Tuesday Toss Up

Hallo lovelies. So, this toss up should have been a fairly obvious one to me…but somehow it wasn’t…? Ugh. I absolutely love all of your answers, whether you agree with me or not. ;) I love hearing the reasons behind your choices as well. So…this one should be right up y’all’s alley and I expect some opinions!! ;)


My Choice
Obviously this is about writing, which I just realized I didn’t make entirely clear. So yeah, how do you prefer to write and which do you find yourself using more.

If I’m writing writing then I prefer to use an actual computer. Usually it ends up being the laptop so I can sit on the couch while the kidlets run amok. But occasionally I’ll end up on Mr. Kelpie’s computer (which has dual monitors and is sweeeeeet for research).

However I haven’t been writing much lately. The easy posts, like today’s, or the hot pics are easier to do from my phone or ipad. Preferable cat usually because I usually edit pics on one of those-I suck at doing that on the comp.

Spotlights I prefer to do on a computer simply because I put links in and there’s already blank docs on my google drive and there’s formatting and all that other crap that’s already done and doesn’t translate well. Fanart is always on the computer because I need to copy links and switching between apps is horrendously time consuming.

So overall I tend to do most blog stuff on the computer, though if I have to I can definitely use my phone or ipad.

Hopefully I’ll be utilizing my computer for actual writing instead of just spotlight writing soon, but until then, let me know what you think! :) thanks lovelies!!

Tuesday Toss Up

Hey darlins! So I have another toss up for you. And…bear with me…cause you may think ‘what the hell does this have to do with ANY fandom?!?!’ but fear not! I’ll explain.

This toss up came from our own forays this past weekend. The munchkin, who is 4, started sleeping in the boys room about 7 months ago. And he has been up every.single.night because he’s terrified of the Kraken that resided on his wall. (Painted, by my of course. )

So this past weekend we set out to change things. :)

We went from this-

-to this…


And we’re still working. Yes another IKEA trip is happening today. *save me*


So today’s toss up is…


My Choice
So, me personally, I hate clutter (don’t walk in my house cause I’ll look like a hypocrit!). I like bold colors, clean lines, minimalist furniture…that kind of thing. If I had to pick a style it would fall squarely in the modern category. I love the example pics in IKEA catalogs, and yes most of our furniture has come from IKEA. I think with the exception of our 20-something year old hand me down leather couch, yes all our furniture is from IKEA.

As far as fandom related, to me it seems like all my fave guys would tend to favor modern styles as well. I think Eric would maybe spruce up clean lines with some fur throws, but it seems like clutter would annoy him. Killian lived on a ship for hundreds of years and it’s not like you can have tons of possessions on a ship. So he’d be more used to minimalist stuff. And Jace-well his room is bare and militaristic, so clutter and fluff and all that would probably freak him out.

What about y’all? What kinda style do you gear towards?!? Have a great rest of the week!

Tuesday Toss Up

Hallo lovelies! Well I’m just getting back from a small family vacay, so I’m fairly exhausted. As a result, this toss up came from Mr. Kelpie. I’ll give my (limited) opinion on it, but I’ll also give you his. :)


My Choice
I really have no vested interest in either one of these massive franchises. The older Star Wars movies were never something I was into-I was an Indiana Jones kinda kid. Same with the older Star Trek stuff.

But the newer stuff, is have to go with Star Trek. The Star Wars movies, despite having some really great actors, just seem weird and forced. The trek movies actually entertain me while Wars Anita’s the ever loving crap out of me.

Mr. Kelpie’s Choice
Star Wars is more fantasy than sci Fi because of the jedis, while Star trek is more scientific because they have no special powers outside of whatever their race can do.

He prefers Star Wars just because he likes the light saber battles as opposed to the phasers.

So there y’all have it. Again, we are divided. :) Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Tuesday Toss Up

Hallo darlings! So last time there was actually some variety in your answers, which is actually awesome. :) I think there will variety in this week’s this up as well.

Admittedly, this post is bittersweet (you’ll see why in a sec). I saw this on Facebook last week and knew I had to fair at least part of it. So-who would you bring back for one last movie?


My Choice
This is an extremely hard decision for me. Note I’ll start with the two I know AREN’T my choice.

Paul Walker and Philip Seymour Hoffman went before they should’ve-not arguing that. But apart from some general ‘awwww that sucks’ kinda feeling, I didn’t have much more of a reaction. Yes their deaths were sad. But they just kinda passed me by.

Now my other two options-those hit much harder.
I fell in love with Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You and my love persists to this day. He had the bad boy look with the sweet personality that is just so irresistible. He was awesome with his daughter and was so talented it was almost disgusting.

Then Robin Williams-oh lord. I grew up watching him. Mork and Mindy, Dead Poets Society, The Birdcage…the list goes on and on. The Birdcage is still one of my two favorite movies of all time. He was a genius and it really affected me when I heard the news.

In the end I honestly don’t think I can make this choice. I vote for Heath AND Robin. They both went way too early.

So let me know your choices in the comments lovelies!

Tuesday Toss Up

Hallo lovelies! So, hopefully this toss up will have a bit more variety in the comments. *sheesh* Both of the previous toss ups were unanimous. First Lincoln, then pirates…though it’s not like I’m complaining cause those were actually my choices.

So here you are-I’ve used both of these fandoms/source material in some of my fics in different ways, though I’ve never actually been a part of either fanfiction community. So, here it is, and I’ll tell you my thoughts below.


My Choice
Okay, so-there are a multitude of positives for both in my books.

First we’ll start with LOTR. I actually just got done watching all three Hobbit movies and then all three extended versions of LOTR. I love the fantasy, the intrigue, the danger-everything. I love having a new world that’s unknown to explore. We tend to go through cycles where we’ll marathon them all and then not watch them for a few months, so it’s all fun again. That said, I’ve never read most of the books. I read the Hobbit, but this post isn’t about that. I *tried* to read LOTR-I did. I actually tried multiple times. But I couldn’t really get into it. Something about it translates more to the screen than the page for me, which is a rarity. I honestly don’t think I can think of another book to movie situation where that’s the case. *shrug*

And then we have Harry. Harry freaking Potter. The first Harry Potter book was published when I was 11. I read and progressed through his world as he himself did. Here’s a funny story that has spoilers for book 6-so please skip everything in the *** if you want.

********* I preordered book 6 and it arrived the day before it was set to. So of course, I devoured it overnight, didn’t sleep, just sat in my bed and read. So my dad got up for work and I decided I wasn’t going to school. I was a junior I believe, so he just kinda let me. He knew this was a huge deal. About 10 that morning I got to the part where Dumbledore dies and I absolutely lost it. I called my dad in hysterics, babbling about what had happened. Well, he couldn’t understand what I was saying except that someone died. So he hung up and rushed home…only to find me sobbing over my book. He laughed so hard when I finally calmed down enough to explain it to him. And he still hasn’t let me live it down to this day-like 11 years later.************

So yeah. I have 2 sets of books too. I have pristine first edition hard cover books that I never touch except to dust. And then I have my reading set-which has mostly been replaced at least once since I broke the spines on them. I loved the movies and frequently marathon those since they’re something my kids enjoy as well. In fact, when my oldest son was born he spent 3 weeks in the NICU and I’d sit there for hours with him in my arms reading the first Harry Potter book to him.

If you can’t tell, it’s really no contest to me. While I love Middle Earth and all the drama of it’s characters, my vote hands down goes to HP. I grew up with him and Ron and Hermione. I grew up hoping to get my Hogwarts letter, to have an owl (I kid you not, I asked for one for my 12th birthday), just for…magic. I still read those books and they’ve become my…god I don’t even know. They’re almost a life line. When I was having trouble in high school-which if you’ve read my blog before you’ll know what I mean-HP was there. Those books-and the movies-are what I pick up when I need a pick me up. They’re what I go to for comfort. They’re what I’m showing my children as an example of friendship and loyalty and how not everything is what it seems. So yeah, HP gets my vote in this week’s Toss Up.

Leave me some love and let me know what you think. *Funny stories are always a bonus, cause boy do I have tons for you.*

Oh yeah, and if you had any doubts after all this blabber…I even have an HP lightning bolt tattoo. So yeah. :)

Tuesday Toss Up

Wow. So Lincoln was the unanimous winner last time. :) I can see why man. *le sigh*

Anyhoo, here’s a new toss up for you. And this is a hotly debated topic in my house-and apparently society.


My Choice
Okay, while I like ninjas and think their wah pah pow!!! shit is pretty frickin mesmerizing… They lose. Pirates are so my thing.

I mean, first of all-Killian Jones aka Captain Hook. Uh duh? Like I don’t have words for his…ungf-ness.

Secondly, I can totally picture Alex as a pirate. There are a few pretty awesome pirate!Eric fics out there (hmmmm maybe I should find one to spotlight soon…) and who boy do they do it for me. Ungf!

Thirdly-there’s a reason I threw Jace aka Jamie Campbell Bower on a pirate ship in The Institute.

Water is essential for me-I seriously could live on a boat. I also love the clothes. :) I’d feel waaaaaay too confined in ninja gear. Seriously, Mr. Kelpie dressed as a ninja for Halloween and it made me anxious just looking at him.

So there you have it lovelies. I choose pirates and Mr. Kelpie vehemently defends ninjas. Let me know what you think darlings!! :*

Tuesday Toss Up

Alright lovelies! So here is the newest feature on the blog! Tuesday Toss Up! Yes, I changed my mind about the whole Tuesday/Thursday switch. Eh, I’m female-it happens. :P

Every other Tuesday I’ll post a new toss up and give you my choice. Comment on what you’d choose and why-make it as detailed or as brief as you’d like. And, as always, if you have ideas feel free to let me know.

Now, to get started with one I know most everyone will enjoy… *smirk*

Tues Toss Lincoln Benji

My Choice
Ugh, I had to start with a hard one. On one hand, Alex plays Lincoln with such an endearing almost cluelessness. He’s so protective and adorable with Onata as Maisie, on and off screen. But then there’s Benji. Who is ruthless and intense and just oh so delicious. He’s got the intense stares and creepy radical vibe down.

This tugs my heart in two completely separate directions and plays on two of my biggest loves-goofy, funny guys who are great with kids and passionate rebels trying to make a difference in the world. So…which one do I choose…??

I love Alex in anything-he’s a brilliant actor regardless of the role-but if I had to choose one (and I do, cause those are the rules I created, damn it!) I’d choose Lincoln. If it was the movie overall it’d be a different matter, but I just can’t get past his easy affection with his little pint sized co-star. Hell, they inspired a fic! So yeah. Leave your comments and choices below lovelies! *muah*