Chapter 5: Memorial Day

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“Preston! Just stop!”

Sookie planted her feet in front of the Durango as the headlights blinded her, sincerely hoping she knew her friend well enough to know he wouldn’t run her over. Although that murderous glint in his eyes-

The engine revved as Eric stepped into the beam of light, his hand stopping lightly on the small of her back.

“Sookie, we need to let him go.” His voice, low and gruff, held the same note of heartbreak she knew would be in hers-if she could get past the lump in her throat to actually speak.

Tears stung her eyes as she squinted, trying to catch sight of Preston behind the wheel. Eric’s hand tugged lightly on her shirt, easing her to the side and Preston nearly clipped her as the truck shot off into the darkness.

Sookie stood there in the dew laden grass, arms across her chest, unable to feel anything. She didn’t notice when Eric wrapped his arms around her, or when he picked her up to carry her inside. Nor did she notice Godric holding the door open for them. And she didn’t notice when Eric settled onto the futon with her in his lap.

The first thing she became aware of was a soft rhythmic rubbing on her back. The slight rocking motion registered next, along with the soft hum of…her brain kicked into gear, recognizing Story of the Year, although the melody was slightly off-key.

Sookie finally registered that she was sitting on Eric, her eyes blurry as she glanced up at him from where she was curled into his chest. His face was lined in misery, a look she had to admit she didn’t like on him.

“I’m sorry.”

Two simple words. That’s all it took to break the dam on her emotions and she choked out a sob, covering her mouth in embarrassment.

She absently noted the lack of people around, wondering where they’d gone. That thought was her last as she drifted into a sea of misery, held tightly in Eric’s arms.

x . x . x . x . x

Her eyes were glued shut. This was getting to be a very annoying habit of theirs. She groaned as she rolled, pausing as she hit something warm and solid behind her.

She pried her eyes open and glanced behind her, smiling lightly when she saw Eric. His huge body was curled around her smaller one, both of them still fully clothed, though her flip flops weren’t on her feet.

His blue eyes shot open, worry clouding the cerulean depths.

“Hey.” Eric propped himself up on his elbow, shifting a stray piece of hair away from her face. “You okay?”

“I-” She paused, evaluating herself carefully. “I feel-relieved.”

His eyebrows knit together, coming down low over his eyes. “Uh-what?”

Sookie pulled herself up, crossing her legs and resting her elbows on her thighs. Her eyes met his as she gathered her thoughts. “Honestly, I’m hurt. And I’m completely pissed the fuck off at Pardloe. But-I’m finally seeing what Pam’s been telling me for-well…years. I think I’ve been trying to make Pardloe into something more than what he is…and obviously that backfired.”

She grinned, a small smile, but a grin nonetheless. Eric’s responding smile was gentle and he rested one of his large hands on her bare knee.

“So-at the risk of being completely inappropriate…wanna do something with me today?”

She giggled as he wiggled his eyebrows. She felt an uncharacteristic flush creep up her neck and she tried to stifle it.

“Sure. I need to run an errand first-” Her eyes glinted with malice as she spoke and Eric nearly reared back. “But I can pick you up after that. My parents are out of town and their pool is all sparkly and lonely.”

He caught her pouty lip with his own and the kiss only broke when they both needed to breathe.

“Sounds good. I’ll head back to my place to clean up a bit.” Her eyebrows shot up and he laughed heartily. “What? You think I live HERE?!?”

She pouted again as he rolled to his back, his legs tucked to his chest as he roared with laughter.

“Well, it’s not like I would know any different. We slept here and you’ve got clothes here…”

He stopped her rambling with another soft, sweet kiss on her lips.

“Nah, I’ve got my own place. I’d kill myself or my mom or my Mam Maw if I lived here.”

Sookie shook her head slightly, her hand shooting to her forehead as some demon played the bongos on the inside of her skull.

“Ugh. I hate crying. Seriously. I’m a horrible girl.”

Eric barked out a laugh. “And that-” he touched her nose softly with his finger, ‘popping’ his cheek with his tongue, “-is why I’m becoming so crazy about you.”

x . x . x . x . x

Sookie pulled into a parking space in a fairly nice apartment complex, checking her phone one last time.

Yup, 1236 Hawkeye Lane. Now…number four…

She shook her head as she hauled herself out of her Corolla, tucking her phone into the back pocket of her shorts. Her flip flops slapped against the concrete as she ambled up to the brown door marked number four. After a swift knock on the door, Eric was swinging it open, almost as if he’d been waiting just inside for her.

“So, did you get this place just because of the address, Mr. Marvel Man?” She grinned and chuckled as his eyes lit up.

“See, there’s another reason you’re the best. You appreciate the dorkier things in life.” He pulled her to him and laid a hot kiss on her lips.

“Mmmmm, I’ll appreciate the sexier things in life if you do that again.”

Eric obliged, planting his lips on hers again. The kiss raged, heat and passion and lust converging into an amalgam of emotion and when they parted, their breaths came in great gulping pants.

“So,” he breathed, resting his forehead on hers. “Swimming, right? I need trunks and a towel. Anything else?”

Sookie pulled back slightly, trying to reign in the lust coursing through her veins. “Uh-I’ve got sunscreen and extra towels. They’ve got a mini fridge out on the deck and if you get hungry we can get something. So…yeah we’re good.”

Eric smiled as he hauled a small duffel bag over his shoulder, shuffling out the door after her and pocketing his keys after locking up.

“Want me to drive?”

“Nah. I’ll drive you back. Maybe I’ll even pack an overnight bag…” Eric’s eyes lit up at her words and he grinned, showing his perfectly straight teeth all the way to his molars.

“I can get on board with that plan. I’m still off tomorrow.”

Sookie slung herself into the low car, reaching over to unlock the passenger door and Eric crammed himself into the front seat. Grimacing and fidgeting around he managed to pull the lever and scoot the seat back as far as it would go. His legs still looked fairly crunched though. She giggled, drawing a glare from him which only made her laugh harder.

As she pulled out of his parking lot, he gripped her hand that rested on the gear shift.

“This okay?”

His boyish smile and the uncertainty behind his eyes made Sookie’s heart skip a beat or two. With a gulp and a silent nod, she returned his smile and turned her eyes back toward the blacktop.

Twenty minutes later they’d entered a subdivision that made Eric’s eyebrows raise nearly to his hairline. Almost identical houses sat in neat rows with perfectly manicured landscaping like sentries guarding some unknown suburban treasure.

“This is your parent’s house?” He asked as she pulled into an inclined driveway paved with grey cobblestones.

“It’s my mom’s house. She and my step dad are on a cruise. Somewhere tropical-I dunno. But she actually wanted me to come home and swim to ‘stir up the pool’…make sure algae doesn’t grow. Or something like that.”

Eric smiled before opening his door and tumbling out of the car. Sookie laughed as she got out, rounding the car and opening the trunk. She grabbed a black and white striped beach bag stuffed with towels and various lotion bottles. Then she took his hand once again, leading him through the grass and through the yard to a white gate. She reached over, standing on her tip toes and fumbled for the lock, falling through the entry as the gate swung inward.

“Ask me next time. I can actually see what I’m doing.” Eric laughed heartily as she stuck her tongue out at him, playfully making a face.

“Alright there Gigantor. I will make sure that anytime I need someone freakishly tall, I will always come to you. Satisfied?” She smirked as she led him over the brick paved walkway to a screen door. Popping the handle, she giggled as he sighed behind her.

“Whoa. This is nice.” His voice held enough awe for her to be annoyed and she stalked to the glass top table under the patio ceiling, throwing her bag onto one of the chairs.

“Look, it’s just a place to swim. Don’t be impressed by all this. My mom’s a bitch and this is just…excessive. I only suggested it cause it’s hot as Satan’s balls and she wouldn’t be here.”

Eric’s eyes softened as he took in the defensive armor she wore-her arms crossed over her chest, her hip jutted to the side and a frown marring her beautiful face. He reached forward, his hands resting lightly on her hips as he pulled her towards him.

“Hey now. Yeah it’s nice, but the nicest part-well, the company can’t be beat. I can’t think of a better way to spend Memorial Day.” He brushed a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

She pouted for another minute before wrapping her arms around his neck, going up on her tip toes to plant a kiss on his lips.

“Mmmmm…” He ground his rapidly stiffening cock into her scantily covered lower half. Her shorts could barely qualify as clothing considering they didn’t even cover her entire ass. He smiled as his hands caressed her backside, skimming over the bare skin at the bottom of her cheeks. She giggled at the light touches and pulled back, unbuttoning those tantalizing shorts and shimmying them slowly down her legs.

Eric cocked his head to the side as she slowly raised her tank top, revealing a white ruffled set of triangles that scarcely covered her breasts. His mouth went dry as he inhaled quickly and she smirked again.

Then she took two giant steps, leaping into the pool and splashing frigid water all over him.

She came up laughing at the astounded look on his face. Eric’s open-mouthed shock twisted into a maniacal smile as he ripped his shirt over his head and kicked off his flip flops. Bounding into the water, he sputtered as he surfaced.

Sookie jumped onto his back, laughing as she plunged him back underneath the water and he scrambledscrabbled over his shoulder, trying to throw her off.

They laughed and played for the next hour, stopping only to grab beers that they perched on the side of the hot tub next to the pool. After a particularly rough episode of wrestling, Sookie broke the surface of the water gasping and laughing, Eric following behind her.

Treading water in the deep end, she huffed when she saw him standing comfortably right beside her. Then she smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, plastering herself to his body. His hands went to her ass immediately, his hips automatically moving against her.

A low moan escaped her throat as her head tilted back, her eyes closed as the friction built between them. One of his hands snaked into her wet hair, tangling it further as he angled her mouth towards his. His other arm inched around her ass, skimming lightly over the bare skin of her inner thigh. Their tongues fought, trying to gain the upper hand as his fingers found the edge of her bottoms, dipping inside slightly. A sharp cry ripped out of her throat, breaking their mouths apart as her head flung backwards.

The feel of her bare skin, unencumbered by even the slightest bit of stubble set Eric into overdrive. He dove into her depths with two of his exceptionally long fingers, his thumb swirling over her clit. Her hips pumped forward and back, massaging his cock through the thin material, aided by the natural rhythm of the waves.

And when her orgasm ripped through her, his fingers kept moving as she melted into his arms. They settled and stilled, though they still rocked with the motion of the water,  the keening echo of her pleasure still lingering in the mid-afternoon sunshine.

Their foreheads rested against each other, the heat soaking into their shoulders as they stood in the clear water.

Sookie opened her eyes, staring into Eric’s as he gazed back at her, knowing her life-wherever it was going-really wasn’t ever going to be the same again.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Memorial Day

  1. Oh dang. Preston is one of ‘those’. Not in love, just possessive of the chicken he finally got to fuck, after all those years of ‘friendship’ he had to put up with. Well of course he’s possessive. Prick.

    Yay for Pam getting Sookie to open her eyes.

    A Phew for Eric realizing that he had to make sure Sookie didn’t get the wrong impression of how he felt about money/wealth.
    Oh and mmmm, yummy :)

    Still love the story, sorry I missed the last couple updates. Just in case you weren’t aware, the ‘next’ squiggly line on chap 4 didn’t work when I tried it.

    Look forward to more pool fun!
    And kicking some Preston arse!


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