Humpday Hotness

Hallo, my lovely pirate wenches! I’m in a mood-forgive me. Here is the obligatory Colin/Hooker Porn that I neglected to bring you last week…seriously some of these weeks just kinda sneak by me. Stay tuned at the bottom for more actually words…and…cue drooling…



















The tongue! Seriously that boy needs to keep the tongue to himself…doesn’t he know the poor fangirls are getting concussions from fainting at the sight of it?!?!

Now-on a serious note. GO VOTE! The TwinSkars contest is still going on and voting is open until Saturday at noon (or as close to that time as I can get on to close the poll). Just to make it easier, here are links to the three submissions…

Meet My Brother
More Than Meets the Eye
Never Changing Who I Am

So yeah…go cause these ladies deserve it. And fyi-the next contest will be posted by Saturday. I was going to wait until September but I have loads to birthday and events in Sepetember and I don’t want to neglect you guys. :) So it’ll be open for submissions from Saturday 8.9.14 until 8.31.14. Then voting will be directly after. I need it all done by the 9th cause my wonderful Mr. Kelpie is turning 30!!!!! So I’ll be distracted. :) Thanks lovelies and happy reading!

EDIT: By the way, my sleep addled brain forgot to mention, the lovely Kittyinaz has her contest up for voting as well. Check her out and cast your votes!

Keep It Coming!

Hey lovelies! So I was a bit incapacitated Sunday and Monday due to a horrific migraine….and so I didn’t post yesterday. But I’m back and (kinda) better. Still have a headache but it’s much more manageable.

So, yeah here’s the reminder. GO VOTE! There have already been 274 votes! Remember you can vote as many times as you like-I didn’t even bother limiting by ISP cause we all know there are workarounds and they’re a pain in the ass….so I saved you some trouble. :) So shout it from the rooftops and send everybody my way because these 3 anonymous authors deserve every bit of attention they’ll get from this. Seriously, they all rock.

And to make things easier, here’s the story links:
Meet My Brother
More Than Meets the Eye
Never Changing Who I Am

Thankfully I’ve gotten no more snarky bitchy emails either so that’s a plus.

Here’s the obligatory SkarsPorn that I was too passed out to give you Sunday,….

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And hopefully I’ll have some kinda of new chapter for you soon…depending on the kidlets of course. Happy reading lovelies!

So Much Wow!

Okay so I posted the contest entries yesterday around 3ish in the afternoon. And since then—–just wow.

Not only have there been 88 votes already, but yesterday I had a record number of views on the blog (1289!!!). So thank you everyone for all your participation and help!

Here’s another plug, because these 3 mystery writers deserve it-go read these 3 awesome stories and leave your votes so we know who won!

Meet My Brother
More Than Meets the Eye
Never Changing Who I Am

And here’s some sexiness to make this whole post worth your time…

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And, while I appreciate constructive criticism (truly I do), if you send me an email that you have to put effort in to make anonymous only to bitch at me about not doing things the way someone else does…well….yeah. I’m only human. There’s a reason I’m running my contest the way I am-hello, MY contest!-so thank you for the input, I will promptly disregard it. Especially since you used the words ‘lazy’, ‘entitled’ and ‘bitch’ copiously throughout. Cheers to you, of anonymous reader!

For everyone else out there, thanks again for your participation and help in making this contest a success already! Keep reblogging and directing people here so these awesome writers get the credit they so justly deserve!


Oh Y’all Gonna Make Me Blush…

Or Killian will at any rate. :)

Yes, that’s right. I have a brand spanking new, hot off the presses chapter of The Blushing Swashbuckler.

The Blushing Swashbuckler banner


So, this chapter was inspired by my real life…I’m gonna leave it at that and just let you find out for yourself. *smirk*

The Blushing Swashbuckler // Chapter 5: Experimenting

The warnings for this chapter include:



You’ll understand when you read. :)

And I also have it on good authority that MistressJessica1028 will be guest writing a duo chapter for the Blushing stories….so we’ll have to encourage *read harass her until she’s done* her.

Oh and here’s another reminder…or maybe the first, I can’t remember.

The Twins contest closes in…3 days? The 31st. Head over to the contest page to find more info. There’s actually a prize for first place. *YAY!!!*

Our very own Kittyinaz has a contest going on herself as well-same cut off date-of which I have 2 entries…although I can’t tell you anything more than that. But go check hers out as well. If there’s something I’m forgetting I’ll be sure to include it with the update of Unlikely, which should be coming to you *hopefully* soon.

And that’s all lovelies. Happy reading!