Chapter 3: Slow Day at Work

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Emma Swan was bored.

Not just bored as in she didn’t feel like doing her work, but bored as in nothing was going on in this sleepy little town. It has been like this for weeks and it is becoming mind-numbing. What’s the point in having a police force in Storybrooke when nothing fucking happened unless it was an apocalyptic type disaster?!?!?

Emma leaned her head against the window staring at the world outside with apathy.  Nothing was happening to break up the monotony of her day…no burglaries, no vehicles speeding down the road; hell, most people didn’t even jaywalk in this fucking town.  She sighed while staring out the window. Her father, David, had gone home for the afternoon to be with Mary Margaret and the baby. He was reluctant to leave Emma alone; he felt guilty for leaving her to handle the rest of their shift alone.  Emma had all but pushed him out the door; he was starting to annoy her with his waffling. He didn’t want to be there any more than she did, but he didn’t want to leave her alone either.  She had reassured him she would call if she needed backup, but the odds of that happening seemed pretty unlikely.

She sighed again and turned away from the window. Emma thought about locking the door and heading over to Granny’s for lunch, but even that seemed repetitive. Maybe she could surprise Killian at home and they could pick up where they had left off this morning.

Shit!!! Killian wasn’t at home; he took Henry down to the docks so he could start teaching him how to sail. Emma groaned in frustration. She could have used a little afternoon delight to break up the monotony of the day. Emma sat back in her desk chair, closing her eyes against the ever-increasing suffocation she felt. Her mind drifted away to memories of this morning with her darling Captain Hook.  God that man was sexy! Why had she fought her attraction to him for so long?  That man adored her; worshipped her like she was a queen, well at least like a princess as he liked to tease her.

This morning she had woken up to the feel of Killian’s soft lips pressing kisses along her back as his hand glided along her smooth skin. Once he had felt her shifting and waking, he had gently turned her on her side; his hand lifting her leg to hook over his own. His lips had kissed their way up her neck to nip at her ear while his hand had slide around to her inner thigh, his fingers ghosting over her wet core.

Emma sighed remembering how deep and sexy his voice had sounded saying good morning; the vibration against her ear had caused her body to shiver with desire. Killian had chuckled as his fingers slipped between her lower lips, but the laughter quickly turned to a growl when he found how wet his mate was.

Emma’s eyes snapped open and she screamed in frustration. She was fucking horny and there was nothing she could do about it.

Or could she?

Her thighs rubbed together seeking some type of friction to relieve the ache between her legs. Emma bit her bottom lip as she glanced around the office. Nobody was there; she could close the blinds and lock the door to ensure her privacy. Who would know if she relieved the ache between her legs? It’s not like it would take long given the way she was feeling and all the thoughts of Killian floating through her mind.

Running across the room, Emma flipped the lock on the door and closed the blinds. She moved to the couch in the office; she wanted to be comfortable for what she had in mind. Before lying down, she unbuttoned her jeans and lowered the zipper. She really wished she’d worn a skirt but she wasn’t really a feminine woman; the closest she came to being feminine was with her choices in lingerie and that was because of how excited it made Killian. He loved the contrast between the tough exterior she projected with her jeans and leather jacket and the soft feminine side of her she expressed with her satin and lace unmentionables.

Thoughts of Killian had Emma sliding her hand into the open waist of her jeans and under the material of her boy shorts. She was already soaked from thinking about this morning with Killian. She closed her eyes as she lost herself in remembering their intimate time together. Her fingers glided smoothly through her folds until coming to rest against her clit. Emma moaned softly as her fingers began moving in a slow circle against her nub, mimicking the way his fingers had prepared her for his thick cock. Her hips started lifting as she moved her fingers lower, pushing two of them inside her opening as she thought of how perfectly Killian fit inside her; just as if she were made only for him.

Emma was so close to cumming; she bit her lower lip trying to keep herself from crying out.  She whimpered and panted as her fingers moved back to her clit. Hard, fast circles against the swollen, sensitive nub reminded her of Killian playing with her clit as he thrust into her.  As he played with her clit, his hips pumped against her backside, pushing his cock into her with slow, deep strokes.  Emma moaned loudly with her head tilted back as her fingers moved as fast as possible against her clit thinking of Killian thrusting into her faster and faster, as he had demanded she cum for him.  Wanting to feel the same sensations as this morning, Emma moved her other hand under her shirt to her nipple.  Just as Killian had done this morning to get her to climax, Emma pinched her nipple hard.  Her lips parted into a throaty moan as her fluids squirted from her body, soaking her already wet panties.  Emma’s body twitched and shook as the aftershocks of her orgasm worked through her body.  She slumped against the couch, her lips curved in a satisfied smile as she laid there completely satisfied.  Emma could almost imagine Killian with her now…the sensation was so strong she thought she could smell him.

“Hallo love,” she heard in a slow, appraising voice.  “What have we got here?” Emma’s eyes flew open and she shrieked in horror.  She fell off the couch because she was so startled, landing on the floor in an undignified heap. Killian’s booming laughter filled the office as Emma hurried to right her clothing.  When she finally stood, her blush had turned her face a tomato red color.

“What are you doing here? How did you get in? I had locked the door,” Emma stood defensively as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Killian grinned roguishly at the woman he loved. “Henry and I finished early, so I dropped him with Regina so they could have lunch.  I thought maybe you and I could have lunch.” His hook slipped through one of the loops on her jeans to pull her against him so she felt his erection. “I thought we might continue what we started this morning.”

He nipped at Emma’s ear and ground his swelling cock against her body. Emma moaned softly as she clutched Killian’s shoulders. “It seems you started without me love,” he whispered against her ear, sending shivers down her spine.  His fingers dipped inside her pants to feel her wetness against his skin.

She stepped away from him, pulling the shirt over her head and dropping it on the floor. Emma smirked as Killian’s eyes darkened with passion. “What can I say? It’s been a slow day at the office.”

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