Chapter Two

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Wayward Rocker Spotted with Another Mystery Man
Rocker Clarissa Morgenstern-crooner and heartbreaker extraordinaire-was seen leaving Pandemonium nightclub in the wee hours of the morning with another mystery man.  The songstress stumbled clumsily to the taxi stand where her brother watched awkwardly as she threw herself at her “date”. The Morgenstern siblings were spotted again in the early hours of the morning leaving a posh Tribeca apartment building and the seductive siren was clad only in an oversized T-shirt. By our accounts this is the seventh new fellow she’s been spotted with in recent weeks and folks are wondering what she’s up to and if a trip to rehab may be in order. Stay tuned for more updates on Clary and all your other favorites.

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“Again, Clarissa?!?”

Clary’s head dropped to the table in defeat as her mother whipped around the kitchen, her arms flailing dangerously as she paced.

“Just be glad Jon tagged along last night! It’s not every brother who’d do that for their…misguided sibling!”

A groan escaped her throat as she listened to her mother rant. A hand fell gently on her head, the fingers running carefully through her hair as she turned her head to the side.

Her emerald eyes found her father’s sad gaze as he stared down at her. He bent slowly and pressed a soft kiss to her nearly hidden forehead.

“She’s just worried Clare. It’ll be over in a few minutes.” He whispered under his breath.

And-of course-her father was right. Jocelyn ran out of steam less than ten minutes later and retreated to her art room in a flurry of skirts and tears. Her father sank into the chair besides hers, scooting it noisily across the tile floor. His hand resumed it’s leisurely stroking, his fingers weaving soft waves through her tangled hair.

“I know what you’re going to say.”

Valentine chuckled lightly as he gazed on his daughter. “I highly doubt that Clare-Bear.”

Clary lifted her head slowly, the hangover still beating a cadence through her temples. “Yes I do. You’re going to say that I’m wasting this gift and that I’m going to ruin myself before I even turn 21. You’re going to say that they’re going to drop me soon if I don’t shape up. You’re going to say that you’re extremely disappointed and that I need to get my act together.” She leaned her chin heavily on her hand. Her gaze swept over her father’s pained expression.

“Oh Clarissa.” He sighed, tugging her chair even closer to his. He wrapped a long, muscled arm around her slender shoulders and rested his cheek on her head. “I could never be disappointed in you. I don’t agree with the choices you’ve been making, true-but that doesn’t mean I love you any less.”

Clary snuggled into her fathers arms, soaking in the woodsy and slightly tobacco tinged scent of his sweater.

“Why don’t you go get a shower, huh? We have some stuff to talk about. But we need to wait for your mother to calm down and Jon to get back from…wherever he went.”

Clary sighed and dragged herself up, dropping a quick kiss to her father’s head. She trudged down the hallway and pushed through the door to the room she always stayed in. It was hideous-pink and flowered-but that just encouraged her to leave quickly rather than to linger.

She stripped down as she made her way to the shower. She stepped inside, ignoring the shimmering prismatic tiles as she twisted the dial. Freezing water pounded down on her, chasing away the last vestiges of alcohol and drugs. Her small body shook while she waited with her head bowed for the water to heat.

It started as small pinpricks of fire followed by a raging deluge of sharp pain as the shower head spit scalding water down on her. Her arms trembled as she braced herself directly under the spray. It was almost as if the burning water were flaying her skin and bad choices away.

She wallowed in blistering agony for a few more moments before reluctantly grabbing the shampoo. The citrusy scent invaded her senses and she cringed. Her tastes ran more toward the earthier scents and her nose tingled with the beginnings of a sneeze at the unappreciated smell. She lathered her tangled red tresses and tilted her head forward, savoring the slight burn as the soap ran over her closed eyelids.


A sharp groan echoed off the tiles as she quickly grabbed the conditioner. “Almost done, jackass!”

Jon’s grumbling was indistinct through the thick bathroom door, but she had a vivid enough imagination to get his point.

Her fingers combed the slick product through her hair as her other hand reached for the body wash, another obnoxiously happy scent. The burning water washed away all remnants of soap, though she still felt dirty. That was, of course, a completely different problem and one that she had no desire to tackle now-or ever, really.

Clary stepped into the steamy bathroom and reached for the fluffy blue towel that hung on the warmer. She wrapped it around herself and leaned back into the stall to squeeze the excess water from her hair.

“Clare! I know you’re done, now get dressed and get out here!”

“Jesus, shut the fuck up assface!” With a sharp pull, Clary yanked the door open and Jon fell through gracelessly, catching himself before he fell on his face. “Ha! Serves you right.”

“Ugh.” Jon wrinkled his nose as she sauntered past him. “We have stuff to talk about and mom is antsy. Again. I’d rather not have to fend her off any longer-SHIT CLARE!”

Clary smirked as she dropped her towel and heard a loud crash from Jon apparently falling into something.


“It’s just skin, Jon. Bare, skin-same as what you’ve got. It’s not like you’ve never seen it before either. You saw almost as much this morning for fuck’s sake.”

The door to the bedroom slammed as her brother fled and Clary grinned maliciously. Shaking her head, she stepped through the door to the closet and began thumbing through the various garments.

Wrinkling her nose at the extremely out of date clothing she had to choose from, she grabbed the least offensive outfit she could find.

She emerged into the living room a few minutes later still pulling a brush through her hair. Her father’s eyebrows shot nearly to his hairline as he gawked at her outfit and she flipped him the bird with a small smile.

“What the fuck are you wearing?!?”

Clary glanced down her body, another indignant huff escaping her. The clothes were fine-a pair of pristine jeans with a blue and white striped long sleeve shirt-but they were nothing like she’d be caught dead in normally.

“Shut the fuck up dipstick. I had limited options. Would you rather I come back in some flowered monstrosity that I probably wore when I was 12?”

Jon snorted at the mental image as he threw himself back into the plush cushions of the sofa next to their father. Jocelyn glared at the rest of her family as Clary fell heavily into the club chair and pulled her legs up underneath her.

“Now. You all know why we’re here-”

“Uh, no, not all of us!”

Jocelyn continued as if her daughter hadn’t interrupted her. “-and I for one am absolutely at the end of my rope. Clary-” She turned to the small girl who was glaring at her steadily. “-you need help. At least with your image. Your new album comes out in a few weeks and Magnus wants to announce your national tour. You just need to decide who you’re touring with.”

“Mom, hun…I don’t tour with people. Or have you forgotten what happened last time?”

Valentine jumped to his feet as Jocelyn’s face blanched to a sickly white before her color gradually built to rival her auburn hair.

“Joc. Go. Now. I’ll take care of this.” He pressed a soft kiss to her forehead and Jocelyn shot a glare at her daughter before turning to retreat down the hall once again. Valentine turned to his daughter, a reproachful frown painted onto his face. “Was that really necessary Clarissa?”

“Yes. It was. I don’t tour with people and she knows this.”

“Regardless, I may have found a solution.” He glanced down the hallway to verify his wife was out of earshot. “Jon will be going on this tour with you, that’s not up for debate.”

“Uh, isn’t that his job? What’s his job description now…’Clary’s Keeper’?” She snarled sarcastically as she rolled her eyes.

Jon groaned as he threw his head backward. “Way to be a trooper, sis. By the way, Camille is coming too.”

Clary grinned and shrugged a shoulder, clearly not at all perturbed with this small piece of news.

“Shut it children. Now, Clary-” Valentine paced over to his desk where he picked up his laptop. He flipped the screen up as he walked back to his daughter, dropping down into a crouch as he handed the computer to her. “You’re going to be mad at me for this, but it really is your best option.”

Clary wrinkled her nose as she hesitantly glanced at the screen and saw…YouTube? Wow, she didn’t even know her dad knew how to open his email, much less what YouTube was. He clicked a button and the screen blazed to life as the sound of a violin cut through the nearly silent apartment.

Clary stared in rapture at the boy-no, he was definitely a man-playing. He was magnificent, all golden and muscle and hard angles and…Clary’s mind wandered as she watched him move gracefully through a dance, while he played. She’d never seen anything like it.

“Who is this guy?!?” And why are you showing him to me?!? Clary wondered as she took over for her father, clicking through song after song. Every single one was amazing and she had to wonder if he had any other talents. Those long graceful fingers and strong arms and…

“Clary, you’re about to drool on my Mac.”

Her mouth snapped shut as her cheeks blazed a deep crimson. Jon’s laughter echoed off the stark walls and her father was fighting back a smirk. She rolled her eyes and grinned good naturedly, thankful that at least with these two men she could truly be herself.

“So, what’s the deal then? Why did you show me this?”

“Well…don’t be mad.”

Her emerald eyes narrowed and she curled into herself even more, shoving the laptop roughly onto the coffee table. “Don’t give me a reason to be mad, okay?”

“See-it’s already arranged…and everyone thinks this could be a really awesome thing-for both of you…”

“Dad, you might want to start running now.” Jon chimed in helpfully as Clary uncurled her legs and placed her bare feet flat on the floor.

“You’re meeting him at the studio in an hour to record a collaboration. And he’s going on tour with you.”

“Uh, Jon? Has our father been in some kind of accident recently? Maybe had a little head trauma? Because I know he did not just tell me that I’m meeting some random-albeit brilliant-YouTube musician to do God only knows what AND that said stranger is going on tour with me. No, that’s just not possible. Right?”

Valentine backed up slowly as Jon’s hand rose to cover the mocking laughter fighting to escape.

“No, Clary, that’s exactly what he just said.”

Valentine didn’t even have a chance to pull the door open before Clary leaped onto his back, her small fists making absolutely no impact whatsoever. He laughed raucously as Jon followed. The two men ganged up on Clary, their fingers digging in and tickling her mercilessly. And for just a moment she forgot the YouTube violinist, she forgot the random stranger she’d gone home with the night before, she forgot the hysterics her mother would be bursting into any goddamned second…she forgot her miserable life for just that moment as she played and wrestled with the only good things she had left.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter Two

  1. I tried pressing the next button and realised there were no more chapters. You must continue. This is amazing. I didn’t see this on FF, but I was scrolling through your stuff and I was like ‘What is this? O.o me likes.’ So. This is awesomesauce.

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    1. Awww thanks darlin! I’m literally swamped… My ac condenser or something is trying to flood my house. By I’m working on stuff. :) and i tend to forget to post on… Meh. :)))

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      1. Seriously. Not to mention my darling children hid my phone this morning… So I’m currently trying to figure out my new one


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