Tuesday Toss Up

Wow. So Lincoln was the unanimous winner last time. :) I can see why man. *le sigh*

Anyhoo, here’s a new toss up for you. And this is a hotly debated topic in my house-and apparently society.


My Choice
Okay, while I like ninjas and think their wah pah pow!!! shit is pretty frickin mesmerizing… They lose. Pirates are so my thing.

I mean, first of all-Killian Jones aka Captain Hook. Uh duh? Like I don’t have words for his…ungf-ness.

Secondly, I can totally picture Alex as a pirate. There are a few pretty awesome pirate!Eric fics out there (hmmmm maybe I should find one to spotlight soon…) and who boy do they do it for me. Ungf!

Thirdly-there’s a reason I threw Jace aka Jamie Campbell Bower on a pirate ship in The Institute.

Water is essential for me-I seriously could live on a boat. I also love the clothes. :) I’d feel waaaaaay too confined in ninja gear. Seriously, Mr. Kelpie dressed as a ninja for Halloween and it made me anxious just looking at him.

So there you have it lovelies. I choose pirates and Mr. Kelpie vehemently defends ninjas. Let me know what you think darlings!! :*

Say what, Kelpie?!?!?

*hangs head in shame*

There is no possible way I can express my self loathing and shame right now…I-have started another story. And the shameful part is…I’m not even sorry. This stupid shit has been bouncing in my head for weeks and it’s finally rattled my brain to the point where if I don’t work on it, I’ll go insane. Like really-more insane than I am already. Which would be *bad*.

So I give you The Institute. :) It’s another Mortal Instruments fic (Sorry!!!! I know y’all are waiting on E/S and Captain Swan!!!) so my attention will be divided between this and Hidden. (Valentine is just NOT cooperating on Hidden…sigh.)

Anyhoo, I’ll shut it. Click the banner below to take you to the story home page. :)



…..there was more I was gonna tell you but I forgot. Seriously, my brain….ugh.


Oh! Keep an eye out for a new spotlight-hopefully tomorrow. :) Have a nice day/night/evening lovelies!