Chapter 6: Mini Golf

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PeaceLoveChk13: heeeeeeey sexy :P

Beerpongchamp69: well hey beautiful. how you been this last week?

PeaceLoveChk13: been ok. pardloe left so none of that drama to contend with. although my face is still a little bruised…

Beerpongchamp69: WHOAH! your face is bruised?? from what?!? he better not have touched you!

PeaceLoveChk13: no no no. he didn’t. his mom on the other hand…i saw her at publix…

Beerpongchamp69: mrs p hit you? what the ever loving fuck?!? shes always been so mellow.

PeaceLoveChk13: yeah well her ‘precious, perfect boy’ would never lie to her about anything…or so she thought. no worries, i set her straight.

Beerpongchamp69: if you say so. i still think i may have a few choice words if i see her again. but anyhoo–how are you doing besides that beautiful?

PeaceLoveChk13: charmer. :P i’m good. actually had a q for you.

Beerpongchamp69: yes i am a natural blonde and it goes all the way down ;)

PeaceLoveChk13: good to know, but so not what i was gonna ask *head desk*

Beerpongchamp69: alrighty then buzzkill. shoot

PeaceLoveChk13: what are you doing tonight?

Beerpongchamp69: well i was gonna sit around, maybe watch some porn, rub one out…why?

PeaceLoveChk13: i’ve got backdoor sluts 9 if you wanna borrow it. but anyways some work buddies are going mini golfing and i wanted to see if you were interested…

Beerpongchamp69: oh i’m interested. in both your porn collection and mini golf. but you must be prepared to be dominated because i kick ass at mini golf.

PeaceLoveChk13: oh really? is that a challenge??

Beerpongchamp69: damn straight it is. :)

PeaceLoveChk13: well, then I guess you got yourself a deal. meet me at around 6 then. sound good?

Beerpongchamp69: it would if i knew where i was meeting you…

PeaceLoveChk13: oh, duh! sorry. how bout if i just pick you up then

Beerpongchamp69: nah, its cool. i can come to you…unless you dont want me to…

PeaceLoveChk13: no, its not that….it’s just…ok so dont freak or anything ok…

Beerpongchamp69: ok…… dont like work in the morgue or anything do you?

PeaceLoveChk13: no…you know Southern Belles Gaming?

Beerpongchamp69: uh duh? theyre only one of the best…

PeaceLoveChk13: my brother and i kinda started it…

Beerpongchamp69: ………………………………..

PeaceLoveChk13: eric? you there?

PeaceLoveChk13: eric? it’s been like 13 minutes…are you really that upset?!?

PeaceLoveChk13: okay then…i guess ill talk to you later…

Beerpongchamp69: nononononononono! dude i just had a stroke i think…jesus sookie, seriously?!? you started southern belles?!?!

PeaceLoveChk13: yeah and this would be why i dont talk about it…

Beerpongchamp69: dude, your awesome meter just went up like a million points. tell me you play and ill be your bitch for life.

PeaceLoveChk13: better bend over then cause ill own your ass all day long. :)

Beerpongchamp69: unghf. so. sexy.

PeaceLoveChk13: ok well can you be at the studio by 6? you know where it is?

Beerpongchamp69: surely do. drive by everyday on my way to work.

PeaceLoveChk13: alrighty. gotta go, doing interviews all day. ugh. but be prepared cause my bro will be there later so you may get the 3rd degree. then again he may be stoned so you may not.

Beerpongchamp69: im ready and willing. and ill definitely be prepared. :) *smirk*

PeaceLoveChk13: ughfn, naughty boy…. ;)

x . x . x . x . x

Sookie glanced at her phone, her teeth gnawing gently on her lip nervously. Jason swung his arm around her shoulders and leaned heavily on her, making her stumble into the glass window beside her.

“Jesus, how much do you weigh brother?!”

“Psh, you’re just jealous cause I got the good looks in the family.” He made a show of flexing his rather sizable muscles and Sookie laughed heartily.

“Keep telling yourself that Stackhouse!” Sam chuckled as he walked by, his arms full of controllers for various gaming systems.

“Oh you wish you could get with this!” Jason punctuated each word with a pelvic thrust and Sookie leaned against the wall to hold herself up.

Her phone buzzed in her hand and her laughter died immediately.

“Who’s Eric? And why is he at the door?” Jason’s blond head appeared over her shoulder as she read the text from Rasul.

“Eric is the guy I’ve been hanging out with. And he’s at the door because I invited him to mini golf.” Her fingers tapped a short reply to her security guard and she pocketed the phone once she hit send. “Wanna tag along?”

“But of course, m’lady!” With an exaggerated bow and a horrific excuse for an English accent, Jason stuck his arm out for his sister to take and she giggled as he pulled her down the long hallway.

They rounded the corner of the stairway, blond heads tipped toward each other when they heard a throat clearing. Their heads whipped up and Sookie’s face broke into a beaming grin.

“Eric!” Her legs carried her forward without conscious thought, jumping up to wrap around his waist. He chuckled as she brought her lips to his for a heated kiss that was abruptly interrupted with a tap on her shoulder.

“Excuse me, sir? You seem to have a Sookie on your face.” Jason smiled as they pulled apart. “Ah nope. You’re all set. It’s gone!”

Eric smirked as he set Sookie back on her feet before his eyes swept around the open space he was in.


Sookie grinned, not batting an eyelash at his awe this time. “Come on. Want a tour?”

“Uh, fuck yeah!” Jason slapped him on the back as he took Sookie’s hand.

“Sook, I’m gonna go talk to Sam before we get outta here.” He pressed a short kiss to her cheek before turning and starting to jog away. Mid-step, he turned and whistled shrilly. “And don’t forget to call Soph!”

Southern Belles Gamingimage

x . x . x . x . x

“Did you call Sophie?!?”

Sookie groaned as Jason’s voice echoed in the foyer and she buried her head in Eric’s chest.

“No. I will call her tomorrow. I’m busy, if you haven’t noticed.”

Eric’s muffled yelp as she pulled his face down to hers made Jason mock-gag and start hollering about being blind.

Sam sidled up to Jason, grabbing his arm and dancing him around to the muzak the night guard had put into the stereo system.

“Come on y’all! Quit suckin’ face! Everyone’s gonna get there before us!” Jason’s whine broke the two apart and Sookie rolled her eyes at her older brother.

“Patience is a virtue, brother mine.”

Eric scoffed, his eyebrow raised tauntingly. “One that you possess? Psh, I think not!”

She huffed and smacked his arm playfully as Kevin, their dim-witted but ceaselessly loyal night guard, waved them out the door. Sookie sprinted to her car with Eric hot on her heels, tossing the keys over her shoulder. “One of you fucktards drive. I want some pregame cuddles!”

Jason and Sam wrinkled their noses simultaneously as Sam swooped down to pick up the keys off the asphalt. “Don’t forget we have to stop and get drinks.”

“Ugh. I’ll wait in the car. Eric, wanna wait with me?” She batted her eyelashes prettily, making them all laugh. “What?!?”

“I’m still astonished that you started Southern Belles. You own a company and you’re 19? Fuuuuuuuuck….” Eric grabbed her and laid a kiss on her temple as they waited by the Corolla.

“Oh fuck, no. I don’t own Southern Belles.”

She stifled a whimper when he reared back in surprise, his eyes darting between her and her brother. Jason and Sam kept walking, oblivious to the bomb she’d apparently just dropped.

“Huh?” Eric internally rolled his eyes at his witty retort, but damn she just kept confusing him.

“I helped Jason start it. Technically he and my Aunt Sophie own it. But Soph only owns it in name. I do most everything and whenever I want to take over she’ll sign it over to me. But I wanted to go to school.” She shrugged, not seeing the big deal.

Eric stared at her for another moment before chuckling lowly and grabbing her for another kiss. When he released her and set her back on her feet, she was breathless and panting. Jason and Sam were also cat-calling from the car, so he smirked their way before tugging her backward so he could swing the door open.

“Come on. I still have to teach you about mini golf.”

She scoffed and smacked playfully at his arm as he bowed lowly, gesturing toward the open back door for her to slide in.

“You wish, Thor. You fucking wish!”

x . x . x . x . x

“Aw sheet hookuh! Youz betta nail this one purdy thang! Otherwise yo’ azz is Sooks!”

Eric smirked at Lafayette, his new best friend, as he bent over. “You just keep her back there behind you. None of that shit like on hole 3.” His eyes glazed over with lust as he remembered her ‘dropped pencil’ and the ensuing madness as he tried to hit the ball while staring at her luscious ass.

“Oh like youz not distracted by all this right heah?!” Lafayette ran his hands down his scantily clad torso, thrusting his pelvis as Jason and Sam leaned on their tiny clubs off to the side. Sookie propped her chin on his sequined shoulder, smirking at Eric as he lined up his shot.

“I’m not looking, Tink. You just stay over there on your side. Got it, cheater?!”

She guffawed, clearly unaffected by his pseudo-stern voice. “Uh huh. Just take your shot Thor. Some of us are hungry.”

“Yeah, Eric! Come on!!!” Jessica, the only other girl in their group, sighed and slumped over to Jason as she handed him her club. “Here. I wanna go see the baby gators anyway.”

“Mmmm…I think I’ll come with you Jess.” He winked at the rest of the group as they sauntered away, his arm around her shoulders.

Sam stared after them a moment before turning to Lafayette. “Ten bucks says they’re in the back of her truck by the time we’re done.”

“Oh you is on, my man! Dat girl is way too good for the likes of our Mr. Stackhouse.”

Sookie snorted, her forehead resting on her friend’s back. “I think Sam’s gonna win this one Lala.”

Lafayette turned, his ring bedecked fingers resting on his cocked hip. “Whyz that hookuh? Do you knows somethin’ I don’t?”

“I might…” Her eyes cut to Eric who was about to swing his club. “She and I may have had a thing before I recruited her.”

The mental image shot itself through Eric’s brain and did the trick; his ball bounced over the wall and in the stream running through the course.

He glared at his girl as she doubled over in laughter.

“Aw snap, lady! Yo brothuh gone get your sloppy seconds?!”

“Aw Lafayette, there’s nothing sloppy about Jess. Besides, I may have been exaggerating to fuck with my Jolly Green Giant over there.”

Eric stalked over to the duo, laying a firm smack on Sookie’s scantily covered bottom. “Exaggerating? How much?”

“We made out drunkenly one night, but that was just the tequila. Believe me, she’s as straight as they come.”

“Well, hopefully she can get Jase to settle down. Seriously, it’s a good thing there aren’t more girls working with us.” Sam rolled his eyes as he linked arms with Lafayette. “Where’s Jesus tonight, by the way. I’ve been too entertained watching these two to ask.”

Sookie and Eric stuck their tongues out simultaneously, much to their friend’s amusement.

“Working, like always. I swear, that boy iz gone be de death of me one ‘o dese days.”

Lafayette swooned dramatically as Sam caught him, chuckling as Sookie giggled.

“Y’all are weird. Come on….I’m starving!”

“You ever seen her eat, Northman?”

Eric shook his head. “I’ve seen her drink and THAT was impressive, let me tell you. For someone so tiny…well-she drank almost all my friends under the table.”

Lafayette and Sam glanced at each other, eyebrows raised. “Well…you sure are in for a treat then.”

“Oh shut up! I’m not THAT bad.” Sookie swiped the clubs away from the men, grumbling about ‘fucktards’, ‘shoving’, ‘asses’ and ‘chili peppers’ under her breath.

After returning the clubs, the quartet made their way to the parking lot-Lafayette groaning as he pulled a ten out of his pocket, slapping it into Sam’s open palm. They bypassed the bright red truck as it shifted subtly back and forth and piled into Sookie’s Corolla once more, Sam in the driver’s seat again.

“Where to, Tink? I think I like that nickname.” Sookie huffed as Sam put the key in the ignition and pulled out of the parking space.

“If you like the nickname, just wait until you hear the story behind it.”

Eric ducked his head as she shrieked, raining surprisingly hard blows down around his head. “You will NOT be telling them that story! They have more than enough dirt on me as it is!”

The duo in the front chuckled as Eric banded his arms around Sookie torso, pulling the seat belt to the limits as he snuggled her into his chest. “So I’ve got dirt on you, huh? I could show you what I do with dirty girls…”

Another giggle escaped her and Eric noticed the raised eyebrows in the rearview mirror. He cocked his eyebrow back as his fingers went to work, trying to tickle her into submission.

“So, where we going Sook?”

“Ah–how bout…Jesus, stop!…uh–fuck!–Eric!…Bennigans! Just go to Bennigans!” Her limbs flailed as he kept up the relentless assault until she finally called uncle. She lay across his lap, gasping and panting, unconcerned with the seat belt digging into her hip bone or the fact that Sam was trying to cross the busiest highway in the state.

Eric’s eyes sparkled as he gazed down at her with her blonde hair fanned over his legs, her blue eyes twinkling with happiness, and her chest heaving as her breathing slowed.

“Hey, Thor?” Her finger crooked and he leaned down, conscious of the eavesdroppers in the front seat.

“Yes, Tink?”

She grinned beautifully. “How would you like you be my boyfriend?”

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