Chapter 7: Advent Calendar

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“So, what’s this all about, love?” Killian’s eyebrow shot up as he cast a wary glance over the wooden tree on the entry table.

“It’s called an advent calendar. You open one little door every day from December first until Christmas. Usually parents put candy or little toys in for their kids, but I-” Emma smirked as she slithered up Killian’s body as he reclined on the sofa. “-I might’ve given it a twist.”

“Mmm, really now Swan? What kind of a twist?” His hand caressed the small strip of skin that peeked from under her shirt.

“Oh, you’ll see tomorrow.” The devilish glint in his Savior’s eye sparked a glimmer of fear, though her abrupt removal of her sweater put that thought completely out of his head.

December 1

“So, how exactly do I do this?” Killian glared at the offending wooden tree with trepidation.

Emma rolled her eyes as she moved his good hand to the first box. “You open the box with the date on it and do what it says on the paper. Easy peasy.”

“Well I’m not sure what a peasy is, but alright. Just for you, Swan.” He wedged his hook in the small hole of the box labeled ‘one’ and pulled. Gingerly he grabbed the paper inside and unfolded it.

‘Fuck against the wall’

blushing 7 - dec 1

“Swan! Is this a joke?!” His cheeks flushed red as he looked helplessly toward Emma.

“Oh, pirate, are you scared?” She stalked toward him, her fingers nimbly slipping the buttons of her shirt through their holes. Her black lace bra came into view and her pirate gulped audibly.

“I-I’m not entirely sure about this, love.”

Her shirt was gone, strewn on the living room floor as Killian backed down the hallway toward their bedroom. Her fingers worked the button on her jeans as his back hit the doorframe to their room.

Killian stumbled inside as Emma turned, shimmying the denim down her legs, her ass turned straight up toward him.

He inched forward, his hand reaching out to skim the soft skin of her hip and Emma moaned low in her throat as she straightened up.

“Then again, maybe I could learn to appreciate this advent…thing…” His voice trailed into a soft groan as Emma turned, throwing her leg over his denim clad hip.

His clothes came off at an alarming rate and Emma backed into the wall, beckoning Killian to her. Ignoring foreplay all together, she gripped his manhood firmly, pumping it to absolute hardness as he threw his head back in ecstasy.

Their coupling was frenzied and they slid against each other, their sweat slicked skin providing just enough friction to throw them over the precipice of bliss.

Killian sank to his knees as he finished, propping Emma on his legs as her forehead rested against his shoulder. “Aye, love. I could certainly grow to like this.”

December 3

Killian raised an eyebrow as he read the slip of paper for the day.

“Emma? Why is there a plant and this striped candy stick?”

“Well,” Emma chuckled as she sauntered toward him. “That plant is called mistletoe. Traditionally when you see it above someone, you have to kiss them.”

He shrugged his shoulders exasperatedly and pursed his lips at his girlfriend. She smirked and reached for his belt buckle, slowly pulling the leather through the loops.

His boxer briefs came down with his jeans as she sank to her knees and Killian’s eyebrows shot into his hairline as he shuffled nervously on his feet.

 blushing 7 - dec 3

“Trust me.” Emma yanked the candy from his hand and gave it a long lick, swirling her tongue suggestively as Killian panted above her.

And when she held up the mistletoe and her head descended on his manhood, he finally got the idea.

December 5

‘Come in and open the calendar. Then sit on the couch and start the music.’

Killian sighed at the note taped on the door as he tugged it down gently with his good hand. He fished his keys out of his pocket as he held the note between his teeth and let himself into their apartment.

The lights were low and the calendar stood on the foyer table, taunting him as he kicked off his shoes. He pulled open spot marked ‘5’ and unfurled the paper.


His eyebrow rose as he wandered into the living room and plopped down on the couch. He picked up the small remote and started the iPod on the dock, both eyebrows now raised as a slow, sultry melody poured from the speakers.

Movement in the hallway caught his eye and his cheeks flushed a bright crimson as he caught sight of his girlfriend.

Her heels clicked on the hardwood floor as she sauntered toward him, slipping the buttons of her shirt out of their holes as she went. She towered over him as she slipped out of the white fabric and tossed it carelessly over her shoulder. She grinned as her hips swayed to the beat and she spun around, bending so that her ass was mere inches from his face.

blushing 7 - dec 5

He could definitely get on board with the advent thing.

December 7

Today Emma met him in the foyer to open the calendar, her hands hidden behind her and a huge grin on her face.

“What’s the smile for, love?” Killian asked warily as he slipped the paper out of it’s slot.

“You’ll see.”

His eyebrow rose on it’s own as he glanced at her somewhat messy handwriting.

‘Reindeer style’

“And what, pray tell, is reindeer style?”

Emma’s face lit up as she leaned up to plant a kiss on his lips. His eyes drifted shut at the feeling, though they shot back open as he felt her place something on his head. She pulled back and rested her forehead against his as she giggled.

swashbuckler 7 - dec 7

“Remember when I explained ‘doggy style’?” He gulped and nodded, his cheeks heating as he remembered that conversation so long ago. “Well, this is the same idea…”

His laughter echoed through their apartment when she pulled back and he caught sight of the stuffed antlers resting on her head.

December 9

“Swan! It’s bloody fucking cold out here!”

“Oh, quit your whining pirate! You’re such a baby!”

Killian’s brow furrowed as he followed Emma through the trees, their feet crunching in the crisp white snow. He rolled his eyes as Emma stopped and glanced around, seeming to decide this was the spot.

For what, he was still a little clueless. But he didn’t complain when she tugged him forward to wrap her arms around his neck. She backed them up against a tree, the bark digging into the back of her coat.

swashbuckler 7 - dec 9

“Why are we out here, Swan?”

She nuzzled her nose against the soft cotton of his hoodie as she snaked her hands underneath his leather jacket. “Well, I took the liberty of grabbing your advent present on our way out.”

She pulled her hand back and tugged a small slip of paper out of her jacket pocket. Killian took it gingerly as he kept his hook on the curve of her back underneath her jacket.

He warily opened the small slip of paper and suddenly this whole charade made sense.

‘In the Snow’

She pushed him away slightly and he stumbled backward a bit, his boots slipping slightly in the snow. Emma turned, bracing her forearms against the tree in front of her, and glanced backward over her shoulder.

“Didn’t you wonder why I was wearing a skirt when it’s like twenty degrees?”

He had indeed wondered and as his hand delved under the fabric, he had his answer as he met hot, slick flesh.

December 11

“We are going to get caught, Swan!”

“Well, we will if you keep stalling and making so much noise! For a pirate, you sure aren’t stealthy!”

They tripped over a box in the back hallway of Granny’s diner, the darkness becoming a hindrance as they snuck to their destination.

“Here’s good.”

Emma stopped at a random spot near the door to the kitchen, in clear view if anyone happened to pass by.

swashbuckler 7 - dec 11

“Love, Granny is going to see us and then we’ll be on the receiving end of that crossbow of hers. This was a terrible idea.” Killian glanced around warily, a slight flush rising on his cheeks as Emma tugged him forward.

“It’s fine. It’s exciting, thinking about getting caught. So I guess you better hurry.”

He groaned at the feel of her lips on his neck and reached quickly for the button of her jeans, determined to finished today’s advent task without being seen.

December 13

“Oh Gods, Swan! What now?!” Killian sighed as he stared at his pirate regalia. She’d hung it on the hall closet door with a note pointing toward the advent calendar.

He carefully pulled open the small drawer and retrieved the slip of paper.

‘The Pirate and the Wench’

swashbuckler 7 - dec 13

His eyebrow rose. She couldn’t be serious. He quickly stripped and pulled on his old clothes, slipping into the leather like a second skin. His breath escaped as a sigh; he’d missed this. These new clothes of his were alright, but there was nothing like the feel of leather and the scent of the ocean.

He wandered through the apartment, stalking his prey. He grinned maliciously when he couldn’t find her after his first quick pass.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are…’ He taunted as he began a more thorough search. He swung open the door to the bathroom, grinning as he caught sight of the slightly open linen closet.

“Ahhhhh!” With a shriek Emma tried to dart around her pirate as he pulled the door open. She giggled as he caught her around the waist, his hook poised at her throat.

“Where do you think you’re going, love? Me crew and I are in need of some companionship. And I believe you are just the lass to do it.”

“Oh no! Please don’t steal me away, Mr. Pirate!”

His grip slackened as he pursed his lips and broke character. “Seriously, love? ‘Mr. Pirate’?”

Emma licked her lip tauntingly as she backed away slightly. “Sorry. I’m not that great at this. But it got you to let go!”

And she darted out of the bathroom, leaving a stunned Killian in her wake. He grinned again, a wild whoop escaping his lips as he began his chase.

December 15

“You’ve got to be kidding me, Swan!”

Emma lounged on the couch, her arms spread over the back as she propped her feet up on the coffee table. “Nuh uh. Now dance, Pirate! Dance!!”

Killian rolled his eyes as she grabbed the remote for the iPod dock and started the music. He knew this would be a bad idea when he read today’s advent paper.

‘Killian striptease’

It was extremely sexy when Emma was the one stripping, but he highly doubted it would be the same for him. He began swaying to the beat as he felt the blush creeping up his face.

He’d never been this embarrassed, which is saying something. He’d been alive for more than 300 years and this was the first time he’d ever wished for an early grave.

“Swan, I really don’t think this is the best idea!”

She shook her head, her blonde hair whipping wildly around her head. A wide grin split her face as she licked her lips. Oh well. He guessed if she was this excited, maybe he could suck it up.

swashbuckler 7 - dec 15

He bit his tongue as the music picked up and his body followed the beat. His shirt came off a few minutes later and Emma whooped loudly. Her body leaned forward, seemingly of it’s own accord.

And as he undid the button on his pants, the glint in her eye told him exactly where this was going.

December 17

Killian’s brow knitted in confusion as he read the day’s advent task.


“I don’t understand. We already did mistletoe.”

Emma raised an eyebrow and scowled. “Yes. You reaped the benefits of that day. It’s my turn now. Besides you always say that’s just as much of a treat for you as it is for me, right?”

Ah, now he understood. He licked his lip lasciviously and grabbed her hand to drag her toward their bedroom.

“I do believe I understand now, Love.”

He pushed her back and she flopped down on the comforter. Her hair fanned out around her head, creating a blonde halo as he gazed down on her. He lowered himself on her, his beard scratching lightly against her stomach as he inched her shirt higher.

“Sit up for me, darling.”

swashbuckler 7 - dec 17

Emma complied easily and he pulled the worn cotton over her head. She laid back down as his good hand went to work on her jeans, slowly exposing her black lacy panties as he yanked the denim down her legs.

“Alright, Love. Are you ready?”

She nodded quickly and he smirked dangerously.

He looped the small green plant over his hook and raised his arm above her. “Let’s get to it then.”

December 19

‘By a fire’

Killian raised an eyebrow as he glanced sarcastically around their apartment.

“Love, I realize this is all fairly new to me, but in order to make love by the fire, don’t we need…I don’t know-an actual fireplace?”

Emma rolled her eyes and let an indignant huff escape her as she crossed her arms over her chest. “Seriously, Killian? Do you have to be such a smart ass?”

He crossed the small space and tugged her close to his body, rubbing himself against the front of her. “Apologies, Love. Where might we fulfill our daily dose of advent…ness?”

She snorted out a soft giggle as she placed a soft kiss on his lips and pulled away. Killian’s eyebrows rose even further as he watched her pick up the remote for the TV.

He wasn’t positive, but as far as he knew, these modern picture boxes didn’t spontaneously morph into fireplaces. Unless, however, there was an electrical malfunction. Or he tried to finagle the plug with his hook. That had not turned out well.

He shook himself free of that line of thought as Emma set the remote down on the coffee table, gesturing proudly to the screen where flames licked as soft music played in the background.


swashbuckler 7 - dec 19

She rolled her eyes again as she stripped her sweater off and sank to her knees. “So, are you coming or what?”

Well one thing was for certain. He’d be coming very shortly if she kept this up.

December 21

“Swan! You can’t be serious!”

Emma smirked as she glanced around the hallway. Her parent’s Christmas party was in full swing as their core group of Fairytale Misfits mingled around their house.

“Come on! It’s exciting!”

Killian raised an eyebrow as he dug his heels in further. The hot glare the sullen dwarf shot at him just cemented his conviction to put an abrupt halt to Emma’s advent scheming.

“No. Absolutely not.”

She rolled her eyes and linked her fingers with his as she began slowly inching toward the bathroom. This was by far the most daring challenge she’d cooked up and she’d be damned if her pirate would ruin it for her.

“I’ll make it worth your while.” The low purr she used and the firm hand she slid across the front of his pants only caused Killian’s eyes to roll back in his head. His face heated dramatically as he glanced around once again.

Emma’s parents were occupied with the little prince, Regina and Henry were engaged with some form of cookery, the dwarves and other attendees engaged in small talk or some sort-maybe it wouldn’t be so bad…

“Killian! Do I need to open the windows? Is it getting hot in here?” Dave’s voice cut through the din of the party and the pirate lurched away from his girlfriend quickly.

“Uh, no, no…why would you think that?!”

“You’re just looking a little flushed. Are you sure you’re alright?” Snow joined her husband as they crossed the living room, her eyes wide with worry. Emma grinned as she moved slightly in front of Killian to hide the bulge in his jeans.

“Oh, he just ate some of Regina’s stuffed jalapenos. I tried to warn him, but…” She shrugged slightly and cast a patronizing grin over her shoulder. He nodded uncomfortably as David chuckled.

“Yeah I learned my lesson with those at Thanksgiving. Brutal!”

Snow patted the pirate’s arm gently as she pulled David away to mingle with the rest of their guests.

“Swan! There’s no way…”

Emma shut him up with a swift elbow to the gut and Killian’s teeth ground in annoyance.

“Come on. Let’s get you cooled down.”

She smiled at the few people standing near them as she grabbed his hook and towed him further down the hallway.

He groaned in surrender as he cast his eyes around the hallway one last time before Emma pushed him roughly in the bathroom.

He’d barely spun around when she was working his belt through the loops and tugging down his jeans. He gasped in a breath as her mouth descended on him, his hand tightening on the counter she’d pushed him against.

Her tongue swirled around his cock as her hand worked what didn’t fit in her mouth. His mouth went dry as she did this little suck/blow thing she’d mastered a while ago and never failed to make him shiver in ecstasy.

“You need to be quiet, Killian. Unless you want someone to catch us.”

His eyes squeezed shut of their own accord as he bit down on his lip to stifle the moans threatening to break free.

It seemed to go on forever, though was probably only a few minutes. But as he glanced down to see Emma’s hand working herself feverishly as she sucked him like a lollipop, he nearly came.

He yanked her up by the hair, his mouth swallowing the sharp cry she let out as his hand worked her skirt over her hips.

“I like it when you wear these, Swan. So much easier to get at your treasures.”

Her slick core was bare under his hand as he spun her and his hook dug into the countertop beside her.

swashbuckler 7 - dec 21

“Hook! Careful!”

Killian’s mouth attacked her neck as he lifted her gently to rest on the edge of the sink and step between her thighs. His aching cock brushed against her and she shifted her hips forward, almost begging him for stimulation.

There was no hesitation as he plunged forward, the angle just right for the deepest kind of penetration and they both cried out in relief. Then their surroundings came back in a rush and they stilled, their bodies vibrating with the need to move, to climb higher, to reach that peak of erotic perfection.

Nothing happened. Nobody came to the door and no one seemed to have heard a thing.

“Killian, please!” Emma’s plaintive whisper spurred him into action, his hips pumping wildly as her small feet wrapped themselves around his calves. Their sweat slicked skin slid against each other to create a wet friction that took the couple higher and higher and Killian panted as he tried to hold himself back.

“Come on, Hook! Please…come…me…fuuuuuuuuuuck…”

Emma tightened around him and dragged his orgasm out, no matter how unwilling he was to end this adventure of hers. They shuddered in each other’s arms and Emma giggled as Killian pried his hook out of the counter.

“Well, that’s gonna be hard to explain…”

Her giggles started again as a sharp knock sounded at the door. “Emma? Are you okay? I thought we heard…I mean, just…are you okay?”

Killian flushed a brilliant shade of scarlet and Emma stuffed a fist in her mouth to hold back her laughter. “Just fine, Dad. Gimme a few minutes, alright?”

“Uh, sure.”

Her forehead fell against his shoulder and her body shook, the movement stimulating his barely deflated cock and he groaned.

“Come on, love. You’re playing with fire here.”

Her lips found that one spot under his ear that never failed to make his eyes roll back in his head. “Maybe that’s the point.”

December 24

“Ho, Ho, Ho!”

Emma’s eyes widened as the front door slammed shut.


Her boyfriend was definitely in trouble. His ‘belly’ appeared before the rest of him, the red velvet of the Santa suit he wore following after. He’d peeked. Damn it!

“Why, Mrs. Clause! You look beautiful, my dear!”

Emma raised an eyebrow as she straightened out of her reclined pose. The sexy lingerie she’d bought suddenly seemed over the top and garish; she bit her lip in frustration.

“Swan? Did I do something wrong?” He broke character as he rushed to her side, his eyebrows furrowing worriedly.

“You looked. Didn’t you?”

He flushed slightly, a shy smile overtaking his face. “Just a bit. But I promise it was for a noble reason.”

Emma snorted indignantly. “Only a pirate could justify cheating as being noble.”

“Just let me do this, Swan. I haven’t gotten to shake my belly like a bowlful of jelly.”

Laughter filled their apartment and Emma doubled over to hold her stomach. “Been doing your research, have you?”

He nodded joyfully, his eyes crinkling adorably in the corners. “May I have the honor of unwrapping my present now, Mrs. Clause?”

Her breath caught in her throat as she sobered immediately, her body heating in the most delightful of ways. She nodded slowly as his gorgeous ocean blue eyes traveled the length of her body.

Killian’s false hand, covered in the obligatory white glove, reached out to rest at her hip as his other hand tangled in her hair and yanked her close.

Their lips met, the passion building slowly but surely as they stumbled backward down the hall. Their bedroom door slammed against the wall behind it as they tumbled through, Emma nearly crashing backward on her ridiculous heels.

“Careful, Love. Wouldn’t want to damage my…gift.” His leer was gratifying as his eyes traveled her body once more and Emma shivered in anticipation.

Her hands worked feverishly to remove the crushed velvet of his suit, pausing only to laugh at the padding he wore around his middle. Killian laughed merrily as he tossed the coat across the room, the lamp on the small table by the door crashing under it’s weight.

Neither cared. Their skin was slowly revealed, the soft touches heightening the pleasure as Killian braced his arm behind her back to slowly lower her to the bed.

“Now, love, as I understand it, this Santa Claus lives at the North Pole with his wife, correct?”

Emma nodded, a smile forming on her lips. “Yup. And that’s me.” She shrugged lightly, her breasts jiggling slightly at the movement. Killian’s eye flared heatedly for a moment, the flush rising in his cheeks once more.

“Then…” He leaned over the side of the bed, his ass pointed invitingly her way. She gave it a hearty smack and roared with laughter at the indignant yelp he let out. “Oi! Be careful, lass. Or I won’t give you this.”

Her heart stuttered to a stop as he held up a small box. “Ki-Killian?”

swashbuckler 7 - dec 24

“I just thought that since we were playing a married couple, we may as well make it authentic.”

Emma blanched for a moment before she plastered on an entirely fake smile. “Oh. Oh, I get it. Yeah, okay. That’s…that’s great.”

“Uh…excuse me?”

Emma waved her hand lightly and grabbed the sheet to pull over herself, suddenly cold with more than the chilled apartment air. “Yeah, well, we may as well make this role play as authentic as possible, right?”

Killian’s eyebrows dropped severely for a moment before he rolled his eyes slightly. He shook his head and yanked the sheet away from her luscious body, bracing himself on his arms as he crawled up the bed. He braced himself over her and ran his nose lightly up her neck,  inhaling that sweet scent that was entirely unique to her.

“Emma. Did you think this was merely a joke? Something to complete this ridiculous advent role playing you’ve concocted?” Her eyes widened and he grinned again. “No, no, Love. I am entirely serious. Would you do me the honor of marrying an old, cradle robbing pirate like me?”

She burst into laughter and tugged him down to her and buried her face in his neck. He felt the moisture of tears and tried to pull back, though her strong arms kept him there for a moment longer.

“Emma, Love? I’m waiting on an answer here. And I must admit I’m becoming fairly nervous.” He scratched nervously behind his ear as the blood rushed to his cheeks once again.

She shook her head a little and tugged his lips down to hers, her heart soaring higher than she’d ever thought possible. “You ridiculous pirate! Of course I’ll marry you!”

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