Chapter 3: AIM

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Sookie lifted her head, groaning as the page of her geology textbook came with it.

Shit, what the fuck time is it?

Her bleary eyes sought the clock in the bottom right corner of the screen; she groaned when she read 3:44 pm.

Cocksucking son of a bitch!

Well, guess she wouldn’t be going to geology today. And…that would be why it’s not a smart idea to do shots while you study.

She rolled her eyes at her internal musings, mentally sifting through the last week. Preston had tried to call her no less than two hundred times and she’d ignored every single one. After that shit he’d pulled and the insults he’d hurled-yeah he could go fuck himself for all she cared.

Except-she did care. She cared because he was one of her best friends and she was going to miss him like hell.

Sighing yet again, she stood and pushed the chair back, cursing loudly when it snagged on the rug. Pam’s head jolted up, whipping around to glare at her.

“Seriously? I just got back from a fucking disaster of a midterm. Can you just shut it for once?!?”

She stuffed her head under the goose down pillow she just had to have, curling herself into a ball.

Sookie giggled, knowing she’d be perky as pie as soon as she got some shut eye.

Then she sighed, her giddiness morphing into the depression she’d been toting around for the last week. According to what Preston had said, he only had another week before he left for basic training. And she didn’t care. Nope. Not…one….fucking…bit.

Sure, you don’t. That’s why you haven’t gone to a single class this week.

Sometimes she hated that little voice in her head.

Her laptop pinged, startling her from her musings as her eyes whipped back to the screen.

Beerpongchamp69: hey sexy. how you doin? ;)

Sookie stared at the AIM chat window, confused as fuck. Who the hell was this.

PeaceLoveChk13: whos this?

She stood and crossed to the mini fridge in the corner of the room, snagging a bottle of tea and twisting the lid off. She let the cold air waft over her bare legs as she stood there, trying to make sense of the awkward questions rattling through her head.

The ping of the computer grabbed her attention once again and she shut the fridge with a muted slam. Crossing the room, she dropped back into her chair, rocking it back as she propped her feet on the desk.

Beerpongchamp69: oh dont tell me you forgot me already?!? :(((((

Her brow furrowed.

PeaceLoveChk13: uh…seriously, youre freaking me out dude. who is this?

Beerpongchamp69: i’ll give you a hint. we met last weekend…

PeaceLoveChk13: ……not helping. i met a lot of people.

Beerponchamp69: another hint: i have intimate knowledge of that teal lace bra you were wearing. and the rosy nipples underneath.

PeaceLoveChk13: eric?

Beerpongchamp69: ding ding ding we have a winner! whats up?

PeaceLoveChk13: howd you get my sn? only like…10 people have it

Beerpongchamp69: well…i may have cornered pam before you left last week. and i may have also promised to hook her up with a friend of mine if she gave me your info. didnt want to be pushy but i couldnt wait anymore

She shook her head, debating how to respond to that. Her phone chimed and she grabbed it, prepared for a reaming by her geology professor. However she didn’t recognize the number on the screen. She flipped the phone open, pulling up the text and barking out a laugh.

Unknown Number
    I also snagged your phone number. ;)

Chuckling, she whipped a pen at Pam’s exposed ass, leaving a nice blue line on the pink lace.

“Thanks a lot, bitch!”

Pam grunted in response, clearly in no mood to make conversation. Sookie turned back to the computer.

PeaceLoveChk13: very funny thor. so whats up?

Beerpongchamp69: nuthin. just got home frm wrk. how bout you?

PeaceLoveChk13: i was studying…but i missed class. and where do you work? i don’t think we covered that between whiskey, tequila and stripping

Beerpongchamp69: wrk at the hospital. patient care tech. sucks ass.

PeaceLove Chk13: sounds like it. i could never be around whiny people all day

Beerpongchamp69: eh its pretty good $ and i only wrk 4 days. so i get a 3 day weekend every week

PeaceLoveChk13: nice. still-couldnt do it

Beerpongchamp69: so-what do you do?

PeaceLoveChk13: go to school…although i havent been to class in like a week.

Beerpongchamp69: ahhhhh. pardy told you didnt he?

PeaceLoveChk13: YOU KNEW?!?!

Beerpongchamp69: he told us months ago. before he brought you over he told us not to say anything. im sorry :(

Sookie sat back, sighing heavily. He’d told all his friends, but not her. And he had the nerve to say-ugh. Nope, not going there.

“What are you huffing about?” Pam’s groan mingled with the shifting of the comforter as she sat up, rubbing her eyes and smearing her eyeliner.

“Eric messaged me. We were talking…apparently Preston told all his buddies that he enlisted and actually told them not to tell me. Fucking cocksucking mother fucking douchecanoe!”

Pam snorted. “It doesn’t surprise me, Sook. He’s been that way the entire time we’ve known him. I’ve always told you he was only after one thing.”

Sookie glanced at her friend, sighing again. “He-he was my best friend though-”

She stopped at Pam’s frosty glare. “Okay-ONE of my best friends. You know I could never replace you, bitch.”

A small smile graced Pam’s perfectly proportioned face and she shuffled off the edge of the bed, dropping to the tile floor. “Sook, it’s okay to be upset. But just-don’t close yourself off.”

Sookie’s mouth opened to argue, but Pam’s hand shot up to stop her. “I know you Sook. You’ve lost like 5 pounds in the last week cause you won’t eat, you haven’t been to class and you’ve been moping around here. You didn’t even call Matt for your routine Sunday pot and pussy fest. You need to just…not forget about Pardloe, but maybe realize that he’s not the guy you thought he was.”

A chime from the computer brought their attention back to the screen and Pam crossed the room to lean over her shoulder.

Beerpongchamp69: uh…you still there?

“Talk to him. He’s really a nice guy,” Sookie scoffed and Pam cuffed her on the back of the head, wincing when her hand came back oily. “Seriously you need to shower. But yeah-he’s a nice guy. He refused to take advantage of you when you were drunk. And he kept all the other guys from ‘taking liberties’-his words, not mine. Think Pardloe would’ve done that?”

A night from the year before played back in her mind. One where she’d gone out with a friend of Preston’s and had ended up in bed with both of them, despite not having any desire to.

No. Preston wouldn’t have been so…gallant.

“Alright, bitch. I’ll talk to him. But no promises.”

Pam smiled as she grabbed her shower bag and a towel. “That’s all I ask. Now-talk!

Sookie giggled as she flung another pen at the lace covering her friend’s backside. Pam twisted her neck to see around her. “You owe me new panties slut!”

“Argh! I hate that word!”

“Panties, panties, panties, panties, panties…”

Another pen launched through the air, nailing the door as Pam ducked out to the bathroom, laughing uproariously.

PeaceLoveChk13: yeah i’m still here. just…thinking. pam woke up too. so i had to talk to her for a min

Beerpongchamp69: talking like you talked at my house? *wiggles eyebrows*

PeaceLoveChk13: *snort* uh no. :) she needed to knock some sense into my head. apparently its unacceptable that ive let myself go this long without showering

Beerpongchamp69: ……….nah still think youd be pretty sweet. even with the noxious bo.

Sookie barked out a laugh and let her head rest on the desk for a moment.

PeaceLoveChk13: hah! i dunno whether to be insulted or not. but thank you. so what you doin this weekend?

Beerpongchamp69: well, theres another get together at my place on friday night. your welcome to come.

Sookie paused. Two days from now. Yeah she could make it back that way.

PeaceLoveChk13: tell you what-you have a nice bottle of jack waiting for me and ill be there.

Beerpongchamp69: awesome. ill get you the biggest bottle they have

A smile lit Sookie’s face; suddenly she couldn’t wait for the weekend.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 3: AIM

  1. Sookie is figuring out that just because your a good friend doesn’t mean everybody will be as good a friend to you as you are to them. Hm, the beginning of Sookie and Eric in the making.


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