Day 22: Introducing… // #25DaysOfChristmas

Hola! We’re continuing our25 Days of Christmas banner

with a new chapter of BTC.

This is the start of a 2 or 3 parter…these characters are ridiculous and won’t shut up so I need to break shit up constantly.

And you might notice the way I’ve broken up POV’s is changing because…we’re meeting a few new people and they all have the same damn letters in their names!

But this chapter specifically we’re hearing from a certain cousin of Sookie’s…

Behind the Camera Claudette

Yeah she is me. In fiction form. But how she talks is exactly how I talk. You know how authors come through in their characters? Yeah, there’s bits of me in all of mine, for sure. But Claudette…yeah she’s just me.

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Behind the Camera // Chapter 11

I’m sure there was more I wanted to say in this post, but my brain is already fried. It’s halfway through the first day of winter break for my kidlets and I’m already over it. ;/ Seriously?!?!

So I dunno when I’ll have new BTC for you, but I’m working…as much as the spawn will allow, of course. So go read and enjoy and I’ll get more to you soon. :) Thanks lovelies!!

EDIT: Okay I know what I meant to tell you guys! The game in here, and you’ll see when you read, is an actual thing from my childhood! I have pics of me, my uncle, and my grandpa doing the same thing that is in this chapter. If I can find the pics I’ll post them for you. :)

Day 7: New One Shot // #25DaysOfChristmas

Hello lovelies! I’m back with another day of December wonderfulness. At least I hope so. :)

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Today I have for you a one shot that-I hope-will have you laughing. :) This was born out of one of the conversations between MissRissa and I. Don’t even ask…please.

So without further ado, here’s Famous Last Words. Just click the banner below and enjoy lovelies!

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Y’all are gonna be mad

I have been a busy little bee lately with writing. And honestly, I had this chapter all ready to go on Monday…but I decided to make y’all wait.

I know, it was mean.

But this is a doozy of a chapter. MissRissa totally squealed for most of it. And, btw, mad props to her for ALL her incredible help! I don’t want people to think this is only my brain child anymore. It’s totally hers too. :)

So, without further ado, here is the newest totally brand new never before seen chapter of Behind the Camera.

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Behind the Camera // Chapter 6

Story Spotlight: Spellbound

Title: Spellbound
Author: wannabewriter25
Fandom: True Blood/SVM
Rating: M
AU/Canon/AH: AU
Complete? no

Summary: (Formerly Marriage of Inconvenience?) Family and distrust almost tore them apart. Determination and love has kept them together. They believe that they can withstand anything but will this new problem destroy all that they’ve worked so hard to build? Will love be enough this time? OOC/AU

My oh-so-humble thoughts
Okay so I admit-I read this a long time ago…like over a year ago and meant to spotlight it then. But I forgot and fell off the spotlight bandwagon for awhile. And I just rediscovered it and it’s got so many more chapters!!! Of which I haven’t had time to read yet. I’m up to about 20, which was about where I stopped before but there’s something like 86 now. And that makes me excited!!

I loved this fic before and I still love it. It’s angsty but not in an anxiety producing way, if that makes sense. Usually angst tears me up and if I’m in a funk I can’t read it. But this one is written in such a way that it’s angsty and sad and heartbreaking-but in a hopeful kinda way.

It’s compelling and completely new in terms of originality. And she write incredibly well for someone with a pen name wannabewriter-she is one, don’t let her fool you. :) So head on over and leave her some love cause I want more. Seriously, I’m devouring this fic all over again and I’ll run out of new chapters soon. Thanks lovelies and enjoy!!

Story Spotlight: Amnesia

Title: Amnesia
Author: jc52185
Fandom: True Blood/SVM
Rating: M
AU/Canon/AH: AU
Complete? yes

Summary: I have never been claustrophobic. I had a feeling I wouldn’t be saying that again for a while. I also haven’t been afraid of the dark even though I know more than most of what can be found in the dark. Yet another fear I would probably end up developing. Something about being trapped in a dark car trunk for hours would probably do that to some people. Starts in Club Dead.

My oh-so-humble thoughts
Okay so I read this years ago, when she was first publishing. It’s the first in a trilogy and dear GOD I was so on edge reading this!!! It’s masterfully written!

Like I said, this is the first of three. And it starts in Club Dead during…that scene. You know the one. And her interpretation of the events following as well as the continuation of the story is genius. She’s hit all the major points from the book while still giving it a unique twist. I love how she’s developed the characters in a more real way and especially how she’s changed the Witch War-so freaking awesome!

Because this is the first of three you will probably want to reach through this screen and strangle me for recommending this when you get to the end. However, the other two parts are finished so you can go ahead and read on asap. I will get to spotlighting them as well, but I’m not sure when. I promise you this fic (and it’s sequels) are totally worth the read. If you like new and unique and a stronger Sookie, this is definitely for you. Head on over and read-and don’t kill me! Enjoy lovelies!

Story Spotlight: The Peace Offering

Title: The Peace Offering
Author: Wylis
Fandom: True Blood/SVM
Rating: M
AU/Canon/AH: AU
Complete? yes

Summary: 700 years ago Prince Niall gave up his most precious possession- his mostly Human great granddaughter- to end the war between Vampires and Fairies. A/U

My oh-so-humble thoughts
Wow-this fic…just duuuuuuude! I read this back in 2011 when she first published it and I can remember vividly the anxious waiting between chapters. It’s a tragedy that it’s taken me so long to spotlight such an awesome fic.

This fic takes you so many places emotionally and the way she weaves the happy moments in with the dark ones is genius. Seriously, the way she melds this fic together is perfect. She’s emphasized the best traits of our favorite couple and given us a slew of new characters to love.

So head over and gobble up all 25 chapters like NOW! And then, of course, leave her some love! Thanks darlins and enjoy!!

Story Spotlight: Live, Life, Love Accidentally

Title: Live, Life, Love Accidentally
Author: ElfChef
Fandom: True Blood/SVM
Rating: M
AU/Canon/AH: AH
Complete? no

Summary: Eric is owner of a multi-million dollar corporation. He is content and single until life throws a monkey wrench in his program. This piece is funny; sad; light and has it’s moving moments. It is my first all human FF and I have shaken things up.

My oh-so-humble thoughts
This fic is older, but a shining example of a perfect AH fic. At least in my eyes. It’s so real and gritty and evokes all the emotions. ALL.THE.EMOTIONS. I’m not even kidding a teensy bit.

It’s about life. And how even in the twists and turns good things come. You take the good with the bad and everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. You know, with our favorite characters interspersed. :)

It’s a 30 chapter fic, but it’s complete. I can breeze through in a few days in and around my other daily mommy duties, but it’s HIGHLY worth the investment of your time. This chick is soooo talented and I can’t wait to read her newer stuff that I haven’t had a chance to yet. So go-read and leave her love. Enjoy lovelies!