Chapter 1: The Grab

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I felt full of good cheer all of a sudden. I sighed internally when I realized that it meant Eric was close. Arlene’s Fellowship buddies were seated in my section and that fact made me wary of Eric being there tonight. A moment later, a hush fell over the diners as Eric strode through the door, accompanied by Pam.

“Good evening Lover,” Eric purred when he reached me.

“Eric,” I nodded toward a table in my section, but far enough away from the idiots from the Fellowship. “Have a seat and I’ll bring you some bloods.”

I placed the True Bloods in the microwave and while they warmed, I went to attend to my other tables.

“Here you are. Did y’all need something from me? Cause my shift is over in about an hour,” I cringed internally, which I knew Eric would feel. It just seemed that anytime they came around they needed some kind of help. Or someone wanted to kill me. Personally, I hoped they just needed help. Although either option seemed to bode badly for me.

“Actually, Lover, we came with news. King De Castro has extended you his personal protection. I, along with everyone in my area, have been charged with keeping you safe,” Eric relayed. He had a placid look on his face, which belied the internal conflict he (and therefore, I) was feeling.

My mouth was hanging open, I just knew. But somehow my body and my brain seemed to have some sort of disconnect.

“Uh-hum. Uh-what?”

Yes, I sounded incredibly stupid, but I was in over my head.

“Well, this is a binding contract. You saved the king and he is very grateful. This order of protection extends to all vampires in his kingdom,” Eric’s impatience was coming through in his voice. “I have been charged, on pain of final death, to keep you safe.”

“Uh-I have to get my other tables. Let me get back to you on this,” I muttered, knowing they could hear me. Pam rolled her eyes.

As I walked away, I heard Pam. “You know some of them will not be so happy to have to protect a human. Not many know of her fairy lineage. They will think this is beneath them.”

I ignored that particular gem of information and returned to the hatch to retrieve Andy Bellefleur’s cheeseburger. I placed it in front of him with a smile and turned to attend some of my other customers.

“Can I get y’all anything else?” I reluctantly had worked my way over to the Fellowship table. I could read from the supposed leader that there were many things I could get them, all of them being of the perverse nature. I wondered how some of these people could actually call themselves Christians and claim to be so high and mighty.

“Well, pretty thing. How about you bring us some more onion rings?” I scribbled on my pad and turned to drop the order in the kitchen. As I turned, their leader snaked his out and squeezed my backside. “Why don’t you come see what a real, live man feels like darlin’?”

Before I could react, Eric had the man dangling a foot off the ground.

“Does this happen often, Lover?”

The growl emanating from his chest told me exactly to what he was referring.

“Not that much. These guys are just drunk. And from the Fellowship. They are apparently inbred enough not to know any better,” I replied shakily.

“Sookie. You know for a fact, this behavior is happening more and more,” I shot Sam a death glare as he appeared at the table. “She doesn’t want anyone to make a fuss over her,” this comment was directed to Eric who rolled his eyes.

“I though you didn’t like vamps Sam. And especially Eric,” I retorted, still upset at being caught fibbing.

“He’s supposed to protect you Sookie. And technically, since you’re bonded, no one’s really supposed to touch you without his permission,” Sam explained as if I was a slow third grader.

“Uh-come again? No one can touch me,” I rounded on Eric. “And when was THAT particular point going to be addressed?”

Eric dropped the man he’d be holding (with seemingly no effort, might I add) and sighed. It was a very unnatural thing for him to do, simply because the gesture was so human.

“You are truly an infuriating woman,” he bent quickly and had me over his shoulder in vampire speed.

I yelped like a cat in water. “How dare you?! Put me down this instant Eric Northman!”

“Pam, get her things. Sam,” he gritted his teeth as he actually used Sam’s name, “I’ll send a replacement for the time being. I’m taking Sookie somewhere safe.”

Without waiting for replies, he whisked me out the door in vampire speed, with me still banging on his back.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 1: The Grab

  1. Love the way this starts, I do hope you plan to continue (I notice there are 2 chapters posted). Just found your blog and look forward to reading more..


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