Chapter 4: A New Game

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The door slammed behind them as Emma retreated to the center of the room. Killian grinned darkly as he stalked toward her, his fingers lightly trailing over the exposed skin of her arm.

“Are you sure about this, Swan? Unleashing my inner pirate could have consequences.”

Her head bobbed slowly, her eyes shining with some emotion he had yet to see from her. Excitement, of course, for this new game they were playing. But there was an undercurrent of…submission. The darkness in him latched onto that crumb of opportunity and reveled in it’s meaning.

She was his.

“You will be silent, unless I give you permission. Now, strip.”

The command was quiet, his voice lowered in the dim light of their bedroom, but she obeyed quickly. First her sweater, then her shirt, followed by her jeans. She paused, her fingers lingering on the waistband of her panties as Killian paced in a circle around her. His fingers tangled in her blonde tresses as he gave a soft yank. “Did I tell you to stop?”

Her cheeks flushed, the delicious red color seeping down to the tops of her breasts as he released her. She fumbled with the clasp of her bra for a moment before it dropped to the floor in front of her and her panties joined a second later. Killian’s boot kicked away the pile of dejected lace as he stepped around to face Emma head on.

Those brilliant blue eyes burned into her, searing her soul as he contemplated his next move. Without warning, he lifted her up and flung her violently down onto the bedspread. She shivered with desire against the hardness of his torso as he pinned her underneath him. The soft cotton of the shirt he still wore felt like sandpaper on her back as her oversensitive skin cried out for…something. Something indefinable that she knew only he could provide.

Killian’s hand journeyed over the smooth planes of her back, down to cup her lower cheeks before it returned to splay around her waist. The cold steel of his hook was a stark contrast with her overheated skin as it followed its fellow appendage. With a firm grip, his fingers tightened around her rib cage and he shifted to sit at the edge of the bed.

He pulled Emma’s body across his legs and once again began rubbing over the cheeks of her ass and he grinned as he noticed the slight hitch in her breathing. His hook nudged her legs a little wider, though he was careful of the tip, and his circuits moved to include some whispers of movement against her aching sex. Without a warning, Killian’s hand smacked against her skin, leaving a painful red palm print in its wake. A moan caught in her throat and Emma’s head jerked up from its limp position.

The next swat caught her ass as she thrust back against him, willing him silently to hit with just a little more force. Emma twisted her head to the side and caught his eye. Killian’s tongue flitted out between his lips, wetting them tantalizingly as they pulled up into a smirk. She moaned lowly, the ache to nibble on one of those lips just as prevalent as the need she felt for him.

She was drifting, her mind wandering as he tortured her with light caresses over her sensitive skin. His fingers and his hook played against each other, the sharp contrast in temperatures eliciting odd, but distinctly pleasant feelings as they swept along her backside. This was what he’d been missing for so long and this darkness, this need to dominate, was something he’d never dared to hope that she’d indulge. But indulge she had if the slight squirming of her exquisite body was an indication. She wanted it, craved it-and he was just the pirate to fulfill those needs.

A sharp smack brought her back to the moment and she groaned. Her ass was a deep crimson and his cock twitched behind it’s denim confines, eager to be released.

Killian’s large, calloused hand rubbed gentle circles into her skin, soothing the burn of her punishment.

His fingers dipped fleetingly into Emma’s aching pussy, teasing her mercilessly as his hook balanced on her supple thighs. He pumped two digits lazily into her while he circled her clit with a third.

Without warning, his fingers vanished, and Emma let out a cry of frustration.

“Ah ah ah. Bad girl,” his gravely voice reprimanded, though she could hear the amusement in his voice.

His palm rested lightly on her lower back as he trailed his hook down toward her aching core, teasing her as she whimpered in frustration.

“You know the rules.”

She hadn’t gotten permission to speak and Killian chuckled as he tossed her gently off his lap. She landed in a heap on the floor at his feet, her green eyes shining up at him as her arousal coated her inner thighs.

This was precisely where he wanted her. Beneath him, begging him, squirming in anticipation of the pleasure only he could bring. Emma pulled herself up, carefully propping herself on her knees as a beautiful flush flared on her creamy skin. He reached out, his hook caressing her cheek and she leaned into it, nuzzling the cold steel.

“Are you sure you want to continue, love?”

Emma nodded frantically and he could see the terror in her eyes, the fear that he’d stop and their game would be over.

“Then beg.”

Her eyes widened even more, her pupils blown wide so the green of her iris was nearly hidden, and she licked her luscious lips as she leaned toward him.

“Please, Killian! I need you. I need you to fuck me and make me scream with pleasure.” Her breathing was labored and there was a wildness about her as he stared down at the woman he’d come to love so much.

His tip of his hook came to rest under her chin as brought his eyes down to her level. “You didn’t say the magic word.”

Her cheeks flushed once again, the blood rushing back under the skin as she fought her natural instincts. Killian saw it-the precise moment that she surrendered and his heart skipped a beat in anticipation. “Please…Master.”

He surged forward to capture her lips with his as a moan escaped him and his fingers tangled in her hair. He yanked her upward, never breaking their kiss as his hook nudged her thigh high around his hip.

Emma ground her bare pussy against his erection, moaning at the chafing friction of his jeans. He abruptly broke away from her lips, both of them gasping deep breaths, and spun them around. Her head whirled from the sudden movement, the room blurring around her until she found herself bent over the end of the bed.

Killian watched her struggle against the hold he had on her hip and he ground his rock hard cock against her upturned ass. She stilled for a moment and he switched hands, holding her in place with his hook against the small of her back while his hand worked on his belt.

He didn’t bother undressing, merely unfastening his belt and zipper to release his throbbing erection. Emma moaned in her throat as she felt the blunt tip of him nudge against her heated core, teasing her clit as he chuckled darkly behind her.

Then he was in her. Thrusting, panting, grabbing, sweating, fuuuuck; Killian had never felt as connected as he did to Emma in that moment. The darkness in him roared in debauched satisfaction as Emma howled through her orgasm and he was positive she’d be bruised in the morning.

His hips drove forward as he chased his own release, the breathy moans and sighs escaping her luscious mouth somehow shooting right to his cock. He throbbed inside the heated depths of her, already grieving the end of this game as he grew closer and closer to his end.

Emma shrieked and clenched around him again and his eyes rolled back in his head as she tore his orgasm from him.

Emma collapsed forward and buried her face in the rumpled sheets, panting frantically as Killian rolled to the bed beside her. His hand stroked her back lazily as they came down from their high and he’d never felt more complete.

“Well, we may have to do that again, huh Swan?”

Emma flushed bright red, the color staining her cheeks as she contemplated that thought. “We just may…Master.”

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