Chapter 12

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The dagger clattered to the deck beside them as Jace sank to his knees. Clary cast her gaze around the ship quickly, calculating their odds against their attackers.


His head shot up as she knelt in front of him, taking his large hands gently in her own much smaller ones.

“You need to calm down. Come on. Take a deep breath.”

They breathed together as the wind whipped around them, her hair dancing around their faces as she rested her forehead against his. His amber eyes stared into the depths of her emerald ones, concentrating on breathing and nothing else.

Abruptly, an explosion of sound burst around them, startling Jace into another bout of panic. Colors whirled around them as the fighting continued and Clary tried desperately to grab his attention.

“Fuck! WILL!”

The same dark haired man who’d shielded Jace a few moments before appeared by their side, his brow furrowed in confusion.

“Clary, what the fuck?!?”

Rolling her eyes, she shot to her feet as she nodded toward the prince. His arms had banded around his torso as he rocked slightly back and forth, his eyes wide and unseeing. “Take him below. I’ll be there in a moment.”

“Where exactly shall I take him?” Will snarked as he heaved Jace to his feet, ducking down to throw him over his shoulder.

“My quarters. He’s been staying there.” Her friend raised an eyebrow and Clary growled in frustration. “Long story. Just get him down there.”

She watched the men retreat as the wind whipped around her. Her eyes darted as a shout sounded above the clang of metal on metal. She caught Magnus’ startling cat-like eyes as he motioned for her to join him on the mast.

Crouching down, she propelled herself upward as her hands shot out to grip the wooden pillar above her head. The sword she’d previously clutched in her small hand found it’s way to her mouth, the sharp edge digging into the corners of her lips painfully. She swung herself lithely up, landing steadily on her feet as she worked her way quickly toward the Quartermaster.

“What the fuck happened down there?”

Clary shook her head silently at her friend as he shot another bolt of energy at an adversary closing in on Alec’s back. Clary’s eyes swept the deck and she inhaled sharply.

“Clary-don’t even think about it.” Magnus stood upright to face her, a stern glare on his handsome face. “We’re doing fine.”

The pirate Captain twisted her face into an ugly sneer before she raised her hands and Magnus sighed. A surge of energy burst out of the small redhead, surging over the crew she’d marked and picking up those who dared to attack. A sharp whistle sounded as the offending sailors were blasted backward, splashing into the water below.

“Put the winds to our backs and leave the bastards to rot in their watery graves!” She bellowed in triumph as her crew cheered. Her cheeks hurt from the false smile she wore and she leapt down to the deck as her crew jumped to their stations.

She glanced around quickly before she made her way below deck. Will stood outside the door to her cabin, his hand gripping the dagger at his waist.

“Mind explaining what our young guest is doing in your cabin, Captain?” One of his dark eyebrows raised sardonically as she pushed her way past him.

She paused, her hand on the doorknob. “What, are you jealous, Herondale?”

He smirked, his thumbs hooking into the waist of his loose trousers. “In your dreams Morgenstern. By the way-Jem and Tessa will be waiting for us in Idris. So…we need to hurry the fuck up.”

“Aw, poor baby. Haven’t been properly fucked in so long.” Clary giggled as her bottom lip pouted out. She patted Will’s cheek condescendingly as he scoffed.

“Well, when you send us out to different posts, what do you expect?” He bowed low, grinning in exultant sarcasm. “I’ll leave you to your…guest.”

Clary rolled her eyes as she pushed the door open silently, slipping through the crack quickly.

Her eyes found Jace immediately. His eyes darted frantically, not seeing anything in the dim room. He was still wrapped in himself, his body rocking slightly as he muttered under his breath.


He ignored her completely, his muttering only getting faster and more unintelligible.

“Fuck-Magnus!” A moment later, the Asian man appeared outside the still cracked door. “Tell Simon to get me some Angel fruit. He’s not dealing well.”

Clary waited with bated breath while her friends did her bidding, her eyes never leaving the Prince. Simon skidded to a stop, muttering profanities under his breath as his bare feet slid along the rough wood. She silently held out her hands and he tossed the fruit through the cracked door. Ignoring the hustle and bustle of the corridor outside the door Simon had so thoughtfully closed, Clary dug her fingers into the tender fruit, juice spurting out over her wrist.

“Jace, here.” She held a small piece up to his mouth, painting his lips with the purple juice. “You need to eat this. It will make you feel better.”

His eyes continued to dart around wildly and his tongue darted out to taste what she’s smeared on his lips. Clary gasped and drew back sharply as those strange amber eyes suddenly focused as he caught the first drops of juice with his tongue.

A low growl echoed through the room as his body slowly relaxed, uncurling gracefully. The small woman struggled backward as he stalked forward on his hands and knees, his pupils dilated and his breath coming in rough pants. Her back hit the rough wood of the walls and he followed, his face coming to rest a few mere centimeters from her own. His eyes darted down to her lips, so full and delicious looking as she gasped again.

And with a sudden forceful surge, his lips were claiming hers in a stolen heated kiss.

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