Death thy name is me

Yeah I feel like death today. And not the good Godric type of Death…


I’m the definitively UNSEXY kinda death. A la…

Yeeeeeahhh…..anyhoo-I don’t have anything fanfic related for you, but I did get a bunch of poetry up on the other writings page. I know you’re like “Kelpie. Seriously? Poetry?!?! WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK?!?!”

That’s what I said when my creative writing teacher said we’d be doing poetry. So yeah this is from my English class in college. I figured I’d post it and maybe give someone inspiration or if I ever get the urge to write poetry again…*rolls eyes*. But I’ll be posting a few more short stories in the next few days. And hopefully writing some more fic stuff…just depends on how I feel and how much time the kidlets let me have. So you can go here to check out the other writings page or here to go directly to the poetry page. Personally I think my fave is the Secret Life of Grilled Cheese (SHUT UP I WAS IN CULINARY SCHOOL!!!!).


Oh! By the way, be sure to check the Plot Bunny Palace! I’m gonna be uploading a few new ones so definitely keep an eye out for those. :)

Plot Bunny Palace

Hey lovelies! Okay so it’s your daily reminder-only one more!!!-to go vote in the Get Inked contest!!!

Get Inked contest banner

There are 3 different stories, 2 in the TB/SVM fandom and 1 in the TMI fandom. Even if it’s not your preferred fandom I encourage you to go and read anyways. They are all exceptional. :)

Next-I kinda maybe started a little something…The Plot Bunny Palace! I know I have trouble getting inspired sometimes. So when that happens I go scroll through tumblr or google or what have you to find some inspiration. And I tend to take screen shots and/or copy the ideas for later use. So I’m just putting them out there for you. :) Feel free to use any of the ideas/pics on the page-maybe even leave me a note if you do write something cause, let’s face it…I love new stuff! So click the banner below to go right there. Or it’s also up in the menu.

Plot Bunny Palace banner


I’ll be adding more as I have time…I only had about 10 minutes tonight. So…yeah. That’s it.

Go vote and go get inspired and have a great night lovelies!!!