Day 24: Merry Almost Christmas // #25DaysOfChristmas

Hey y’all! Merry Almost Christmas! We’re continuing ourĀ 25 Days of Christmas banner

And today I have a treat…at least I hope it’s a treat. Remember that OUAT series…The Blushing Swashbuckler?? Yeah, well I have a new chapter for you!!

This is your Captain Swan Christmas treat and I seriously hope you enjoy it.

Click the story banner to go to the story homepage or the chapter banner to go to the chapter. (Yeah, I switched it up :P )

The Blushing Swashbuckler banner

blushing 7

Hopefully you can tell what exactly this entails. Anyways, it’s pic heavy for your enjoyment and, like I said, hopefully you laugh a little.

So Happy Christmas Eve to all who celebrate and Happy Holidays for everyone who celebrates something different and Happy Thursday for those who don’t celebrate at all.

I’m gonna throw some Captain Swan Christmas edits in here for you. Ya know…just to make it merry and whatever. :)

Enjoy lovelies!

And because I’m impatient…

…y’all get another chapter, albeit an extremely short one. No intro-I’m tired.

The Blushing Swashbuckler // Chapter 6: Right There

Happy reading!!!

Oh Y’all Gonna Make Me Blush…

Or Killian will at any rate. :)

Yes, that’s right. I have a brand spanking new, hot off the presses chapter of The Blushing Swashbuckler.

The Blushing Swashbuckler banner


So, this chapter was inspired by my real life…I’m gonna leave it at that and just let you find out for yourself. *smirk*

The Blushing Swashbuckler // Chapter 5: Experimenting

The warnings for this chapter include:



You’ll understand when you read. :)

And I also have it on good authority that MistressJessica1028 will be guest writing a duo chapter for the Blushing stories….so we’ll have to encourage *read harass her until she’s done* her.

Oh and here’s another reminder…or maybe the first, I can’t remember.

The Twins contest closes in…3 days? The 31st. Head over to the contest page to find more info. There’s actually a prize for first place. *YAY!!!*

Our very own Kittyinaz has a contest going on herself as well-same cut off date-of which I have 2 entries…although I can’t tell you anything more than that. But go check hers out as well. If there’s something I’m forgetting I’ll be sure to include it with the update of Unlikely, which should be coming to you *hopefully* soon.

And that’s all lovelies. Happy reading!

Nom Nom Nom

Okay, so I’m apparently still on a roll, even though I’m later than usual today. I have a new chapter of Swashbuckler!

This one popped into my head after seeing a picture (which you’ll see at the end of the chapter) on Facebook. I’d seen it before, but it came up again and I was just like *gasp* *lightbulb*! And this morning when I was writing it I was mostly done and it was like-900 words or so….and now it’s very VERY not…

So, without further ado…

The Blushing Swashbuckler // Chapter 4: All the Better to Eat You With

And, by the way, if you have any ideas/request for these two stories please don’t hesitate to let me know. You can comment or email me at I love having new ideas to work with and some of my best ones have come from people other than me. :)

So enjoy and happy reading!

Morning Delight

Okay, so there are people *coughInvertedMeridiancough* who can’t live without their coffee…..

I am NOT one of those people. I despise coffee. I love the smell, but I cannot for the life of me tolerate the taste. It’s poison. Gross. Horrid. A million other awful adjectives.

That said I have the uncanny ability to pick out good coffee according to Mr. Kelpie.

And now that you have the completely pointless little bit of trivia, I have another chapter for you!

The Blushing Swashbuckler // Chapter 3: The Best Part of Waking Up

It’s unbeta’d so all mistakes are mine, as always. :)

Enjoy and happy reading!

Humpday Hotness

And here’s your midweek dose of sexiness, courtesy of one Colin O’Donoghue.





And to make up for my lack of new pics, I have a special surprise for you…

*wait for it*

A new story! And it’s a Captain Swan story! OUAT, technically it’s going to be a series of one shots, but ya know, whatever.

So go check it out!

The Blushing Swashbuckler // Chatpter 1:The Bakery Incident

Happy reading and happy Wednesday!