she finally has an opportunity to to kiss her not-but-hopefully-almost boyfriend on New Year’s Eve.

My oh-so-humble thoughts
So I did my best to stay away from holiday themed fics…and I failed miserably. Psh whatever. No ragrets!! (Dude I hope SOMEONE gets that reference!!)

Anyhoo-this fic is so cute. I love the interaction between the characters. It’s just so spot on. And the way Clary keeps thinking “not-but-hopefully-almost boyfriend”…I nearly died of fluff. Well I nearly died cause I laughed after like the third one and I thought I woke up Little Miss…so yeah.

But it’s a quick and fluffy one shot for your easy reading pleasure. And my oh my what a pleasure it was. So go read and leave her some love!

Story Spotlight: The Good Stuff

The first up in MissyDee’s story spotlight series is a one shot entitled The Good Stuff.

This is one that anyone who’s married-or even in a relationship-should be able to identify with. And if you’re not and claim that you and your significant other NEVER fight…psh. Liar. Anyhoo-this was a great glimpse inside the head of someone who just got into a huge fight with the person they love.

Marriage tends to be glamorized in today’s society, which is why (I believe) lots of people have troubles. This is just a small instance of what happens when you actually fight for what you want. And in this case, not to give away anything (although I think it’s the journey that’s worth reading about) the journey to this particular resolution is just so touching. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Indeed, after reading this I had to go snuggle with my husband, just from all the nice fluffy happy feelings this short story gave me. Yay!



A quick little one shot about Eric realizing what’s good in his life and learning to appreciate it.

Rating & Category
T rating
All Human // Family // Hurt // Comfort

Where You Can Find The Good Stuff
I can’t seem to find this particular one shot on her blog, but it is posted on I do believe she’s in the process of posting all her writing onto her blog, so it may be up at a later date. Also, these pictures were my small interpretation of some warm fuzzies, so don’t go attack her if you don’t think they fit in!

The Good Stuff

Go check it out! And give someone a nice squeeze afterwards!