Chapter 6: Right There

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Emma rolled her eyes as Killian moaned again.

“Oh Gods, Swan! Right there…right bloody there!”

“Jesus Hook! Seriously? Right here?!?!”

“Chill out David. It’s perfectly natural.”

“I know it’s perfectly natural Snow, but I do NOT want to see it when it involves my daughter and the pirate!”

“So, whoah, wait. You want to see it if it involves your daughter and someone else?!?”

“What, no!”

“That is what you said, mate.”

“Stay out of this Hook!”

“David, why don’t you guys take Henry to the park?”

“Yay! I really don’t wanna see this. No offense Mom. Still on for tonight Killian?”



“That hurt!”

“Well, you wanted me to get the backside.”

“Yes, but that was a tad too forceful!”

“And that would be our cue to go.”

“Thank you, Lady Snow. You are indeed a beautific goddess among-BLOODY FUCK SWAN!”

“Hook! Watch the language!”

“Well tell your sadistic daughter to kindly keep her hands in the correct spot!”

“Earmuffs, guys! Just say earmuffs! I don’t want to hear this!”

“Then wait outside, kid. Regina will get you later. Bye!”

“Yeah I don’t want a hug. Your hands are gross.”

“Oh, don’t stop Swan. Yes, right there–yes…thank the gods yes!”

“Right there?”

“Yes, fuck, yes!”

Killian moaned as Emma’s hands moved quicker and quicker.

“Not so fast Swan. Draw out the pleasure. Make me remember it for days.”

“Days, huh?”


“Well, you’ll definitely remember that for days!”

“What in the bloody great heavens IS that vibrating contraption?!?”

“Just something to help me out.”

“Huh…alright well…go easy on me, love. Ooooo….yes….right there.”

“Feeling good, huh?”

“Bloody fucking Gods, yes. Right there…”

“Are you gonna do me next? Cause I’m getting a tad bit frustrated here.”

“Of course I’ll do you, love. I may have to borrow that vibrating machine you have there because it feels absolutely brilliant. I wouldn’t want to deprive you of such pleasure.”

Emma huffed as she threw the massager on Killian’s lap as she bounded around the arm of the couch, plopping herself on the floor in front of him.

“My turn! And-just for the record-you make sex noises when you get massaged.”

She leaned back between his legs, giggling maniacally as she felt the warmth from his full body blush as he clicked the massager on.

“Alright lass. But I warn you…payback is a bitch of a mistress.”

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