Chapter 2: The Drop Off

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He dropped me unceremoniously in the front passenger seat of Pam’s minivan.

“Do NOT make me knock you out,” he all but growled as Pam appeared in the back seat. He then zipped around the car to drive.

“Well, can we at least stop at my house so I can pack-“

“No.” Eric’s grip tightened on the wheel and spun the tires in the dirt.

“But, I need clothes! And-“

“No, you don’t. I have everything you’ll need at my house,” Eric corrected.

“You’re house? But why can’t I stay in my own house? Why can’t I work? I have to work Eric! I have bills to pay, ya know!” I was building up a head of steam. Eric could feel my ire and he’d apparently had enough. He yanked the steering wheel to the right and skidded to a stop in the gravel on the side of the road.

“Enough!” he roared. “Deal with her!”

He left the car, slamming the door so hard I thought the van would flip. Pam snaked her head in between the front seats.

“Sookie, if something happens to you, Eric is dead. Please, for his sake and mine, and yours as well, just let him protect you the best way he knows how. He really does care about you, you know? I’ve never seen him this way about anyone,” Pam said softly.

“Yeah Pam. He cares about me. Probably about as much as I care about the mechanics of my washing machine. Whatever, he’ll get this out of his system and I can go home when he sees that I’m perfectly safe,” I huffed with my arms across my chest. The ache from Eric’s memory loss was still fresh, made even worse for the fact that he now remembered and we still had yet t have ‘the talk’. I sighed. It seemed as if I did that a lot around Eric.

“Suit yourself. Just be nice,” Pam instructed quickly as she saw Eric returning to the car.
He got in swiftly and silently. His foot fell heavily on the gas and they zoomed off into the night, with me hanging on to the handle for dear life.

We pulled up to a house about 20 silent minutes later. It looked remarkably…ordinary. Not somewhere you’d expect a 1,000 year old Viking vampire Sheriff to live.

“Pam, show her to her room,” Eric said gruffly. He shot up into the air and disappeared.

“Well, so much for southern hospitality,” Sookie muttered.

Pam shook her head and entered what seemed like a never ending string of digits onto a keypad next to the door. “Come on in.”

The women walked into the house and Pam went directly to a simple carpeted staircase. She started to climb and motioned towards the neglected bottom floor.

“You can explore tomorrow. I need to get you settled in so that I can go feed.”

Beautiful. I’m being held hostage ‘for my own safety’ and my captors are just going to lock me in and leave me. Maybe I’ll starve. That’d serve them right.

She led me up the staircase and down the plushly carpeted hallway to the last bedroom on the left. She opened the door and gestured for me to go in.

“This is your room. There are clothes in the closet, toiletries in the bathroom and food in the mini fridge. I’m going out for a bite. Unless your offering,” she snicked her fangs down as her eyebrow quirked.

“No thanks Pam. Tonight’s menu doesn’t have a Sookie course,” I sighed as I crossed the room to flop backwards on the bed.

“Don’t even think of trying to get out. You won’t be able to. Otherwise explore to your heart’s content,” she turned and was gone quicker than I could blink.


At least it’s pretty. I picked my head up heavily to take in the full effect of the room. It was big, but not overly so. The first thing I noticed was the wall behind the bed that was made of deep grey slate. Instead of a brick wall, it had to be slate. Brick was too ‘Southern’ I guess. Slate was so much more Scandanavian. The low lying bed was framed with pretty blonde wood and had the same deep grey cover on the pillowcases and a purple and grey bedspread. There were two doors made of the same blonde wood as the bed. I’m assuming that one led to the bathroom and one to the closet, although you never know with these vampires. One may have led to a torture chamber for all I knew.

There was an iPod dock and a small vase of flowers sitting on the nightstand next to the bed, again in the same light wood that I was beginning to loathe. I scoffed at the iPod dock. Unless it had a radio feature it wouldn’t be getting much use.

Sighing one again, I flopped back onto the bed, not even bothering to remove my sneakers. I stared at the ceiling, pondering my predicament.

I knew that during the day I may be able to contact someone. I may be able to figure a way out of the house. I may be able to find Eric’s big dead ass and kick it while he sleeps. Yeah, who was I kidding.

I was here until he decided that I was perfectly safe. Knowing my luck, that would be…never. I sighed again as I shut my eyes and tried to think of a way out of this.

Sookie's room

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 2: The Drop Off

  1. Ha ha, I hope she does find Eric and kicks his dead ass while he’s dead for the day. Actually when he’s closer to rising so he knows she kicked him. LOL


  2. You’ve set up great tension between them. But it’s been a long time since you posted so am wondering if you will be continuing? I like what you have so far. You have kept their behavior in tune with canon (even to the failure to “talk” about what has happened between them since he got his memories back).


    1. I am going to continue this. However, it been slow going. I even know exactly where I’m going and everything. It’s just hard to find the time to write. Especially when I start new things. :)


  3. You have set the stage here really well. The frustration between Eric & Sookie will no doubt boil over due to their inability to communicate verbally. Sookie doesn’t understand what the protection means. Pam’s explanation wasn’t any good other than Eric would be in trouble if she was hurt. Looking forward to reading further chapters of this. Thankyou.


    1. Thanks for reading darlin! Glad you’re enjoying it. I’m finally getting back into the groove in this one, so hopefully the half finished chapter I’ve been sitting on for months will be out soon. :)


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