Fanart Friday: True Blood/SVM

Hey loves. I have more art for you! This week is TB/SVM and I just love these weeks. Well, I love all the fanart I show you but TB/SVM will always have a special place in my heart. *tear tear*

*snort* Okay so now that the sap is out of the way, as always source links are under each pic. And you should check them out.

Source: Sketchmazoid

Source: blackbirdrose

Source: greenfairy87

Source: fluffy-fuzzy-ears

I dunno, I seemed to have a thing for the cartoons this week. *shrug* But the last one made me awwwwwwww. I love it! And I love all y’all so yeah. I’ll stop. :) See ya tomorrow lovelies!!

Fanart Friday: True Blood/SVM

Hey lovelies! So I have more TB/SVM fanart for you! And wow dude! These are awesome-as always. :)

And again, as always, source links are under each pic. Head over to wherever they’re from (tumblr AND deviantart today) and check out these talented artists.

Credit: unjourunsketch

Credit: daekazu

Credit: tifachan

Credit: grantgoboom

And there you have it darlins! Next week I’ll bring you more from a different fandom. :) Until then, have a great weekend and a safe and Happy 4th of July, if you celebrate. :)

Fanart Friday: True Blood/SVM

Hey lovelies! I’ve got some more awesome art for you! :) This week is our favorite Vamp and Fairies turn…and all their cohorts. Yes, that means TB/SVM.

As always, the source link is under the pic and you should really go check these awesome artists out. Thanks darlins!

Credit: Syirillium

Credit: Seazu

Credit: Kawaisou

Credit: MalyTraktorek

And there you have it my lovelies! Have a great weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow with another OUAT spotlight for you. :)

Fanart Friday: True Blood/SVM

Hey darlins! So I’m bringing you more fanart!!! :)

This week is TB.SVM and boy have I got some awesomeness for you! The first two are beautiful and just…omg! The bottom two are by the same artists and are awesome AND funny as hell. You’ll see. :P

As always, credit is under each pic and you should really go check these wonderful artists out! Happy scrolling!


Credit: AnimaEterna

Credit: coso87

Credit: greenfairy87

Credit: greenfairy87

Fanart Friday: True Blood/SVM

Hallo hallo! Guess what I have for you?!?! That’s right, more TB/SVM fanart! As always, the credit is linked underneath each pic and other than that, happy scrolling!

Credit: riogirl9909

Credit: altharis

Credit: MandiPope

Credit: Pulvis


And that’s it, my darlings! There will be more fanart for you next week! Thanks for looking lovelies!

Fanart Friday: TB/SVM

Hey my darlings! Okay, so I found this whole series as I was searching for the LAST TB/SVM fanart post. And they really need to go together so yeah.

I found these on deviantart, of course, by a user called aecr. Click the name to go to their page. So, no credit under each individual pic cause…yeah, it’s here. *shrug* So let’s delve on in, shall we???

As you can probably tell, this is a sequential “retelling” of the beginning of Dead to the World. I personally LOVE the last one…makes my little fangirl heart flutter. *le sigh* So yeah, definitely go check them out. (No idea if it’s a he or a she, but whoever it is absolutely rocks!)

Fanart Friday: TB/SVM

Hallo Hallo my lovelies!!!! I have more awesome fanart for you. This week it’s True Blood/SVM’s turn. And man, do I have some weirdly amazing stuff for you. So as always, there is a link BELOW each picture to the source (most of which is deviantart) so you should go clickety-click on over to their individual pages cause…yeah-damn. That’s all I gots to say and I’ll let you look at the pretties. :)

Credit: cogdis

Credit: illli

Credit: bulma24

Credit: Marc-G

And there it is lovelies. :) Hopefully you enjoyed and definitely keep your eyes peeled for the NEXT TB/SVM Fanart Friday, which is in 3 weeks. I’ve found something AWESOME for that. Love yas and bye!!

Fanart Friday: True Blood/SVM

Hola darlins! So here is another episode of True Blood/SVM fanart. Can a weekly post be called an episode??? Eh, whatever. So yeah, credit is linked under each pic-and you should go check them out cause they rock so hard. All these artists are frankly-quite awesome-so yeah. :) Enjoy!


Credit: Lauinogaga

Credit: ctribeiro

Credit: PowlaM

Credit: PowlaM

Fanart Friday: True Blood / SVM

Hey y’all. So, more fanart for you! This week’s is True Blood/SVM and have I got an awesome few morsels for you! Now, the second pic…I hate Bill-he’s a douche. BUT the pic was too good to pass up. And the last two pics are linked to the sites I found them on, but one doesn’t have a source link and the other source link doesn’t work. So yeah. But find them if you can cause these artists really rock!


Credit: Hillary White

Credit: redblacktac

Credit: found on, but artist unknown

Credit: found here, but source link doesn’t work

Fanart Friday: True Blood / SVM



Hey lovelies! So here’s your truly magnificent end to the week in the form of TB/SVM fanart! Seriously, these are amazing. I keep being astounded with what I find but I dunno why…I mean, if I keep being amazed then eventually I should stop being amazed right?!? Well, no. So yeah. Credit is listed under each pic and you should seriously go check these lovely artists out! Peace yo!

…….yeah sorry. I won’t try that again….


Credit: Canadian Beavers Love ASkars

Credit: strawberrygina

Credit: kittrose

Credit: JadeDragonne