Chapter 2: Black Out Drunk

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Cotton balls; Sookie was very sure she had cotton balls in her mouth. And…something hairy against her cheek.

She peeled her eyes open, only to slam them shut when a blinding pain shot through her head. Damn sunlight.

She tried again a few moments later, squinting first through one eye, then the other. She slowly opened her eyes further and swept them around the room.

Yeah, this was definitely not her room. And definitely not Preston’s room. She turned to her left to see a gorgeous pair of tits pressed to her arm. Her eyes darted to the face nuzzled into her neck and saw-Pam?

She turned to the right, trying to get whatever was tickling her cheek to stop to see-a hairy leg. She glanced up, noticing a gargantuan foot tangled in her hair, then glanced down to see a magnificent ass. the right cheek just visible as they rode up, encased in South Park boxers. Her eyes swept up the toned back to rest on the mop of blonde hair buried face first into a pillow with no pillowcase. The scratchy blue sheets underneath her were definitely nothing she’d ever seen before.

Gingerly, she picked her head up, curling her torso into a somewhat upright position, bracing her lower back on the footboard.

Pam groaned, turning to face the wall and pushing her ass out, grinding it against Sookie’s leg. A tiny pink thong was the only thing covering her. Sookie looked down at her own body, completely unsurprised to find herself without even that bit of modesty.

Her eyes traveled around the sparse room and she vaguely recognized it as the one the bimbos had been hanging in last night. Which meant she was at Eric’s…and the mop of blonde hair probably belonged to him as well.

What the fuck happened last night??

She scrubbed her hand down her face, trying to rub her memory into obedience. The last thing she could recall was the body shot Eric had won. Good lord he was talented with his mouth.

Her mind wandered, her body heating again as she felt a ghost of sensation across her chest. His finger had trailed there. And his tongue had followed moments later, leaving a wet line from her collarbone to the shot glass nestled in her cleavage.

And the cold hit of reality shattered all those heady feelings as she remembered Preston storming back into the room. He’d taken one look at the two of them so closely pressed together and turned away, stomping back through the door. The slam of the outer door had her pushing Eric away from her and vaulting off the bar stool, stumbling slightly as the whiskey hit her.

The fight outside had been epic, bringing an older woman out of the house at the front of the property. Eric had pacified what had turned out to be his grandmother and ushered her back in the house before returning and threatening Preston to within an inch of his life if he couldn’t quiet down.

Oh, that’s right. Preston had left, stranding her without a ride. And of course, she’d called Pam. That’s why Pam was cuddled up next to her. But…

Despite her best efforts, Sookie just couldn’t call up any other memories. Lost in the whiskey and…was that peach schnapps she tasted on her tongue?!?…haze, she reconciled herself to letting it go. For now.

A grunt issued from the head of the bed and she pulled herself out of her musings. Then she chuckled when she saw a foot jabbed into the back of Eric’s head. Pam, she knew, was a kicker. In fact, that’s why she always hated sharing a bed with her best friend…she inevitably ended up looking battered and bruised the next morning.

Eric lifted his head, the muscles in his back rippling, and she cocked her head appreciatively. He really was one fine specimen of a male.

“Morning, Thor,” his head whipped around at her voice, his brilliant blue eyes wide.

His cheeks flushed as they caught sight of her nakedness and he ducked his head down again, the movement of his arms and shoulders suggesting he was rubbing his eyes.

“So-what exactly happened last night?”

He scoffed, his ridiculously long arm reaching for a discarded shirt on the floor before tossing it to her. She pulled it on obligingly and he flipped himself over, batting away the perfectly polished foot still shoving itself into his face.

“Well, before or after you finished your bottle of Jack and my expensive bottle of rum and killed a sixer of Bud Light?”

Sookie’s nose wrinkled adorably. “But-why do I taste peach schnapps?”

Eric’s cheek flared again, his eyes darting down to his fingers twisting together almost convulsively. “Well…after Preston ditched you, you called Pam. And-uh…well-”

His voice trailed off into an incoherent rumble of nothing and Sookie cocked an eyebrow.

“I can guarantee you won’t embarrass me. What’d I do?”

“Well, you were doing some body shots. Off of Pam. After you’d both stripped each other. And…done some other-stuff. In front of everybody,” she noticed a twitch inside his boxers and her eyes widened at the size of what was filling them out. “By the way, the girls all kinda hate you now.”

She barked out a laugh and Pam’s arm flailed out, smacking her in the chest. Sookie let out an oomph of discomfort before rearing back and putting all her strength behind her hand as she smacked at her friend’s ass. Pam jolted awake with a yelp and a rather inventive curse before looking blearily around, clearly unimpressed with her surroundings.

“Morning to you too, sunshine,” Sookie leaned over her friend, pulling her onto her back. Their lips came together as if there were magnets in them and they only stopped when the bed shifted suddenly. Sookie’s head shot up and she saw Eric retreating to the bathroom, his boxers forming a tent that Boy Scouts could have camped under.

“Fuck you very much for dragging me to bum fuck nowhere, bitch.”

“Awww, I love you too, Pam. Now, do you remember what happened last night?”

Pam snorted inelegantly as she shuffled over Sookie to the side of the bed, stumbling slightly as she stood.

“Yeah. Dick head left you here with a bunch of rednecks and I had to come get you. Except, oh no wait. You wanted to stay and party, which turned into supremely horny Sookie. And the Jolly Blonde Giant was too much of a gentleman to fuck you. So we put on a little show and the bitches that were here are all pissed that you showed them up in front of ‘their men’. After one of them-Deanne or Dawn or something like that-tried to claw your eyes out when you blew a kiss to that fat fuck with the stupid purple eyes, everyone left. But you staunchly refused to leave ‘the sexiest Thor you’d ever seen’, so we crashed here.”

Sookie grinned, clearly not bothered by anything she’d heard. “Look at you-using big words when you’re hungover. I’m so proud!”

Pam smacked her arm and their heads whipped around in unison as they heard the toilet flush. Eric emerged a moment later, pausing in the doorway and looking down at himself.


Pam eyed him up and down before turning to Sookie and licking her lips. “You’re totally right. He really is the sexiest Thor I’ve ever seen.”

Girlish laughter echoed off the concrete walls as Eric blushed a brilliant red and ducked back into the bathroom.

x . x . x . x . x

Sookie pounded on the door, flipping off the old biddy who peeked out of the flowered curtain in the apartment next door.

The curtain dropped quickly and she smiled to herself.

Abruptly the door whipped open, revealing a disheveled Preston. The doorway was clearly holding him up and he fell into the wall as he turned to go back inside, leaving the door wide open.

Sookie rolled her eyes and stepped inside, flinching at the stench of scotch wafting after her friend.

“What the fuck are you doing here, Stackhouse? I would’ve thought Northman would be balls deep in you by now.”

Preston was silenced quite effectively as Sookie grabbed his shoulder, her palm slapping soundly against his cheek.

“Who the fuck do you think you are, Pardloe? You think just cause we fuck that you own me? Fuck you dude! You think I don’t know about Belinda and Erin and Shauna and Rosy and Natalie? Tell me that you don’t actually think I’m that fucking stupid!”

His eyes were wide, clearly still under the effects of the massive amounts of scotch he’d obviously drunk.

“You actually left to come talk to me?” His voice was low, pain lancing through every word and her anger faltered.

“Pres-it’s one o’clock in the afternoon. How much did you drink?”

She pushed past where they’d stalled out in the foyer, emerging into the living room. She reared back as a wall of alcoholic fumes smacked her in the face, nearly gagging at the flavor snaking it’s way onto her tongue.

“Look at the laptop.”

She startled at his voice, then carefully picked her way over the debris scattered through his living room. A broken picture of the two of them, an empty bottle of Highland Park, some Taco Bell wrappers and a half eaten Big Mac-and that was just between the door and the couch. The rest of the room looked like some sort of frat bomb, ironic since Preston had abruptly left his frat house about two months before.

She sat gingerly on the sofa, pushing his tabby cat (oh so creatively named Kat) off the cushions.

Her finger wiggled over the touchpad and she reared back slightly as the screen flared to life.

A slideshow was playing. A slideshow of her playing beer pong, hanging off of Eric in more than a few. Then her shirt was off, Claude waving it like a flag. Then her shirt was on, but…were her pants inside out? And Eric was behind her, clearly holding her arms back. Then Pam appeared, holding up a Bud Light like she was in Daytona Beach on Spring Break. Then the two of them were kissing.

The pictures got progressively more wild, her clothes and Pam’s disappearing as the slideshow continued. The last picture was of Eric holding her back from a fairly pretty brunette clutching her cheek with wide eyes. His hands were conveniently placed over her tits, holding them like he had a new job as a bra.

“You see? That’s why I was drinking.”

“Preston,” Sookie beckoned him over, pulling him down to sit next to her. “You-of all people-should know how I am. You’re the same way. I just…”

She paused gathering her thoughts as his eyes wandered over her face, taking in every detail like he was going off to war.

“We talked about this when we first started fucking. If you wanted things to change, why didn’t you say anything? And why are you still fucking anything your dick will fit in?”

He rolled his eyes and shot up off the sofa, weaving through a circuit around the room. “Like you give a shit, Sookie. All I am is a scratching post for when you get an itch. Fucking Christ! I should’ve known you were nothing but a slut-”

“Whoah! Hold the fuck up right there, asshole! You’re one to talk!” Anger roared through her veins, firing her temper up as she watched him pace around clumsily.

“Well-thankfully you won’t have to worry about me anymore. Ya know, since I’m leaving for boot camp in two weeks,” the harshly spat words drained all her rage, leaving her cold in it’s wake.

“Wait, what?”

She couldn’t help if her voice was shrill and squeaky. But it got his attention.

“I joined the Air Force. I leave for boot camp in two weeks.”

She felt the tears welling in her eyes. For all his faults, he was still her best friend. “Preston, what-I mean…when were you going to tell me?!? You were just gonna up and leave-sneak out of bed in the middle of the night and leave me here? Alone? Without you?!?”

His brow wrinkled as he stared down at her trembling form. “You really care?”

Her breathing hitched, coming out in short, sharp pants. What the fuck was he thinking? Did she really care? How could he-

“I need to get out of here. I need-fuck…oh god! I think-” Sookie bolted to her feet and down the hall, fumbling with the doorknob. She clipped her shoulder on the door, not even feeling the impact as she lurched down the steps of his apartment building. She reached the grassy patch by the parking lot, nearly collapsing to her knees as she bent over and retched.

How-how could he do this to her?

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Black Out Drunk

  1. OMG, the addition of the personal photos makes this one even better! The boot camp thing sucks, but the rest of the chapter was pretty damn funny! :)


  2. that was a good one, the pictures are priceless and the twist at the end, cute… Military is always a way out for some to avoid commitment. looking forward to the explanation and what happens next with Eric… loved Pam. KY


  3. what a helluva wake up! Ok, Sookie is kinda lossey goosey, but who there wasn’t? Preston can’t really be too mad since he’s doing more or less the same thing. Sookie told him she wasn’t interested in a relationship and sadly he hoped she’d change her mind. She hasn’t. Maybe they need another talk, but this time covering all bases.


  4. OMG the next day memories! Plus photos of the night (enjoyed your pictures). Liked how Sookie woke up between Eric & Pam. Isn’t it priceless that it’s okay for men to sleep around but not okay for women? Double standards. So Preston is so “hurt” that he signed up for the Air Force? What a baby.


  5. Crap. Sleeping with a mate can work, but it does sometimes get messy. Especially if one or both are honest with neither themselves, let alone each other :( Communication is definitely the key. Something it seems Preston lacked.
    And ‘slut’, freaking double standard.
    So sweet Eric was a gentleman, except for the groping lol


  6. Oh this sounds like a lot of fun. Too much of a gentlemen to fuck her – priceless! Its also a lot of fun to try to figure out what is from your real experience and what is not. Hope there will be more soon!


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