2 new chapters?!?

Okay, so I have TWO new chapters for you. ;o) And the obligatory SkarsPorn, of course.


The first is from Working Man. And I’m really not all that happy with it. It’s a transition chapter more than anything and it just pisses me off. So, keep that in mind when reading.

Working Man // Chapter 2: Attack

I’ve also updated the casting pages for Working Man so you can go see the new additions.

The second chapter is for Prisoner.

Prisoner // Chapter 2

If you haven’t seen, there are casting pages up for Prisoner as well.

Now, due to the fact that I’m extremely impatient, only one of my betas has returned these chapters to me. So if there are any massive changes I’ll let you know. Otherwise I’ll just replace the chapters as they’re corrected.

Enjoy darlins!

So many pretties!!!

Okay, so I don’t have a new chapter for you (yet), but I do have bunches of pretty stuff. There are new banners for Prisoner and Working Man as well as casting pages for each.

Prisoner bannerWorking Man banner

I would have had these up and posted Thursday, but my munchkins needed to go trick-or-treating. :o) They made very cute munchkins.

Munchkins on Halloween


Follow the pics above to check out all the newness and hopefully I’ll have a new chapter for you later today or tomorrow. ;o)

Extra, Extra!!!

Read all about it! Kelpie just added two new stories!!!

I know, I know.

You: But Kelpie? What happened to not posting until a story is completely finished?
Me: Yeah, I’m impatient. I decided to just go ahead and post what I’ve got.
You: Hum, I’m not quite sure about this.
Me: Oh it’ll be fine…

So, yeah that’s basically the gist. I’ll add new stuff as it’s done and beta’d. :o)

I’m also trying to work on getting some story banners made for all the stories I’ve started posting, but since I’m a slight photo-editing-tard it’s a slow going process. It’ll be up when I (or Mike) get around to doing it.

So, without further ado, here they are.

This is a much darker story than anything I’ve written to date…even darker than Blind Oblivion. So be prepared.

Working Man
e prepared to absolutely hate this Eric at first. I do. Mike does The betas do. It’s natural.

And, now, just like our preciously sexy ASkars, I have to go grocery shopping…albeit with all three of my kiddos. Adios!