Fanart Friday: Once Upon a Time

Hey lovelies! I have some awesome art for you, like always. :)

And-as always-the source link to each artists profile is under each pic. Go check them out cause they’re awesome!!!

Credit: Kaktus-Olya

Credit: MONO-chan17

Credit: Panchecco


Credit: Litisya


That last one absolutely tickled my funny bone! I’ll be back next week with more awesome art for you! Thanks lovelies!

Fanart Friday: Once Upon a Time

Hey lovelies! I have some pretty suh-weeeeet OUAT fanart for you. :) As always, the source links are all under each pic (and they’re actually all from tumblr today) so you should really click on those links and go meander. :) Thanks darlins and enjoy!!!

EDIT: So I’m updating the plot bunny palace. Adding stuff and making it (hopefully) more manageable with resized pics. Head on over to check it out!! :)

Credit: luludrawsouat

Credit: cocoadrops

Credit: pompeiiablaze

Credit: yorlenisama

Have a lovely weekend darlins!!!

Fanart Friday: Once Upon a Time

Hallo my lovely darlings! I have some awesome OUAT fanart for you!

As always the source link is under each pic and you should definitely check these wonderful artists out. :)

Credit: julesrizz

Credit: KSapphire8989

Credit: layt0n

Credit: Alasya

And, there you have it folks! Let these lovely works of art usher you into a great weekend. :) Thanks lovelies!

Fanart Friday: Once Upon a Time

Hello lovelies! I’m late today, but I do have your weekly does of fanart! I have been woefully behind on like-everything lately. So I apologize for the delay. But eh, what ya gonna do??

So, as usual, the credit is linked underneath each picture. Check them out cause they are super mega talented. :) Happy browsing!!

Credit: Inslee

Credit: shorelle

Credit: ArtGoldArt

Credit: zodabel


And there you have it lovelies! Pretty pics for the end of the week. :) I’thinking of maybe revamping some of my stuff on here so if you have a fandom you think I should check out, feel free to let me know. Be warned, I’m pretty picky, but I will at least give it a shot. Thanks darlins!

Fanart Friday: OUAT

Hey loveys! So I have a special edition of Fanart Friday for you today. I found this amazing artist on Facebook of all places. And she’s truly spectacular. So this post is devoted entirely to her…you’ll see why. *wink, wink* Her name is Svenja and dear lord-she’s awesome!

First off, take a look at some of her awesome Captain Swan art.

This one is titled Heart in Hand

This one is titled Emma Swan

This one is titled Try a Little Harder

This one is titled November Rain

This one is titled Expecto Patronum


Now I’ll explain a bit. This wonderful lady is someone I actually found on one of my Facebook Captain Swan pages…I can’t honestly remember which one since I’m a member of 4 or 5…or 12. So what?!? Anyhoo, she’s amazing! I actually followed the link there to find that she’s got a website! And it’s also awesome. She does the obvious Captain Swan art. And she makes fandom inspired jewelry!!! Like…




…this Pride and Prejudice pendant…


…and these Lord of the Ring bangles…



…and cool stuff like this Supernatural boxy thing…image


In short, she’s got a lot of quality fandom art of all kinds represented on her page. She’s got illustrations from Lord of the Rings (her Kili drawing is my fave of the non-Captain Swan ones) and she’s just so so so so SO talented. Seriously, you HAVE to check her page out. I was going to do a mini interview with her…but I discovered she’s got an About page that actually has a mini bio AND a FAQ. So I’m just gonna link it here…or just above. She also does commissioned portraits and character art. Oh, and did I mention those bitchin things I posted pics of (jewelry and boxy thing)-she’s got more and they’re for sale. Those things you have to contact her through her site, but she’s also got Society6 and Redbubble where you can get all manner of awesome shit (think Ipad cases, mugs, throw pillows, tote bags, etc).

So you should definitely check her out. I’m linking her site AGAIN **right here** because I don’t want you to miss this girl. I so wish I had even a smidge of her talent. So yeah, that wraps up a very special Fanart Friday: OUAT edition. Hopefully you enjoyed it…now go check out her site and browse around!

Fanart Friday: Once Upon a Time

Hey lovelies! It’s time for more OUAT fanart!!! I know you guys are super excited. So yeah. As always, the sources are linked underneath each pic and you should go check out these amazing artists. I wish I had like-one iota of their artistic talent. But yeah no. There’s a reason my dream of being a tattoo artist never happened. *shudders* So yeah, enjoy my darlings!

Credit: Adam Osgood

Credit: janineantolin

Credit: syllirium

Credit: falsehope04

Fanart Friday: Once Upon a Time

I bring you more OUAT fanart! So as usual, the source is linked underneath each pic. And this edition is very heavy on Killian/Captain Swan…I know you’re super upset. :) Yeah, you’re gonna be so disgusted…especially at the third pic. You’re gonna hate me. Sorry.  *smirk* Anyhoo, go check out these amazing artist because they so totally rock!!!

Credit: Riot Pilot

Credit: killian-the-meerkat

Credit: killian-the-meerkat

Credit: as-milady-commands

Fanart Friday: Once Upon a Time

Time for our weekly dose of fanart! Who’s excited?!?

Yeah I know I heard some cheering. :) But this week is OUAT’s turn, so brace yourselves for some awesomeness. And, as always, I have provided the links underneath the pictures, but if they don’t work please let me know so I can fix them. These artists deserve so much credit for everything they do!!!


Credit: Robbertopoli

Credit: Ananas1005

Credit: tonksiford

Credit: eternallost


So go check them out lovelies. They’re other stuff rocks as well!

Fanart Friday: Once Upon a Time


Hey lovelies. Here’s some absolutely awesome OUAT fanart for you. :) As always, if I screwed up on linking let me know cause these fine artists totally deserve all the credit. Links are underneath the pics. So go enjoy!



Credit: c1araoswa1d

Credit: heylenne

Credit: emilyloulabelledraws

Credit: heylenne

Fanart Friday: Once Upon a Time

Hey lovelies. Here’s some absolutely awesome Captain Swan fanart for you. :) As always, if I screwed up on linking let me know cause these fine artists totally deserve all the credit. Links are underneath the pics and I’ve gotta say I scrolled through some of their other work…and dayum! So go enjoy!

Credit: ShinrinRei739

Credit: Tsuki-Nekota

Credit: Sarah Mac

Credit: NYvelvet