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Early December

“Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeon!!! Get up, get up, get up!”

Eric’s eyes opened slowly as Sookie bounced on his legs, his cock immediately springing to attention at her close proximity.

“Oooo, Lover, how eager you are for my attentions.” His voice lowered as his hands reached to twist themselves in her silky blonde hair.

But Sookie leaned back and smacked his hands down, her eyes wide and somewhat wild. Eric’s eyebrow rose slightly as he waited for an explanation.

“No! You promised!”

Eric purposely ignored that fact that he did in fact promise and that he did in fact remember said promise. “We can do whatever it is you’re yapping about later. Come to me, Lover. Let me pleasure you.”

She stole the warmth from him as she climbed quickly off the bed, the stomp from her tiny foot muffled in the lush carpet under their bed. Her face screwed up into a scowl and her arms crossed over her chest, a cue for Eric’s eyes to zoom right in on her breasts.

“Seriously?! Come on, Eric! You promised!”

A moment of silence passed between them before he huffed out a very human and unnecessary sigh. “Fine. I don’t understand why we have to do this now.”

Sookie just rolled her eyes and flounced out their door, her perky ass swaying enticingly behind her. His fangs shot out through his gums and he groaned. This was going to be torture.

Twenty minutes later, he was growling in frustration and he would’ve gladly let Pam go to work on him. Torture or hair styling, either would be preferable to this.

Thousands. There had to be thousands of little tiny lightbulbs in various colors tangled up into one gigantic ball that currently rested on his lap. Sookie smiled as she sat beside him, her tiny fingers picking nimbly through the mess as she hummed along to whatever trite holiday song flowed from the living room speakers.

“This is ridiculous. Can we not just…buy new ones?!?”

“Nope.” She grinned as she popped the ‘p’, pleasure flowing through her even as she felt his annoyance. “This is part of the tradition. We have to untangle these. Besides, I bought them new two years ago and it’d be a waste to just throw them out.”

Eric growled and his fangs itched to tear through the electrical shit that his huge, calloused hands were having no success untangling.

“Just relax. Breathe deeply.” Sookie giggled at the glare Eric shot her way. “Okay, don’t breathe deeply. Whatever. This is part of Christmas and you’re just gonna have to get used to it, Buddy.”

“Again with the ‘Buddy’ shit, Lover.” His nose wrinkled as he went back to work. “This is ridiculous. Surely this will take all night long.”

“No it won’t, you big baby. Oh! I forgot!” She shoved the contents of her lap to the floor as she stood and sprinted toward the kitchen.

His ears picked up the soft footfalls as her socked feet crossed the kitchen multiple times and he grudgingly continued with his horrendous chore. But when the sweet scent of his fairy’s blood wafted toward him, he was up and beside her in a moment.


His eyes widened at the scene before him. Her face had fallen dramatically from the smug smile she’d sported a moment ago and he could already see the shine in her eyes as tears formed.

“Sookie, are you injured?!? I smelled…your…blood…”

His lover, his Sookie, had a carafe filled what was apparently her blood and was pouring it into…by the Gods…a coffee mug.

“It was a surprise! Boo.” She rolled her eyes and sniffled back her tears, smiling a bit as she handed the warm mug over. “Humans have hot chocolate and eggnog. So I figured a Sookie-Surprise would be an appropriate alternative.”

x . x . x . x . x

“I do not understand.”

Sookie rolled her eyes and her hands fisted in her hair. “Eric, it’s just what we do. Now, please, just help me put the damn tree together!”

He palmed the warm mug, filled with her delectable blood, and brought it to his lips to give him a moment to…let her hysteria pass. Her eyebrow rose and her small foot began to beat out a rhythmic beat on the wooden floors as she waited for him to be done.

“Are you done yet?” He gulped a mouthful and licked the remnants from his lips,then set the mug regretfully on the coffee table. Slowly, his head bobbed an affirmative and Sookie pointed to the extremely tattered box. “Okay, unpack the tree and separate the branches. I’m gonna go get the rest.”

“Sookie, you realize there are fresh trees outside, correct?” Her brilliant blue eyes flashed as she turned a glare on him. “But, I’m sure this one is much better. I’ll…get started.”

He folded himself into a seated position on the floor and gingerly lifted the edges of the box, surprised that they didn’t crumble to dust at the slightest touch. Green…plastic, if he had to go by the smell, sprang out at him and he jumped back with a curse.

“Oh, quit it, you big baby!” Sookie’s voice filtered down from upstairs, followed by a dull thud. “Ouch!”

Eric just shook his head and continued separating the branches of the fake tree. Sookie stumbled into the living room, a large box in blocking her entire upper body and Eric shot to his feet to steady her.

“Thanks!” She smiled beautifully at him and he sucked in a sharp breath he didn’t need. “I love you! Now, let’s get this tree up!”

Eric grinned wolfishly and flashed his fangs her way. “Are you sure that’s what you’d like to do, Lover?”

The beautiful scent of her arousal assaulted his nose and he growled low in his throat, prepared to rip that damn box from hands…

“Hold it right there, Buddy!” Her palm met his chest and the box dropped to the ground between them. “Tree first, lovin’ later.”

Eric scowled and snapped his fangs playfully, though he reluctantly followed her directions.

“Okay, so how do we do this?”

An hour, and many many curses later, the couple stepped back to look at their finished tree.

“Is it supposed to look so…so…”

“Messy?” Sookie smiled up at him as she grabbed his hand in her smaller one. “Yeah. There’s generations of love on that tree. And I have one more surprise for you.”

His eyebrow rose as she crossed the room and shuffled around the mantle above the fireplace. She grabbed a small, inconspicuous box and brought it over to him, her eyes turned down shyly as he took it gingerly.

Eric lifted the lid and peered inside, his fingers rustling in the layers of tissue paper. He found a string and lifted the object carefully out of the box.

“Every year we get a new ornament to commemorate the year. Since this is our first Christmas together, I figured I’d get you one.”

Eric smiled widely, his fangs flashing in the low living room light, as he held up the tiny delicate fairy.

Mid December

“You’ll be so proud of me, Lover!”

Sookie raised an eyebrow as she wrapped the scarf more tightly around her neck. Despite the warm weather, she staunchly refused to give up the snowflake pattern scarf. Eric just shook his head as his eyes raked over her short shorts and tank top.

“Why will I be proud of you?”

He beamed as they walked to the entrance of the neighborhood. “Pam has prepared me. I’m all ready to carol!”

She raised an eyebrow. “Um. Not to be…uh…well, are you sure Pam knows what…”

“She consulted the internet and we’ve been practicing all week!”

Sookie’s lips pursed slightly and she swallowed convulsively. “Okay. Well, let’s start then, alright?”

Eric grinned as he climbed the porch steps to the first house on the block and rang the bell. The middle aged woman who came to the door wearing an apron dusted in flour nearly fainted at the sight of him, though she quickly composed herself. “Ma’am, we were wondering if you’d enjoy hearing some carols this evening.”

“Oh, yes! How lovely! Herb, come see these nice young folks! They’re going to sing for us.”

Sookie smiled as Eric stepped back to stand level with her. “Okay, we’ll do the Twelve Days of Christmas first, alright?”

“Perfect! Pam was most excited about this one, though I still don’t quite understand how this particular tune is a traditional Christmas song.”

Sookie shrugged lightly and began to hum. She didn’t particularly want to scar these poor people with her singing voice, so Eric had kindly agreed to let her accompany him.

“For the twelfth night of Christmas,” Sookie paused to correct him, but his next words stopped her cold, “my Maker gave to me twelve pairs of Louboutins, eleven Prada handbags, 10 yummy fairies, nine ballet dancers, eight trips to La Perla, seven guys to torture, six hours with your Amex, five golden rings!”

Sookie tried to find her voice, but Eric just plowed ahead, ignorant of the twin looks of horror on the poor homeowner’s faces. “Four nights off of work, three nights to play with Compton, two diamond bracelets and a donor in a miniskirt!”

Sookie groaned as the poor woman fainted dead and grabbed Eric’s hand to drag him down the street.

“Well, that’s one tradition I think we won’t be doing next year!”

x . x . x . x . x

“No. I refuse.”

Sookie grabbed his hand again and tried to tug him up the steps. “Come on! You promised!”

“I did not know a trip to see this Santa involved sitting on a fat man’s lap and having my photograph taken!”

Sookie stopped trying to move him, aware that all she was doing was messing up her outfit. “But…we maaaaaatch!” She smiled at the equally ugly sweaters she’d coerced him into wearing.

“That’s another thing, Lover! Why in the world did you force me into this…this…monstrosity?!”

The man in line behind them chuckled under his breath and Eric turned to growl and flashed his fangs.

“Ohh! Daddy, look! See, I told you vampires believe in Santa!” Eric’s eyes fell to the small girl behind him, ready to scare the living daylights out of her-

Sookie’s heeled boot caught him in the shin and he grunted, a pained flashing across his face.

“They sure do, darlin’! He’s been waiting weeks to get his picture taken with Santa!”

He knew his teeth were going to break as he ground them in frustration. Damn woman knew he’d never disappoint a child. His voice was flat as he answered the small girl. “Yes. I am just ever so excited.”

The child’s father stifled a laugh when Sookie winked at him. Eric contemplated murder as she towed him up to the platform, though he was gratified when the stench of fear wafted toward him from the man sitting on the velvet chair.

“Why, uh-hello…young man?”

Eric raised an eyebrow sardonically, his posture stiff as Sookie smiled down at the fat man. “I am more than a thousand years old. How old are you, Santa?”

The man gulped and broke out into a sweat, the pungent odor assaulting Eric’s senses. “Look, man…I just…this gig pays well…and…god, please don’t kill me!”

Sookie rushed to assure the poor man and shot a glare over her shoulder.

“Sir?” He spun around quickly and the small brunette behind the huge camera flinched backward. “There’s quite a line behind y’all. So if we can maybe just take your picture and…”

They walked out of the mall twenty minutes later, Eric grinning manically as he held up one of their photos.

“I have to say, Lover, this is quite a nice picture. I think I shall have it framed and set it on my desk at Fangtasia.”

Sookie rolled her eyes and glanced at the travesty he thrust under her nose-again.

His smile was wide, his fangs on full display as he balanced precariously on one of Santa’s knees. The poor man was cowering in the far corner of the chair, nearly hiding behind Sookie, who had her head down in her hands.

“Try it, vampire. See what happens.”

Christmas Eve

“Calm yourself, Lover.”

Sookie’s arms dropped to her sides and she turned to her vampire. “Maybe I could calm myself if you’d help me a little here! We have people coming over in an hour and I’m still making dinner!”

“I still do not understand why this is so important. It’s just a dinner.”

The small Southern Belle stomped her foot and sighed. “It’s not just a dinner. It’s Christmas dinner. I mean, I’ve shifted around my entire holiday schedule to be able to celebrate with you. Maybe you could act grateful? Or help out? Or at the very least not bitch!”

Eric bit his tongue, determined to ease her suffering. “Alright, I apologize.” He stepped forward and folded her tiny body into the shelter of his own. “What do you need me to do?”

Her arms wound around his waist and she laid her head on his chest, taking a small moment for the two of them before she snapped back to work. “First I need you to set the table.”

After a kiss-or five- Eric pulled away and retreated to the dining room. He looked around the small space, his fingers running almost nervously through his hair. With a quick peek back into the kitchen, and seeing Sookie sufficiently occupied, he pulled his phone from his pocket.

A quick google search later and ten minutes later, the table was set and Eric proudly dragged Sookie in to show her. “It’s beautiful. Do you need to shower? I’m almost done in the kitchen-”

“I will wait until you are done. Then we will shower together. Saving water and the environment and shit.”

Sookie giggled, but didn’t argue as she turned to head back to her cooking.

x . x . x . x . x

“Thank you for coming, Jason. I appreciate the, uh…toy.” Eric tried to smile genuinely as Jason stretched his hand out to shake. He took the proffered limb reluctantly and gritted his teeth as Sookie’s brother pumped it enthusiastically.

“Well, I knew ya had that Corvette and it’s real nice. So I figured Lamborghini would be a cool present. But it’s not like I can gitcha’ real one.” Jason leaned in conspiratorially. “Besides, Sook’s a weirdo about those remote control cars. She loves ‘em.”

Eric tilted his head in thanks before he shut the door behind Sookie’s brother. Well, he’d never spent a night quite like that one before. Though the sheer happiness that shone from his Lover was more than worth the slight inconvenience.

“Sookie, it’s time for presents!”

Eric grinned widely as she came around the corner drying her hands on a dish towel. Her smile was a welcome sight and one he was almost sure he wouldn’t see again for the rest of the night.

He stripped her of her apron and pulled her into his arms, chuckling as she let out a tinkling giggle of her own. He zipped through the house, delighted by her shrieks as the walls whizzed by in a blur. He made it to their bedroom in record time, even for him, and shifted her slightly to put his thumb against the access pad.

The door opened with a whoosh and he stepped over the threshold, deliberately keeping Sookie’s eyes focused on him. Eric laid his lips gently on hers as he lowered her to the ground and made sure she was steady.

“Merry Christmas, Lover.” And, just like ripping off a Band Aid, he spun her around quickly and squeezed his eyes shut.

“Eric.” Oh, no. Her voice was low and flat. He pushed her gently forward toward the tree he’d put up in corner of their bedroom. “What did you do?”

He stayed silent for the moment as he lowered himself in front of the massive pile of wrapped gifts under the tree. He motioned for her to join him and she did so slowly, her eyes wide and her lips pursed.

“Now, Sookie. I am to understand that your Christmas holiday is a time of giving. One where it is better to give than to receive, correct?”

Sookie scowled. She already knew where this was heading, but she nodded reluctantly.

“And I’ve participated in all of the traditions you’ve requested, have I not?” Again, she nodded reluctantly. “Well, then this is also acceptable, according to your traditions. I love to give you gifts and you can’t refuse them.”

Her blue eyes stared at him for a moment more and she snorted out a small laugh as her arms unfolded themselves from across her chest. “Well played, sir. Well played.”

Eric smiled as she crawled into his lap, her arms lifting to encircle his neck as her lips found his cheek. “You’re the sweetest vampire a fairy could ever ask for.”

“Let’s hope you see it that way when you’re done.”

x . x . x . x . x

Eric gazed on Sookie’s face as she slept nestled in the crook of his arm, glad that she’d forgiving him for taking advantage of her holiday celebration.

The fact that he’d replaced her death trap of a car was one worry off of his mind. The fact that he’d been able to shower her with diamonds and jewels that were still unworthy to grace her perfect skin was a point of pride for the Viking Vampire. The top of the line gadgets he’d gotten her to accept were a victory for men and vampires everywhere.

The most meaningful and perfect gift of all though was one they shared. It was one he had never before wanted and never thought he’d have. Her love was the only Christmas present he’d ever need.

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  1. Still laughing at ‘Mall Santa’ cowering in a corner. Though I added the screaming children all lined up and yelling “You killed Santa”. Delightful that Eric turned the tables on Sookie and got to give her what he’d wanted to all through their relationship. A great gift to all of us. Thank you. :)

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