My Brain Broke

Before I do anything…I want to say a SUPER SUPER HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favorite people, my Drewski!

And here’s a special message from RDJ just for you darlin! *wink wink*

And, now onto my broken brain. I actually posted chapter 2 of Not Nott like…a couple weeks ago? And never actually told anyone. Cause I’m smart. In my defense it’s been a rough few weeks.

My oldest kidlet turned 8 (seriously?) then my middle kidlet turned 6 (again seriously???) and my step dad passed away. within a span of about a week and a half. *Eye roll* It’s been….it’s been, let’s leave it at that.

So my energy and focus has been on dealing with that stuff, but I’m hopefully back in the groove of writing, at least as much as I’ve been able to lately. :)

So, click the banner to go to the story homepage or the links to go to the two chapters that are new.

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Not Nott // Chapter 2
Not Nott // Chapter 3

Thank you everyone who reads and reviews! It makes my heart feel all fluffy and light and I love each and every single one of you!