Chapter 4: Pick Your Poison

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Sookie threw all her weight at the swollen wooden door, nearly falling through to the inner sanctum of party bliss.

“Hey Dollface!” A short dark-haired guy greeted her with a half hug while the other guys threw up their arms in greeting. She eyed him questioningly, hugging back nevertheless.

“Uh-who are you?!” He laughed at her question.

“Godric. Eric’s wingman.” The blank look on her face made him chuckle once again. “Yeah you were pretty toasted when we met last time.”

She shrugged and glanced around, taking in the dynamics once again. Her eyes shifted to Godric questioningly.

“Girls still in the bedroom?”


“Pardloe coming?”

“Not that I know of.”

“Is Eric around?”

Godric’s face lit in a huge smile just as a brown blur obscured her vision. Her head reeled back, bashing into Eric’s extremely rock solid chest as her eyes focused on what she could now see was a massive bottle of Jack Daniels.

She barked out a laugh, spinning and giving Eric a hug before grabbing the bottle greedily.

“Jesus that thing is almost as big as you Sweetcheeks!” Alcide laughed as he ambled over, playfully trying to take the bottle.

“Well, I told her I’d get her the biggest bottle of Jack I could find. Did I deliver or did I deliver?” The wiggle of his eyebrows made Sookie bark out another laugh.

“That you did, kind sir. So, who am I beating at beer pong?!”

Trey barked out a laugh as Claude scoffed. “Like that worked out so well for you last time, Tinkerbell?”

Sookie’s brow furrowed. “Tinkerbell?”

Eric and Godric tried to stifle the smiles threatening to break free. She faced them expectantly, hand on a hip as the bottle of Jack dangled by her side.

“You may have taken off your shirt and grabbed a stirrer to wave as a magic wand. Then you tried to turn Quinn into a toad…it didn’t work.” Eric smirked as Godric smacked his arm lightly.

“But that’s not the best part! You crashed in on the girls, screaming about needing glitter. Arlene gave you some and you started tossing it around telling everyone that now they could fly if they had happy thoughts. You also proceeded to throw a fit when no one started flying, saying that we were all a bunch of party poopers.” Godric grinned. “Then Arlene started yapping about how that glitter stuff was from Sephora and how it cost like a million dollars for a tiny ass container…or something like that. She wasn’t pleased. So you grabbed some cash out of your bra and shoved it down her shirt.”

Sookie groaned and let her head fall, wiping her free hand down her face. “Yeah that would explain why I had glitter stuck absolutely everywhere…”

“Damn right Sunshine!” Trey laughed as he launched a ping pong ball at Alcide’s side of the game.

“What am I like the new mascot here? Everyone’s got a name for me, none of which are actually mine,” Sookie harrumphed good-naturedly as she bit back a smile.

She felt a breath on her ear as Eric leaned over her, the smell of his body wash invading her space. “I use your name…Sookie.”

A shiver raced down her spine as her eyes cut up to his baby blues.

“Yeah-that you do,” she swallowed audibly, the heat between them crackling with unspoken tension.

A loud yell brought them out of their daze and they stumbled apart, Sookie heading towards the futon to relax while she waited for her turn at beer pong.

Eric met Godric’s eyes and shook his head minutely. Godric’s brown eyes widened before narrowing as he glared at his friend.

A sharp knock on the door brought their attention back to the gathering and Eric tugged a remote from his pocket, flipping the music off.

“Eric? Eric?!?”

Sookie raised her eyebrows. He invited his grandma?

Eric hung his head and shuffled towards the wooden door, yanking it open and ducking into the garage.

“Uh-what was that?” Sookie looked around the assembled guys who’d all frozen as they stared at the door.

“Miss Ruby lives in the house with Eric’s mom. Whenever he’s around, she tries to get him to do chores for her,” Godric explained. Sookie’s eyebrows rose once again.

“At-” she looked down at her cuff watch, “eleven forty four?”

Alcide snorted a laugh. “Miss Ruby like never sleeps. She’s up longer than we are and she’s put some of us to bed when we’ve wandered over to her place drunk off our asses.”

“Seriously?!”  Sookie felt like she was in the Twilight Zone. Eric’s grandma really crashed his party and takes care of these drunktards?

“Yup. Miss Ruby is one awesome lady.” Trey launched another ball, which landed perfectly in Alcide’s last cup.

“Better you than me, man. She’s vicious!” Alcide chuckled good-naturedly as he drained his cup of beer.

“You wanna play doubles Sunshine? Maybe you can go more than 2 games that way.” Trey waggled his eyebrows.

“Psh, at least I won those two games though.” Sookie stood and meandered over to the ‘bar’. “Hmmm. Okay we can do doubles. Who’re you teaming with?”

“I’ll do it. Apparently I don’t participate enough.” Claude rolled his eyes as he sulked over to stand beside Trey.

“Who wants to play with me?” A round of hands shot into the air at Sookie’s words and she giggled. “Okay Lumberjack, you just played so you’re out.” Alcide pouted and stalked to the mini fridge to grab a Bud Light. “I know Eric will want to play so you work it out with him, Shortstack.”

Godric grumbled at the nickname, but seriously-the two of them looked like a duplex and a high rise when they stood together.

Sookie grabbed 20 shot glasses and lined them up on the bar, motioning to the vast array of liquor bottles behind her. “Pick your poison ladies.”

“Uh-what?” Trey’s brow furrowed, confused as he stopped lining up the red cups.

Sookie rolled her eyes. “Ya know how there’s always dirt and crap in the beer after a ball lands in it? Well, this solves that problem. Just…watch.”

She stacked the red cups together, tugging Claude with her over to the small sink built into the wall. She filled each cup halfway, letting Claude ferry them over to the bar as she worked. Then she returned to her shot glasses.

“See? We line up the shots, but the balls fall in water. So, after a ball lands, you take a shot. Simple, yet effective.”

“Huh, why did we never think of this before?” Alcide scratched his head as he stood over the bar, staring at the new setup.

“Uh-cause I’m a genius, that’s why.” She smiled wide enough that the guys could see her back molars and she again gestured to the bottles of liquor. “So, pick your poison or I’ll pick for you.”

Claude jumped to attention, rapidly selecting a bottle of Hypnotic and passing it to Sookie. She nearly gagged as she unscrewed the top. “You know I’m never letting you live this down, right Fairy Pants?”

Godric raised his eyebrow at the nickname. “Why is he Fairy Pants?”

“I dunno, maybe because he’s drinking this fruity crap. What about you Wolf Man?”

Trey barked out a laugh as he ran his hand over his face, rubbing his scruff contemplatively. “I’ll stick with whiskey.”

Sookie raised her eyebrow and grabbed her neglected bottle of Jack. “Alright. I’ll even share My Precious with you.”

Alcide chuckled. “Your precious, huh? Don’t tell me you’re a Lord of the Rings nut too.”

Her eyes lit up as she glanced around, maybe hoping Gollum was hiding behind the futon. “Who else is a Ringer?!?”

“That’d be me,” Eric’s voice floated to her over the slamming of the door and random guffaws echoing through the concrete room.

“Awww…Thor’s got a brain. How sweet,” she smiled cheekily as he grinned. He swiped the hair out of his face with one hand as he surveyed the room’s occupants.

“So what’d Miss Ruby want?” Alcide nudged his shoulder as Eric settled against the back of the ‘bar’.

“Ah, just moved some ice from the freezer in the garage to the one in the house. No big. So-what’s going on here?” His eyebrows dipped low as his gaze ping ponged between the red cups and the shot glasses.

“Sookie taught us a new way to play. Oh! And we’re playing doubles-are you playing or is Godric?” Trey bounced the ping pong ball on the bar, lunging for it as it danced away from him. Claude chuckled and rolled his eyes at his partner.

“I have to work in the morning. So you should probably play.” Godric settled back onto the barstool and propped his foot up, clearly ready for the game to commence.

“Alright. So-what do you want to drink?” Sookie channeled her inner Vanna White, showcasing the impressive display of liquor.

“Can I mooch some of yours? After all, it was the biggest bottle I could find.” He smirked as Sookie shivered.

“Sure Thor. Set their half on the windowsill so they don’t knock them over.” She unscrewed the bottle of Jack once again, taking a swig before pouring out Eric’s shots.

The game started as Claude landed a spectacular shot right into Eric and Sookie’s front cup. She glared at him sardonically as she threw back a shot. Eric grinned, risking a glance down the front of her shirt as he palmed the wet ball.

“You gonna strip for us again this week?” He asked cheekily, laughing loudly as she smacked him in the ribs.

“Just take your shot.” She crossed her arms over her chest, purposely pushing her already ample bosom high. Trey’s eyes widened and his mouth gaped open as Eric’s ball landed in a cup.

“Go on.” Claude nudged his friend who grabbed a random shot glass, sputtering as he threw it back to discover the horrid teal liquor she’d set up for his partner.

“Ugh. That’s disgusting.”

“You’re telling me. Now I have to drink one of yours. Thanks buddy.” Claude slapped him on the back, a little harder than strictly necessary, as Trey lined up a shot. Sookie’s tongue shot out of her mouth to wet her lips as she readjusted her arms.

The shot went wide to the right, bouncing off the concrete wall and flinging itself a foot over her head.

She giggled as she dropped her arms, bouncing over to retrieve the ball. She straightened to see all four guys staring at where her ass had just been.

“Y’all should just take a picture. It’ll last longer.” She bent back over, arching her back and tossing a look over her shoulder.

Trey and Eric scrambled for their phones and she giggled lightly. Their pictures taken, she straightened back up and flounced back over to the bar.

“Go ahead, Sookie.” The growl in Eric’s voice as he said her name sent another shiver down her spine.

She reared her arm back, squinted her eyes, then let the small white ball go. It ‘splunked’ perfectly into one of their opponents cups and she threw her arms in the air, whooping in triumph.

“Eat that, fucktards!!!”

The guys all laughed as Claude good-naturedly threw back a shot of whiskey, his face screwed up in a grimace.

The game continued, Alcide and Godric egging them on from the sideline, Eric and Sookie pulling ahead early on and staying in the lead.

Trey and Claude had one cup left while Eric and Sookie had three. Claude was swaying slightly and Sookie heard a low mumble from their spectators about ‘pansy-ass lightweights’.

Her arm weaved back and forth as she took her aim. Her eyes squinted yet again and she noted the awkwardness of her balance. With a deep sigh, she let the ball fly.

And it landed perfectly.

“YEAH!” Eric and Sookie mirrored each other as they both threw their arms in the air, cheering along with Godric and Alcide.

She turned to face him, her smile radiant and his eyes sparkling. She took a step towards him and he hauled her against his chest, his muscular arms banding around her in a hug.

She hopped up, wrapping her legs around his waist as he began bouncing on his feet in victory. Their eyes met and then their lips, crashing into each other with a drunken ferocity that bordered on desperate. She pulled back after a moment, resting her forehead against his, as she breathed deeply and tried to will the room to stop spinning. She wasn’t quite sure if it was the alcohol or the kiss, but she didn’t care. Sookie tilted her head back up, capturing his lips again and his hands migrated, one to her ass and one to tangle in her hair.

They were startled apart as the door crashed inward, forced open by the figure shadowed in the frame. And as Sookie met Preston’s devastated blue eyes, her heart sank to her knees.

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Pick Your Poison

  1. loved the chapter and the stories, trying to figure out what really happened to you and what you added, but i loved it anyway. as for Preston, you snooze you loose… they will both get over it…. looking froward to more and thank you for the early release. KY


  2. Poor Preston? Hmm…unrequited love after he treats her so horribly. Thanks for the great chapter & looking forward to Chapter 6!


  3. He’s an asshat and then some. Boo Preston!! You obviously didn’t shit so get off the toilet. Whew done for now. ::hears crickets:: Ummm ::shuffles feet:: I’m goingtobednight!


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